The Astrology Art

PrintShop has collaborated with four amazing artists for launching ‘Zodiac Art’ a special collection of gift items inspired by 12 imaginary belts of heavens. From fiery Aries to emphatic Pisces, you’ll get a variant range of products portraying the perfect art for the relevant sign person. These four artists have given a fresh look to the collection to match the true nature of 12 zodiac signs.

The Fantasy Land

A real woman is whatever the hell she wants to be. Whether you’re talking to a bossy Aries or messing with a desirable Scorpion lady, no one can stand in front of them. The artist, Katja Perez, has created an amazing art collection delineating the true sides of a woman of each sign.
Born in Germany and brought up in the US, Katja loves to express her dreams by drawing, doodling, and painting. For her, art is not only a means of expression but a medium to deal with sorrows and emotions. It’s a form of self-care for her.

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The Art Sign

Portraying powerful female characters in the form of animals makes Dani’s zodiac collection stand out in all artworks. The collection reflected the inspiration form the fauna and flora clubbing with the color of life. Creating an amazing t-shirt zodiac collection allowed her to fully immerse both inspirations into artwork that everyone can relate to.
Born and raised in Switzerland, Dani Morse-Kopp moved to Edinburgh for her post-graduation. She started painting with acrylics then fell in love with watercolors. Now, she’s into creating digital art with Procreate and Photoshop.

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The Astrological Stamp

The zodiac collection presented by Marko is completely focussed on the traditional styles of each zodiac sign. The architectural representation of his zodiac collections represents the current state of mind of every individual whenever they think about these signs.
Marko is a 25 years old artist born and raised in Belgrade-Serbia, Europe. He is a graduate in architecture and has been working on “tribal designs” for around two years as regular work and hobby. Since childhood, he’s drawn to art and has been drawing and sketching from a young age.

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The Enchanted Tarot

Zodiac signs make up the astrological wheel with symbols of myths and archetypes experienced through humanity's collective storytelling. The collection created by Giulia shared stories through visual art and rituals that our ancestors’ practices to make sense of the mystery and cycles of life through the year.
Born and raised in Memphis, a small town in Michigan, Giulia used to work as a copywriter for 3 years before taking a job as a tarot reader at a psychic shop. Currently, she lives in Boston (MA) for the past 2 years and plans to expand her small business as an illustrator and designer.

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The Starcraft of Space

A collection of 12 imaginary belts is something that defines the cosmic beauty of the universe. Zodiac artwork created by Juliana showcases the power the planets possess around these imaginary belts. It’s a mystical representation of each sign describing the stories of the astrological wheel.

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