Yoga is Life

Introducing ‘Yoga is Life,’ an exclusive compilation of yogic art series for which PrintShop has collaborated with seven fab women artists who are setting new standards of creativity in the art world. Through this collaboration, we’re unveiling some of their greatest works influenced by yoga and mindfulness just like their lives are. Every artist’s illustrations are unique and let you explore a wonderful of art, creativity, yoga, and mindfulness.
The idea behind creating these art pieces is to inspire people to incorporate yoga in their everyday routine. And trigger an influx of energy and positivity inside their minds. Artists have channelized their creativity to showcase struggles, daily thoughts, past experiences from their own life, connecting them with the magic of asanas to deliver the message.
If you’re a yoga-lover or just seeking some inspiration, you’d love to explore the gallery. For a moment forget about the outside world and delve in to discover the universe inside you.

A Peep Into My Yoga Sessions

How does an artist’s daily yoga routine look? This artwork collection is all about that. All the yoga-inspired illustrations in this series are worked in a palette of earthy pastels and darker shades, representing the bright atmosphere and feeling of joy that yoga can bring into one’s life.
Valeria is an artist born, raised and residing in Berlin, Germany. She has been associated with the field of art since she was a kid and came back to art and drawing many times in her life. Not just about art but Valeria is also passionate about yoga and meditation and has been practicing them for almost 6 years. She feels really fulfilled when she is creating illustrations as she loves doing that.

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Yoga Goblins Alphabets

'Yoga Goblins Alphabets' collection is a rendition of yoga postures in the form of blacka and white alphabetical illustrations done in a traditional way. The artworks consist of cute nature goblins with their bodies decorated with flower tattoos, symbolizing a hope that nature is always with us and we just need to keep breathing. These unique characters (let’s call them ABCD of yoga art) are shown on funny shirts indulging in yoga poses to motivate people in a fun way to keep practicing yoga.
The creator of this collection, Gabriele is a traditional visual artist and illustrator from Lithuania, currently based in Scotland. She developed her interest in arts and drawing during her childhood days. Her inspiration comes from nature and folk tales. While creating art, she uses automatic drawing technique that allows her to draw freely, going with a flow and without thinking too much. Gabi believes in originality and so she doesn’t modify her drawings during this process and feels that consciously accepting yourself is a great mindfulness exercise.

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Strike a Pose for Yoga Art

This collection is an intersection of two interesting things- the value of health and the different kinds of fitness exercises presented in an artistic form. Appreciate the gorgeous illustrations in this art series that are inspired by yoga poses. The concept focuses on self care, fitness goals and expresses positivity. Thanks to the attention to detail that’s making these artworks look so realistic and amazing.
Jen Eldredge is a digital illustrator born in North Carolina and residing in Boston, Massachusetts. She has been artistic from the beginning and used several different art mediums, such as drawing and jewelry-making in the past but she is now focusing on digital illustrations. Not only an artist but Jen is also very health conscious and enthusiastic about varied forms of workout like yoga, Pilates, running, cycling, HIIT, and boot camp. And that is what feeds her creativity.

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Kate Creates for Yoga

In this yoga-influenced art collection, every artwork evokes the feeling of positivity and love through lively yogic illustrations, encouraging people to try yoga practice for a happy, healthy, and better life. Illustrations are bright and colorful and thoughtfully created to engage the audience and leave a lasting impression.
Katelemeshko is a self-taught artist and UX/UI designer originally from Kiev, Ukraine and now residing in Singapore. She loves to create illustrations and does what she loves. Her yoga friends inspired her to pursue art. Her work is a true reflection of her life which is incomplete without yoga.

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Transcendence & Transformation with Yoga

Another brilliant collection of illustrations to spark some motivation for practicing yoga and staying fit physically and mentally. Simple yet powerful, these artistic creations beautifully reflect upon the balance between the material and spiritual world that most people fail to realize while inspiring to make yoga as a daily practice for a better ‘you.’
Katty Gulordava was born and resides in Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital city. Art was a hobby for her. In her free time, she used to write, draw or do handicrafts. But now, both art and painting have become much more than just a hobby. When it comes to art, she believes in learning something new every day. During this phase of quarantine, when she is staying home, Katty’s focus is to develop herself. She has discovered new skills and is trying to take them to the next level.
She strongly feels that everyone should take care of their body, mind, and soul. And thinks that by pursuing yoga and fitness elevates the confidence within and builds a stronger body. Thoughts in daily life, moods and emotions, positive quotes, and value of relationships are the main subject of Katty’s inspiring illustrations.

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Get Your Yoga On

Explore this range of artworks that combines a love for art and yoga. While the female yoga postures illustrated here look eye-catching and inspiring, the use of creative minimalism and the subtle color palette is giving depth to the whole concept, emphasizing the idea of indulging in an everyday yoga routine. Do you agree?
Sophie Grace is a photographer, storyteller, and an illustrator who grew up in Bristol, England, and is currently living in Cheltenham. While learning Adobe Illustration, she fell in love with it. She soon realized that creating art was working as a therapy for her to relieve stress and she hasn’t stopped since. Sophie has been a fan of yoga and loves to meditate which helps to keep her calm and relaxed.

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