Save Earth- The Art Project

Meet Alysa, Ajay, Christine, Svetlana, and Dicky- five talented artists residing in different parts of the world who have come together for PrintShop’s new collaboration based on the theme- Save Earth. Each of their artworks highlights their emotional connection with the environment and unveils their desire to bring a change in the world. These five artists have leveraged their power of art in spreading awareness, sparking positive changes, and educating the audience by means of their stunning art expressions.


Save the Seas

This collection of art-series is not just about the beauty of the oceans and seas but also has a strong message used for raising environmental awareness. Through these amazing visualizations, the artist emphasizes on the challenges in the marine ecosystem while inspiring people to act and save the ocean. All of the illustrations in this collection have been created using simple graphics and letters in subtle shades to create an impact and deliver a powerful message.
Alysa is a lettering artist born, raised, and residing in Manila, Philippines. Having been fascinated by art since she was a kid, she discovered lettering and calligraphy in 2018. Other artists on social media are the ones who inspire and motivate her to put in more time and efforts in creating art and take it more seriously. Alysa believes that art is powerful and hence she leverages her lettering skill to spread some positivity and good vibes.

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Save Water- Every Letter Counts

This compilation of artworks is a mixed bag of those elements that communicate the message in a simple and playful manner. Striking letters in stylized forms, cool color combinations, ombre effects and just the right amount of graphics bring out the whole concept so beautifully. These are not just pieces of art but an appeal to people to think and make efforts to bring a change in the world around them.
Svetlana Kutsyn is a lettering artist born and residing in Kharkiv, Ukraine. She has been drawing since childhood. While searching for the right creative direction for many years, she finally discovered her inclination towards the art of lettering and then there was no stopping.

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Letters to Save the Earth

‘Action speaks louder than words.’ If you have ever believed this, let us introduce you to this awareness-raising artwork collection which proves it wrong. It is a beautiful composition of words and feelings transformed into meaningful art to showcase how our small acts matter and can help us protect the environment. Minimal use of colors, choosing the right letter styles make up for perfect illustrations that reiterate- nothing speaks louder than words art.
Christine is a lettering artist born, raised, and residing in Surabaya, Indonesia. After seeing people sharing quotes and letters and realizing how powerful letters can be, she started doing lettering. In a matter of a few months, she realized she was growing personally and professionally. Christine aims to spread positivity and change the mindsets through her art.

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Earthy Fonts for a Better Future

Stylish letters and bold typography are the heroes of this artistic collection. While some designs are purely inspired by monochrome shades, others stand out with a pop of color. Each of these artworks is able to communicate a strong message in an extremely creative way, evoking a feeling of anxiety and fear that we are in the midst of an environmental crisis. And that we should take action to save the planet or get ready to face the consequences.
Dicky Firnanda is a lettering artist based in Banjarnegara, Central java, Indonesia. He has always loved art so he wants to evolve as an artist, learn more, and hone his skills. Dicky is passionate about the art of lettering and loves to create pieces that let him experiment with different styles of letters.

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The Time Is Now

This innovative series of artworks is another initiative to educate the audience in a creative way. It reflects upon the current environmental scenario and that there’s still time for us to save the earth. How the artist integrates in his work things from everyday life and gives them a twist is definitely worth pondering. A crushed can imitating the earth, sand timer indicating time to change, earth’s ice melting, and every other illustration is thoughtfully created for the purpose of engaging and encouraging the audience.
Ajay is a freelance graphic designer currently residing in Bangkok, Thailand. The beauty of art and creativity are two things that have been an inspiration for him and encouraged him to start his artistic journey. What he sees, thinks and encounters in his life, he transforms that into art.

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