The Magical Childhood

Making kids interested in learning isn’t easy. But when there is creativity and fun involved, the magic starts happening. Such is the idea behind our new collaboration that comprises fascinating kid-approved art collections created by eight talented artists. The gallery showcases artworks focused on children's interactions with animals and their lovely relationship, thoughts that little ones encounter, what they feel about nature, their brilliant imagination, and how they find joy in little things. 

The fusion of nature-inspired illustrations, comic characters, and perky fonts gets the spotlight. Every collection in this collaboration looks engaging, unique, and expressive and exhibits the true art of the artists in making the unbelievable believable. So, let’s introduce you to the creators behind these creatives- Eve, Inna, Jill, Kaylene, Miruna, Nica, Yolanda, and Yulia and of course their artistry.

Wild Animal Art for Little Munchkins

A creative collection inspired by nature and wildlife and a true delight for kids. The wildlife that scares people the most has been transformed into cute and colorful art pieces by the artist. This subtle yet bright animal art series featuring scary animals like tigers and crocodiles and gorgeous flamingos in an unusual style is a beautiful way to connect children to nature and develop their love for animals.    

Born and raised in South Africa, Eve Kemane is a Cypriot art director and illustrator and is now based in Hamburg. She has been drawing since her childhood. Having grown up in South Africa, nature and wildlife have influenced her a lot and become an inspiration for art which reflects in her works. She often incorporates female beauty and self-love in her illustrations to create impactful and thought-provoking artworks.

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Cool Quotes are Every Kid’s Delight

A cool, fun, and peppy funny t shirt collection of lettering illustrations is all about adorable quotes for kids that symbolize their different personalities and moods. A soft color palette of pink, orange, and gold in muted tints and gradient textures is adding life to stylized letters. It’s a total bliss. Use these stylish quotes to dress up the kids in their favorite clothes and let them show off the baby swag. Or get some printed for a funky décor theme to express their unique personality.
Inna is a lettering artist born in Manila, Philippines and residing in Quezon City. She loves coffee, travel and journaling. She has always loved drawing but when she entered college, she lost her touch in arts. What got her creative mojo back was the lettering style she noticed in the lyrics of the song "To the Highest Place" by Rivers & Robots. The beauty of the letters encouraged her to create her own letters and since then she hasn’t stopped. Inna believes in embracing challenges because every challenge is learning and opens the door to new possibilities.

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I Heart Animalistic Art

Children love animals, don’t they? This art collection takes inspiration from the compassion and love that kids have for the animals and gives you a glimpse of the different things kids imagine and the thoughts they often experience. Enjoy the cute illustrations created using watercolors, color pencils, and digital tools, portraying animal-human love stories. Martin the goose as a friend and not food, the adventurous side of a moose, a kid’s favorite dinosaur toy, and a little girl with her chubby cat are some of the bizarre illustrations that will take you in an imaginary world.
Jill is a freelance illustrator who grew up in Fuschl am See village, Salzburg, Austria and resides in Seekirchen am Wallersee. As a child, she loved to draw but stopped as she grew up as a teenager. A few years ago, she regained her passion for drawing. Jill feels that bringing ideas to life using simple drawings is a beautiful concept which she thoroughly enjoys.

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The Human Animals for Expression

Check out this charming selection of kids-approved artworks, presenting birds and animals in the form of sharp and colorful geometric illustrations used to express human emotions and thoughts. The little orange songbird, cute tiny foxes, drowning mermaid in the sea, fox in space, and animal characters in times of quarantine are an absolute delight.
Kaylene Rose is a self-taught illustrator born and raised in Australia. She is currently living in an old farmhouse on a big hill in the rural outskirts of Melbourne. She has always been creative but never thought of making art as a serious career choice so decided to become a lawyer, spending over a decade in corporate. In 2018, she met with an accident and had to be on a break for a few weeks. That was the time that gave her the chance to reconnect with her creativity.
Today, Kaylene is a successful artist. She uses colors and shapes to create adorable and surprising visual stories. For her, art is a way to foster connection and self-confidence, spread, and share positivity with others, especially children.

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A Visit to the Fantasy World

Children's stories are often about the magical creatures- the amazing talking animals, dragons, fairies, and other characters with limitless superpowers. Looking at them cajoles us all to find reality in the fantasy world. Feeling nostalgic? This collection comprising kid-friendly artistic illustrations takes us back to our childhood days and evokes so many memories connected to our past. The red riding hood, bear and snail on a stormy night, foxes peering from behind the trees, cute little hedgehog lady walking in the rain, adorable Halloween illustrations, and rooster running with a bag of coins make a lovely compilation that’s worth everyone’s attention. Kids will love it.
Miruna Onana is a Romanian artist and author based in the UK. She is originally from Romania, the place which greatly inspires most of her illustrations featuring its folk style and traditional patterns. Having grown up in a place exposed to nature, she had the privilege to see bears, foxes, hedgehogs, and other animals that have found a special place in her creations.

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Smile & Shine with Glittering Letters

The collaboration art-series featuring standalone letters in impressive child-friendly fonts are perfect for every kid. A fun way to help kids learn the ABCs, practice the letters, inspire creativity and imagination. What’s more? They’ll be amazed to see these stylish letters with sparkles and tiny elements all around in a vibrant color palette that compliments the playful theme.
Nica Vitug is a calligraphy artist from Quezon City, Philippines. Creating art was just a hobby for her which later turned into a skill. It was her friends who inspired her to become an artist by making her realize her potential in lettering. They pushed her constantly until she became a lettering expert. She loves sparkles and likes using all sorts of color palettes into her work. Through this collaboration, Nica has found an opportunity to explore creative possibilities for kids’ art project that is aligned with her personal style.

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Kawaii Art: If Animals Could Speak

A wonderful depiction of how the art of storytelling works. The collection is designed for children and beautifully conveys a message through animal-inspired illustrations. The characters like a cute bunny with donuts, tiger cubs, dogs, and cats in this art series are adorable to watch. They are bringing good vibes and spreading joy and happiness.
Yolanda Chauwaloka is an artist who works as a character designer, 3D artist, and freelancer. She hails from North Sumatra and now resides in Tangerang city, Indonesia. Her love for art inspired the artist in her. She loves reading, traveling, watching cartoons, and making cute drawings. Yolanda believes that it is the art that helps release her imagination and express her feelings to the world.

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Let’s Talk Comics

Fun, happy, and captivating is the kind of theme this comical art collection has. Inspired by modern cartoon style, the artworks feature kid-friendly characters created using thick outlines and simple drawings with minimal use of colors and not many details for ‘the great comic effect.’
Yulia Danylova is a comic artist and an illustrator who comes from Donbass and now lives in Kharkiv city, Ukraine. To create any artwork, she takes inspiration from flora, fauna, and happy times. She defines creativity as the ability to create something that sparks emotions and attracts others. She loves to share her work with others and aims to spread happiness through her creatives.

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