Wonders of Nature

“Sometimes, nature is all you need.” Introducing our latest collection of curated artworks ‘Wonders of Nature’ in collaboration with six fantastic artists from around the world. Those who admire natural beauty or like the art of planting or gardening will relate to this wonder-full nature-inspired art gallery. Through this collaboration, we are proud to share the artistry of Annalisa, Emma, Fatima, Joonas, Lise, and Swati with you and their incredible rendition of plants in distinct styles.

Blooming Botanicals

A mind-blowing art collection with blooming beauties. From illustrating tropical leaves, sunflowers, daisies, and lemons to recreating gorgeous fall scenes with tiny orange leaves and mushrooms, the artist has infused life into these botanical patterns using her imagination.
Annalisa Lunardi is an art director and graphic designer from Milan, a city full of life and art that gives her fresh creative ideas every day. As a child, she would draw constantly and everywhere. A few colored pencils in her hand, and she would be the happiest person in the world. Sheer passion for art, isn’t it?
Art allowed her to travel through her mind, imagining places, people, and culture, so she could express her emotions. At the age of three, she decided to be an artist and now wants to continue with her passion, her childhood love- art.

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The Plant Paradise

So natural and realistic! The artworks in this collection are a stunning representation of the artist’s deep connection with plants. Take pleasure in enjoying a mini indoor garden and plant displays in various corners of a house and at the window imitating ‘a happy place,’ through this dreamy plant paradise illustrated using a soft color palette.
Emma is a UK based creative designer, specializing in illustration, branding, and design. Drawing and painting have always been her passion. She has always been creative, and at the age of 8, she decided to become an illustrator. She loves to incorporate plants in her works. Both her house and sketchbooks are filled with plants that inspire her to come up with beautiful artworks.

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Paint Me Nature

This collection captures the charm of lush gardens and dense forests in an artistic style with floral motifs, tropical leaves, and exotic birds repeating over and over for a magical pattern effect. Colors so vibrant and the illustrations so perfect are giving out a feeling the same as exploring the botanicals for real.
Fatima is an Iranian surface pattern designer who is passionate about creating appealing patterns influenced by nature and almost everything surrounding us. Her creations are clear, bold, and realistic and instantly cast a magical art spell on the viewers. Nature and paintings have always been an inspiration for Fatima and motivated her to become an artist.

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Tropical Greens 

Let’s get you in the tropical state of mind! Graceful greens are the theme of this art series, showcasing tropical prints in original colors for a fun vibe. Each artwork in this collection personifies a tropical paradise where flowers are blooming, and green is everywhere.
Joonas Ursin is a print art specialist who hails from Helsinki, Finland. His fascination with different shapes of nature and color combinations and love with pattern design are the inspiration behind his mesmerizing nature-inspired illustrations that take us in the world of the imaginary tropical world.

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The Floral Obsession 

This art series consists of a collection of still-life floral illustrations, showcasing nature's colorful beauty through saffron flowers, poppy patterns, carnations, and wildflowers. This floral imagery is hypnotic and reminds us of the art’s most popular muses that have attracted artists for years and evokes a feeling of love, positivity, and cheerfulness.
Lise is a pattern designer, born and brought up in Trinidad & Tobago and currently living in France. She had always loved crafts and painting and decided to follow her passion when she discovered graphics and pattern designs on products and packaging and found her calling in the field of art. Most of her illustrations are centered on botanicals while others are inspired by everyday objects and real life experiences.

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Mesmerizing Nature 

Mesmerizing Nature is a collection inspired by enchanted flowers and butterflies. Like many artists who portray their emotions or share positive messages through art, this one is no exception. This series aims to spread love and bring joy to the audience through colors and beautiful motifs.
Swati is an Indian pattern designer and illustrator. She specializes in designing playful prints and patterns using distinctive color palettes for fashion and home decor. Having worked in the apparel and graphic industry for many years in various countries, she now owns her own textile label, ButaChaap, based in India. The little details in nature are her constant source of inspiration and the influence behind her mesmerizing artworks.

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