Let’s Make a Change

Dicky, Edwin, Mel, and Muhamad- meet these four excellent artists who have collaborated with PrintShop by Designhill and created a special art collection depicting various social issues that need our attention and celebration of the human spirit. From issues concerning the environment to raising awareness for illnesses, and making people realize the power of self-belief and optimism, we bring to you the greatest works created by these four artists who are speaking their hearts out through their art.

Earthy Fonts for a Better Future

Stylish letters and bold typography are the heroes of this artistic collection. While some designs are purely inspired by monochrome shades, others stand out with a pop of color. Each of these artworks is able to communicate a strong message in an extremely creative way, evoking a feeling of anxiety and fear that we are in the midst of an environmental crisis. And that we should take action to save the planet or get ready to face the consequences.
Dicky Firnanda is a lettering artist based in Banjarnegara, Central java, Indonesia. He has always loved art so he wants to evolve as an artist, learn more and hone his skills. He is passionate about the art of lettering which inspires him to create amazing artworks that allow him to experiment with varied lettering styles.

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The Art Therapy Edition

This is a special creation dedicated to those who are fighting cancer, struggling to recover, or coping with any kind of illness. The artworks in this collection are all about powerful quotes that are spreading positivity while reminding- “no matter what kind of illness you are suffering from, you’re stronger and never alone. Just believe in yourself.” So whenever you feel low or hopeless, these magical quotes will bring back the life in you.
Mel is a graphic designer born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland and now residing in Alsace, France. She has been drawing since she was a kid and when it comes to arts and creativity, music and her mother are two of his biggest inspirations. Mel studied graphic design and got introduced to Typography that let her experiment with different typefaces and she gradually started enjoying the process. Today, she loves to create typography posters and drawing letter-pictures.
Mel considers this art series close to her heart as it’s inspired by her own experiences and many of her family members who have been impacted by illnesses, especially her mother who defeated cancer because of her firm belief in God and herself.

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The Future is Equal

We are equal, aren’t we? This collection is an interpretation of the struggle for gender equality for a change. What makes it more striking is the infusion of unique colors. While the golden yellow uplifts the human spirit, awakens confidence and optimism, the color red indicates power, strength, and love. And this brilliant combination of red and yellow in these artworks inspire to fight for gender equality and make a better world for everyone.
Muhamad is a letterer, illustrator, and logo designer born and brought up in Cirebon, Indonesia and now resides in Bandung. Inspiring others fuels his mind with creativity and motivates him to keep going. His portfolio comprises a diverse collection of artworks, featuring prints and patterns with quotes in vivid styles delivering a message or emotion with maximum impact.

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The Art of Positivity

Art is the greatest form of hope. It’s a way to evoke feelings and spread positivity. This collection is that kind of art dedicated to people who are fighting cancer. Letters are the main subject of this art series and their connotation is the beauty that signifies positivity and a ray of hope. Words here look simple yet impactful while the color pink symbolizes love, good health, and happiness. Through this art series, the artist wants to promote the immaculate strength and courage of cancer fighters and spread awareness about the cause.
Edwin Montero is a passionate graphic designer, hand letterer, and photographer from New York City. As a kid, his sketches and drawings fascinated people around him so much that they used to give him scraps of paper, voided checks, lottery tickets, or paper bags to draw on. It made him realize that he is meant to be an artist.
Graffiti and letterforms are the biggest inspiration for Edwin. Talking about his love and interests, he is fond of simplicity, typography, calligraphy, orange color, Apple products, animated Batman series, smooth jazz, and pizza.

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