How to Create Logos Using a Logo Maker Online

How to Create Logos Using a Logo Maker Online

A logo is the face of a brand that communicates with the target audience on its behalf. A brand can effortlessly reach out to its target audience with a thoughtfully designed logo. But developing a memorable and unique logo is an expensive affair, especially when you hire a professional designer. Fortunately, there is an affordable way to create a logo. A logo maker online tool can help you design and customize your logo for free and in just a few minutes.

An experienced graphic designer is generally expensive and out of the reach of small businesses due to their budgetary constraints. Also, they have only limited options, such as two to three improvement requests. After that, even if you are not satisfied with the design, you have to accept the design and pay the fees fully. 

Such limitations are well taken care of when small business owners want to create logos on their own using a free logo maker online. Such a design tool is software that lets users do the design by picking the elements of colors, fonts, icons, symbols, design style, etc.

  • Tips for creating an impressive logo

    Before you set out to create a logo using a logo maker online tool, know what goes into making a logo impressive. Here are some valuable tips:

  • 1. Know your niche

    Make sure that you can pinpoint your market niche. You must know which set of people your target consumers are. This will help you choose the design elements to target those people.

    Know your niche

  • 2. Know your brand message and personality

    Knowing your brand message and personality becomes a guiding force in picking the right colors, fonts, and other elements. So, write down your brand message on paper and ensure that your logo design conveys it.

  • 3. Analyze your competition

    Many other businesses are vying to grab the attention of your target customers in your niche. So, your logo must stand out in its design and uniqueness, which is crucial to signal that your business is different. You should particularly pay attention to their logos and other visual identities and then come out with a unique logo.

    Analyze your competition

  • 4. Pick a design style

    Choose a design style that suits your brand personality and message. Many logo design styles prevail in the market today. These styles include classic, retro or vintage, modern and minimalist, fun and quirky, and handmade. Using the best logo maker, you will access plenty of design styles.

    Pick a design style

  • 5. Choose the right type of logo

    Like the logo styles, there are many types of logos that you should pick one from that reflects your brand personality. The main types of logos include lettermarks, wordmarks, pictorial marks, abstract marks, mascots, combination marks, and emblems. The right type of logo will be the one that can convey your brand message to your target audience.

    Choose the right type of logo

  • 6. Pick the right colors and fonts

    Colors and fonts are the two most important design elements that determine the impression and success of your logo. Colors evoke our emotions. For instance, seeing red evokes love, passion, and aggression. Similarly, yellow is the color of hope and positivity. So choose colors that can raise your brand's right feelings and emotions. 

    Similarly, the right typography is crucial to give your brand a personality. For instance, if your brand makes and sells something for kids, your logo should be in comic or hand-lettering style. But if it is a serious brand with a formal air, use serif fonts.

    Pick the right logo colors and fonts


    Create Your Logo With World’s #1 Logo Maker

  • What should a logo look like?

    When exploring a logo generator online, you should have some insight into what a unique and impressive logo looks like. You can compare many global logos to get an impression of your custom logo design.

    Here are some key features of unique logos:

    1. A logo should be a unique design:

      An impressive logo is a unique design that stands out from many other logos in the market. So, its use of color, font, shape, icon, and other elements is entirely different from many other logos. 

    2. It is a memorable logo:

      While it is a unique design, it is memorable. A memorable logo is the one that people keep in their memory for a longer period. They can easily recall it as an emblem of a particular company. 

    3. It conveys a brand message:

      A logo is not just an impressive design. More than that, it can send out a message through colors and other elements. So people can know what the business is all about. 

    4. It is a scalable and versatile design:

      An impressive logo is also scalable, meaning that it can be scaled to any big or small size. Furthermore, it will still retain its proportion of design elements. 

      A unique logo design should look equally impressive in color and colorless version when it comes to versatility. This is because many mediums, such as newspapers, mainly publish advertisements with logos in black and white.

    5. It is a timeless piece of work:

      Since people usually get emotionally attached to a logo, they do not like any changes made in its design. So, create a logo that still looks impressive and relevant after many decades. Try to avoid trendy designs that fade away once the trend is no longer in fashion.

  • How to create logos using a logo maker online?

    Now that you know what elements go into making a logo and what an impressive and unique logo looks like, you are ready to use a logo maker online. 

    Logo maker is a Do-It-Yourself software that allows users to get professional logos by just providing vital information about what they want from their logo design. Then, the software takes care of the design requirements and several design ideas. 

    Designhill Logo Maker is one such proven AI-based software to create unique logo ideas. This tool works simply and lets the users customize their choice of logo ideas into a logo that becomes a brand identity. Here are easy-to-follow steps to use this tool:

  • 1. Choose your design style

    Just as you click on the “Create a Logo for Free” button, you go to the page that asks you to choose your logo design style out of the many options displayed. You need to provide five design style options to the software. Even when you need a logo for your YouTube channel, you must pick your design style. A logo maker for YouTube will give you many style options.

    Choose your logo design style

  • 2. Select colors

    Then, you are led to a page where you need to pick the proper color schemes for your logo out of many. You must pick three color schemes so that the tool can understand what colors you prefer to have in your logo.

    Select logo colors

  • 3. Give your brand’s name

    Next, give your company name and slogan if you want to go with your logo. Give the industry in which your business operates.

    Give your brand’s name

  • 4. Tell it about your choice of symbols

    If you want some symbols to incorporate into your logo, you can give five such symbols so that the logo maker can include them in its logo ideas.

    Tell it about your choice of logo symbols

  • 5. Get dozens of new logo ideas

    Next, the software will automatically show you dozens of logos based on your design brief.

    Get dozens of new logo ideas

  • 6. Customize your logo

    After picking one suitable logo, you can customize it using the logo generator editor. At this stage, the editor tool lets you use different fonts, colors, icons, frames, text, and other design elements to make it look unique and distinctive design.

    Customize your logo

  • 7. Download your files

    After customizing your logo, you can download the file and use the logo as your brand identity.

    Download your logo


    Create Your Logo With World’s #1 Logo Maker

  • Additional benefits when using Designhill Logo Maker

    The logo maker is an easier way to quickly save time and money when designing your logo as your core brand identity. This free-to-use tool lets you create 100% customizable logo designs. You also access unlimited logo ideas based on your design brief to the software. Here are some of the benefits of using Designhill Logo Maker:

  • High-resolution logo files

    After creating your logo using Designhill Logo Maker, you get a high-resolution logo file in PNG, SVG, EPS, JPEG, and vector formats. These are print-ready files for web and digital use.

    High-resolution logo files

  • Full copyright/ownership of the logo

    You get full copyright/ownership rights of the logo files you created using the Designhill online logo generator. So, for instance, you will get full rights to your YouTube logo that you created using a logo generator for YouTube.

    Full copyright/ownership of the logo

  • Complete social media kit

    With Designhill Logo Maker, you get more than 50 versions of your logo for social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Etsy, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

    Complete social media kit

  • A vast library of fonts and colors

    The logo maker lets you access many fonts and colors. With such a vast library of fonts and colors, you can choose them to create your brand identity when designing a logo.

    A vast library of fonts and colors

Wrapping Up

A logo maker online is a DIY software that helps users create logos through a simple and quick process. You need to select colors, fonts, design styles, and other elements as your design brief for the software. The tool will then come up with several logo ideas to choose from. You can customize any logo idea and turn that into your brand identity.