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Top 15 Freelance Menu Designers For Hire In 2023

by eshley jackson Tweet - in Menu Design

Menu Designers

Last updated on January 16th, 2023

Creating an excellent design for the menu card is the key to success of a restaurant or bar. The customers see the menu as the first thing on the table. They make a perception about the business upon seeing the menu. If its design is impressive, people have a good impression of the services and foods at the place. Here, menu designers play a vital role.

A menu lying on the table is not there just to give a list of items available on order. The diner can pick their choice of food after going through a variety of dishes. But that is only the primary purpose of the menu card.

The Importance Of A Menu Card

More than displaying the list of food items, modern menu designers have turned the card into a potent internal advertising tool. The card’s design aims at giving a nice dining experience to a guest.

It is a snapshot of a restaurant’s business for a guest. Menu designers communicate a brand and its vision as well as the ambiance and feel of the place to the customers.

Whether it is a mom and pop diner or a high-end restaurant, the menu designs should reflect a restaurant’s brand value and identity. The goal of a restaurant menu design is to entice guests and create a great impression about the dining place.

A designer does that by carefully using fonts, colors, images, whitespace, descriptive content, etc. Even the type of paper used for the card becomes part of the overall design.

Remember that restaurant or bar business is highly competitive since several similar companies already exists everywhere. They are the direct competitors of any new business in this industry. Therefore, you need to come up with unique marketing strategies for your restaurant’s business.

In fact, many stats are available from the restaurant industry to help you carve out the right marketing plan. For example, surveys have revealed that 75% of customers look up menu information online before ordering food or visiting the eating place.

Some Key Tips To Design A Restaurant Menu

i. The first thing to consider is that you should place the most important food items at the spot where customers set their eyes first. This is the way to draw their attention to your most admired food item.

ii. Make sure that your food items are arranged in columns. You should set the number of columns depending on the personality of your restaurant. More columns will reflect a sense of playfulness.

iii. Highlight items by boxing them and adding attractive colors, labels, and images when creating menu designs with the help of menu templates.

iv. Name each item specifically and provide a description of the ingredients.

v. Make the food sound exotic and exciting.

A professional designer understands how important a menu card design is to a restaurant business. So, you should hire one such designer to create a unique card that can convey your brand identity as ideally as possible.

These Top Freelance Menu Designers Are Worth Paying Attention To When You Think Of Hiring A Designer

01. Antitled

Antitled is one of the major graphic designers on Designhill. The designer has won 42 contests in different categories including menu design. This Romania based designer has experience and skills to meet your design needs so that you can boast of a great menu card for your restaurant.


02. Se_Designer

Se_Designer is a Serbia based graphic designer who is interested in creating unique menu cards. The designer’s skills and ability to meet clients’ design needs can be gauged from the 8 design contests own to this date. Going by the winning best menu design created, we can say that the designer likes to play with colors and typefaces.


03. Designbychi

Designbychi comes from New Jersey, the US and brings a lot of rich experience to this field. You can hire this freelance graphic designer for the ability to create menu cards specifically tailored to fit the requirements of your unique restaurant. The designer has won 7 contests so far.


Looking For a Menu Designer?

We have helped thousands of restaurant owners from around the world with their menu design needs and our professional designers can help you too!
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04. Hr Motion Design

Hr Motion Design is another prominent designer whose 34 design contest wins speak volumes about the skills required to create visual identities such as a restaurant menu design. You can depend on this designer to accomplish your design requirements.

Hr Motion Design

05. Darksider

Darksider is amongst useful menu card designers who can deliver you specific design solutions. So far, the designer took part in many design contests in varied categories and has won 6 of them.


06. Henry Crown

Henry Crown is a promising restaurant menu creator based in the US. He has 2 contest wins to his name on Designhill. His designs are unique and they stand out in many ways. This designer is equipped with the right skills to create a host of visuals for brand promotion.

Henry Crown

07. Gates 26

Gates 26 is one of the most sought-after graphic designers on Designhill. The designer has won 97 contests to this date. This creative designer is well equipped with the design skills to come up with unique menu card ideas for your restaurant business.

Gates 26

08. Art- Fj

Art-Fj is another major freelance graphic designer who is highly experienced and skilled to create unique design solutions ideal for your brand. This designer has so far been awarded 95 design contests in various categories.


Therefore, if you need designs for wedding, bar or restaurant menu cards, this designer is highly dependable for creating unique visuals.

09. Sara

The US-based Sara is worth considering when you are looking for a designer to create the best menu design for your restaurant or bar. With 73 design contest wins, she is the designer to work with on your graphic design project.


10. Nocky Tri

Nocky Tri is the designer who brings a lot of experience to create a unique piece. The designer has won 41 contests. You can expect some exciting menu design ideas when you work with this designer.

Nocky Tri

11. Studio 17

Studio 17 is a graphic designer whose work is admired for its variety and versatility of concepts. The studio has so far won 5 design contests.

Studio 17

12. Daeron

Daeron is another experienced designer whose creativity well admired by clients. The designer has won 21 contests so far, which speaks volumes about his/her proficiency in creating unique visuals. Daeron is certainly a great pick when you want to hire a professional graphic designer to create your menu card.


13. Green20

Green 20 is a prolific freelance designer who has so far won a massive number of design contests. The designer has won 102 contests in almost every category. You can hire this designer with confidence and hand him your menu designing project without a single worry.

Green 20

14. Blacklady

If you are looking around for menu designers to create a unique menu card, then Blacklady is one you can confidently pick right away. The designer has so far won 37 contests with her skills and experience.


15. Inbe

Inbe likes to play with colors and typefaces to create a design piece. The designer won 21 design contests which reflects the high levels of experience and skills present in creating something unique. You can trust the designer to create an impressive design for your menu card.

So, these key menu designers are the ones a business owner can confidently hire to create unique menus for restaurants, bars, etc.

They can work on a one-to-one basis on a design project so that the client can have a menu card specially created for a specific restaurant, bar or any other business.

The above designers work at Designhill, which is a leading marketplace. At this site, besides working with individual freelancers, a client can launch a design contest as well.

Many more designers will try to win the contest and in the process, you can get a winning design for your brand at one affordable price.

Wrapping Up

Menu designers are professionals who know what the card should look like for restaurants, bars, and other eating or drinking places. These top designers have the skills and experience that clients can utilize to create unique visual card identities for a restaurant business. They will go through your design brief in details to come up with design ideas that stand out.

Find a Menu Designer

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