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Use Menu Design To Advertise Your Services

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Last updated on October 26th, 2017

Restaurants use menus to inform their customers about the food items being served by them. A usual menu design incorporates a long list of dishes and their prices. The customers flick through the pages to find out what is special for them in their budget. However, a restaurant owner can use the very pages to advertise additional services that the customers can use later.

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Your restaurant may be running services such as delivery of food items to homes or offices, catering services, special parties and weddings. You may also be offering discounts on drinks etc. All such services and discounts can be advertised on the menu page and hence, when the customers visit a restaurant such information gives them an idea of the additional services provided by the restaurant. The customer may use these services later or suggest them to others, which helps in generating extra sales.

If your menu is already full with list of foods and their images, ask your designer to create additional page specially for advertisement purpose. You need to put your menu design to new uses and incorporating advertisements of your services is one of them.

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