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16 Innovative Logo Trends To Look Out In 2023

by eshley jackson Tweet - in Logo Design

Innovative Logo Trends

Last updated on March 31st, 2023

A logo is certainly the façade of every business entity. They have defined the brand image and value of the business over the centuries. The companies have adapted to the changing market trend and have upgraded their logos from time and again. Do these changes in consumer behavior initiate the logo design trends or does the logo ascent indicate the changes in the market? Right from Apple and Ford to the entrepreneurs of today, have honored the logo and have paid it due respect.

The logo is the first brand ambassador of the company or business. Every year begins a new trend along with it which defines the innovations and upgrades in the industry. The logo design trends have come a long way, and the companies have resorted to more sleek and confident versions of themselves. Let’s open the mystery and unveil the surprises of this year.

Let’s Take A Look At 16 Innovative Logo Trends To Look Out In 2023

01. Keep It Sleek And Simple

The zero size era is back, and it also applies to the logo. Most companies have moved to sleeker and more straight forward versions of their existing logos, and the newbies are also set to follow their footprints.

Some Of The Critical Factors To Be Considered By A Graphic Designer When Working On A Sleek Logo Design Are:

  • The font is the hero, and it should stand out in all the backgrounds. Take additional precaution while selecting the font.
  • The logo should be distinctive in both plain and reverse background.
  • Color of the font should create more emphasis on the logo.
  • Choose complimentary fonts without compromising the simplicity equation.

02. Cursive Is The New Personal

Right from the beverage giant Coca-Cola to every child’s dreamland Disney have established their consumer connect through the Script font logo. The trend is back in 2023 where personalized care could be the game changer amidst expanding competition.

logo design

The companies and brands are looking for more ways to increase customer retention, and the logo design would be the ideal place to start. The essential factor to be acknowledged by every graphic designer is that the line that separates a professional script font and a funky font is very slim. Never cross this border as it rewrites the reputation of the brand.

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03. The Era Of Mnemonics

The Mnemonics are always a cat on the wall. It was earlier restricted to specific industries and also to definite time periods. 2023 will be the year of Mnemonics as they connect better than words with the consumer. The challenge would be identifying the ideal mnemonic for the brand.

logo design

It would be like choosing a wand; the Mnemonic selects the brand. The right balance of the icon and the font would determine the success of the logo design. Always create an icon which has dual purposes, one being representing the brand image as well as visually and sensually appealing to the consumer.

04. Colour Me Red

Not just attractive and charming red, the logos of 2023 will not be shy to experiment with the colors. The logos will be created in every color known to man. Most Logos follow the traditional color shades, and it is not wrong to observe the tried and tested techniques.


However, 2023 is all about innovation and experimentation. Logos of all hues and tones will be seen, and it is expected to create a visual delight for the consumer. There could be an extra shade to complement the primary color. Always select print-friendly shades, and it means the tone should stand out in all kinds of print and digital media.


05. The Seal Of Trust

There is a high chance of the possibility that this type of Logo will be back

The Significant Advantages Of The Seal Of Trust Logo Includes:

  • Creates a sense of trust among the consumer as the seal psychologically implies trust and loyalty.
  • It gives enough space to contain the mnemonic as well the content.
  • There is no hard written rule that the seal should be circular. This grants opportunities to the designers to invent their seal.

trust logo

It is advisable to use minimal content in the logo to make it clear and visible in all the collaterals. Multi-color seal of trust logo does not convey the element of trust.

06. Any Shape And Every Shape

A logo will be in all shapes and sizes in 2023. It will break the monotony in logo design and add more vibrancy to it. Some fascinating forms are all due this year. The main reasons for this trend would be the consumer inclination and thirst for creativity and innovation.
graphic designer

These logos are not new to the market, yet there are far and between. More companies will embrace this trend in an attempt to stand out from their competition and peers. This trend would be spread over all industries, and it could be visually pleasing to the viewers. You can always hire a freelance graphic designer to design a logo based on the latest industry trends.

07. Freestyle Is The New Style

Since we are on the path of avoiding stereotypes, Logo design trends 2023 is no exception to it. Graphic designers are willing to break the grid method and move on to Freestyle technique. This technique would be most prevalent in entertainment-related industries. Although, there is a high possibility of other sectors to embrace the change slowly.

Logo design trends

The Key Factors To Be Considered While Creating a Freestyle Logo Are:

  • Have a professional approach right from the inception.
  • Never compromise on logo etiquettes.
  • Always check the feasibility of the logo in all places.

08. Logo With A Message

We all have been curious about the hidden and yet not so subtle message in the logo. It increases the importance of the logo and makes it more popular among the consumers. For instance, the arrow in Amazon Logo has the entire brand story in it. It means Amazon can deliver everything to everywhere and bring a smile to the customers.

The logo designs of 2023 will contain more such messages and also create the much-needed excitement among the consumers. Graphic designers should equip themselves to convey the brand message with a simple design. Let’s get set to decipher the message in the logo.

09. Social-Media Friendly Logo

Social Media sites are slowly becoming a part of the essential lifeline list. It seems like a herculean task to survive without updating our Facebook status or expressing our concern over it on Twitter. This is a vast potential market for the brands, and various techniques have been formulated to grab the attention of the Social Bees.

Social Media friendly logos are a must have trend in 2023. The logo would have to be more interactive and exciting to capture the attention of the potential consumers. They could include either promoting the mnemonic, a part of the logo or the entire logo.

Animated Logo

One of the most exciting logo design trends of 2023 would be an Animated Logo. Companies have to position themselves in both digital as well the print media to promote their services and products. So animated Logos would reach more eyeballs than the traditional ones.

The Key Factors To Be Weighed While Designing an Animated Logo Are:

  • Keep the animation to a minimum to maintain uniformity in all mediums.
  • The animation should be professional and elegant.
  • It is mandatory to support a detailed brand guideline on usage of the logo in various places and to follow uniformity.

11. Logo With A Tagline

The tagline usually communicates the brand message or the vision and sometimes it is added as an element of the logo. The slogan is used in almost all collaterals either along with the logo or as an individual entity. The logo design trends 2023 predict that the use of taglines as an element of the logo will increase this year.

  • The shorter the motto, the more powerful it could be.
  • The ideal location for the strategic placement of the tagline is at the base of the logo.
  • Font should be taken into consideration, and a complementary font would be utilized.
  • It is safer to avoid the same font for both the logo and the tagline.

12. Rules Are Rules

Marketing and branding have become more organized and consumer-centric over the past few guidelines. The experts and stalwarts in the industry have created specific regulations and guidelines to be followed while creating graphic design. These guidelines have been formulated through years of research and market analysis.
Designing Rules

They exist for a reason and saves a lot of time and hassle for the brand. It would be advisable to gain from the experience of the past rather than start from square one. It does not mean that the graphic designers should follow all the guidelines to the dot, but it is essential to implement them whenever deemed necessary.

13. The Serif

The serif font is always associated with authority and grandeur. Though there are some serif fonts logos available, designers prefer the softer cousin. Some of the prominent Serif font logos include Google, Volvo, Wikipedia, etc., who have established their supremacy in their respective fields.

graphic designer

The year 2023 calls for more authority and command from the brands and companies. When you hire a freelance graphic designer to create your logo be open to more serif fonts and establish your prominence in the market.

14. Complimentary Fonts

Logos can have more than one font and the challenge lies in placing them in their right position. Some brands encourage their graphic designers to innovate and create new trends. The complimentary font logo is a part of the Logo Design trend 2023.

logo Fonts

Some Of The Mistakes To Avoid When Creating This Type Of Logo Are:

  • Don’t let the fonts fight for attention and space.
  • Don’t empower one font at the expense of the other.
  • Never use different colors only for differentiation purposes.

15. Social Responsibility

Thanks to the awareness of ecological balance, we are more responsible than our previous generations. Everyone wants to contribute to a social cause in any way they can.

Social Responsibility

Companies have understood this vibe and are creating a logo supporting a social cause as well as their brand message. These logos create a great image and personality for the brand among the general public. Nevertheless, stick to a cause and contribute more than a logo.

16. The Shadow Effect

The shadow has more significance in our lives, and it could be more prominent in the logos this year. It is the role of an excellent graphic designer to place the shadow in the apt position without compromising the quality or essence of the logo. The direction of the shadow also plays a vital role in the brand image.

Shadow Effect

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Every logo is a work of art, and it plays a vital role in the success of a brand. Trends keep changing, but the logo stays for life. It is also important to understand the brand message before designing the logo, so that you come up with a stellar logo design.

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