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10 Unique Ideas To Design Your Own Custom Mugs

by Henna Ray Tweet - in Mug Design

Custom Mugs

Last updated on April 2nd, 2024

“Life Happens, Coffee Helps.” or “You can’t make everyone happy. Coz, You’re not a Coffee!”

Such quotes are common among coffee lovers. If you’re one of them, you must have seen them printed on many coffee mugs. These quotes are specially printed on mugs to get coffee lovers’ attention. Yeah! Custom mugs catch our attention due to their unique designs. And, such types of mugs are the most favorite source of advertising, followed by marketers for the brand promotion. Marketers see them as one of the most cost-effective means to increase the reach amongst the target audience. But, unique mugs design with catchy messages can help drive viewer’s attention to a brand effectively. If you are a coffee lover and wish to create your personalized design, read this post to get inspired by 10 unique ideas to design, create and sell your custom coffee mugs.

Most of us have our morning beverage in attractively designed custom mugs and these have become an important part in kitchens, boardrooms, and offices. Some artwork, messages, and sweet sayings printed are unique to these mugs.

Given their popularity, marketers now explore their potential to drive people’s attention. Even big brands also use these promotional items to engage target customers. Starbucks coffee mugs are the perfect example of how brands increase their visibility.

Why Are Custom Mugs Popular?

Custom coffee mugs are amongst the most versatile items for giving them as gifts. Therefore, these are also used as a promotional product by marketers. They give away free mugs with a printed design that conveys a brand message.

People use mugs daily in homes or any place to have coffee or other beverage. Every time they use these items, they see a brand’s promotional message. So, in this way, it helps in bringing people’s attention to a brand.

With custom mugs, your advertisement for business becomes even more effective. Just have your business logo and message prominently displayed. People will see your logo on daily basis.

You can also use these mugs as a perfect gift that you can confidently give to a person who is close to you. Just print your personalized message, custom the artwork to convey your sentiment for the occasion. Bingo!

Design And Sell Your Custom Mugs

Custom mugs are one of the most sold promotional items. In the US, the promotional products industry generated a revenue of 17 billion dollars in 2019. This should encourage small entrepreneurs to start their own businesses to sell the attractively designed mugs.

If you are interested in starting a business and showcase your art on coffee mugs, then you can use Designhill’s DIY tool. This tool works on drag and drop basis.

Just choose colors, typefaces, images, etc from the library of the tool and drop them to a set from to create your own design for the mugs.

All you need is to register with the platform and create/upload your designs. Once you are finished designing, then submit it to Designhill’s PrintShop to get the design printed on the mugs. You can sell the printed coffee mugs from the shop you opened at the site or sell them on your own.

Plan Your Design Well

Your mug design should be a carefully crafted piece of work so that it makes a lasting impression on a target audience. Just randomly deciding on the art is not going to help in achieving your marketing goals.

The use of mugs as a promotional campaign will bear fruits only with something unique but attractive printed on them.

Therefore, prior to setting out to designing for mugs such as coffee mugs, consider these tips:

i. The design must fit accurately in the small mug space.

ii. Decide if you wish to cover the entire space or one side of it.

iii. Plan the number of colors to use.

iv. Know if the printed design will be washable or permanent.

But don’t start working on any custom mugs design without first having an inspirational idea. The inspiration can come from anywhere but it strikes your mind best when you see some really exciting works of art. Such works stimulate the mind for some creative thoughts.

Here Is Our List Of Unique Custom Mugs Ideas That You Will Find Inspirational

01. Bold Precious Metal

This mug design is for Bold Precious Metals, which is an online bullion dealer selling primarily gold and silver coins and bars. The designer used black and red as a way to evoke power and passion as well as values such as liberty, patriotism, and privacy.

Coffee Mugs

You can also notice the slogan “Don’t tread on me”, Another point to note here is that apart from the outstanding design, the mug itself is an attractive and a bit stylish. Such custom mugs convert the users into customers of the business.

02. Secret

This is a paper cup design for a restaurant and cafe but can well be a inspiration design for custom coffee mugs. Only the company name with a dotted circle makes this a unique design.

Custom Mug

So, you can create an attractive design out of a simple idea as well. Black background and white text further makes this design stand out.

03. Shanon’s

Custom mugs such as this one for Shanon’s is another excellent example of simple designs. There is just the company’s logo on the mug.Company Logo

Sometimes, only a brand logo is sufficient to convey a message to target audience. But use logo as a dominant design element only when people are already too familiar with your business.

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04. Wristwatch Mug Design

This custom mugs design was to cater to the watch community and sold with the custom t-shirts already available with the client’s website. The designer came out with the idea of putting a stylish watch as the client’s business is in fashion industry. You can notice that the shape of the hour hand is a little different to give the design a unique look.

Wristwatch Mug Design

Such cool coffee mugs designs look minimal and make a lasting impression on the viewers. Since there is no excessive use of colors, text etc, the design looks impressive.

05. Oman Air

This is one of the unique personalised mugs with a personalised design and was created for a travel agent. Here, the designer made good use of the travel agent’s logo, slogan and then incorporated some travel pictures of the dream destinations.

Mug Design

The entire gamut of elements creates an luring environment for the viewers. So, while taking a cup of tea or coffee, the consumer has the company in mind as well.

06. Kaffeine Hub

This is one of the best cool coffee mugs designs for its ability to convey a message immediately. A coffee blender, coffee leaves, and seeds are the only elements the designer used. There is a lot of blank space which is important to keep the design simple and attractive.

Custom Coffee Mug

Depending on your brand, you should even think of creating funny coffee mugs that engage viewers with brands for a long time.

07. Pointer Fitness

If want an inspirational design that says it all without using many colors, typefaces, and symbols, then follow the Pointer Fitness custom mugs design. There is just the company name and a weightlifting equipment. It conveys the message to the viewers perfectly at a glance.

custom mugs design

08. Scribbler

It is a bit stylish custom mug design that brings some sophistication art work to the viewers’ attention. There are some yellowing squares against the black background.

Personalized Cup Design

The company’s name is right in the middle. The black color is to show company’s authority and power in the niche market and yellow is the color for home and future growth.

09. AO

This cup design which can also be an inspiration of custom mugs is based on the power of colors to convey a message. You see that the designer used orange color and a few architectural lines in the background and a slogan to complete the design.

cup design

10. Quote-Based Mugs Design

This design of personalized coffee mugs custom mugs is another example of how just using text and inspirational quotes to create simple but unique promotional products. You can use this design as a model to take your brand to the masses.

Quote-Based Mugs Design

Just write something encouraging related to what your business does and people will connect with such personalized message. With the logo just around the corner in the design, they will also recognize your company.

So, hope you found these custom mugs design ideas inspirational. You should come up with own unique ideas after seeing these designs. Make sure that you learn about the use of colors, text, etc. so that you can pick the right elements while using a free design tool to create mugs designs.

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Wrapping Up

Custom mugs make excellent gifts. Marketers use these mugs as promotional products to win the trust of people and potential customers. But the mug design must be unique, simple, and purposeful. These mug designs are inspirational due to their outstanding use of colors, typefaces, etc. elements.

Get Your Custom Mug Design

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