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Top 15 Freelance Flyer Designers For Hire In 2024

by Henna Ray Tweet - in Flyer Design

Top 15 Freelance Flyer Designers For Hire In 2024

Last updated on November 2nd, 2023

While it may be appealing to jump on the latest marketing bandwagon and use trendy social media apps, sometimes, traditional tools yield better results; especially when it comes to a flyer. There is no doubt that these leaflets are a traditional way of marketing, these still have a stronghold in today’s marketing sphere. An effective flyer design can be the key to your successful marketing strategy. If your business is in its initial stage, the role of flyer design is even more crucial in creating a brand image in the minds of your audience. Hence, hiring a right flyer designer is what eases the whole process.

A flyer, also known as a pamphlet, is a tangible, cost-effective, and versatile form of paper advertisement. If done right, it can reach the right customers and deliver your message at the right time.

In the marketing sphere, the best flyer design and quality printing provide business owners an opportunity to promote their brand within a tight budget. At the same time, it helps them generate real results. Such flyers can be easily created using a tool like flyer maker.

However, the key is to pick the right venue for flyer distribution. You have to find out places where your target audience is usually found.

Top Reasons Why Flyers Still Work

A. Budget-Friendly

Unlike other modern advertising channels (PPC, Facebook campaigns, email marketing, etc.), flyers need you to have just a small budget. You don’t need to spend fortunes to generate brand awareness or promote your products and services.

B. Speedy Lead Creation

Flyer distribution doesn’t take too much of your time. If you are distributing it at the right time and the right place, you are probably generating leads.

C. Reach Your Audience

Flyers help you reach your audience in many ways. You can distribute your flyers and reach your audience through door-to-door mail drop, street distribution, newspaper insert, and in-store distribution.

D. Creative Freedom

Be it product flyer design or a simple brand-focused design; there are just a few limitations. You get the creative freedom to choose any theme, font, icon, flyer size or element you want.

There is no dearth of flyer design ideas, you just need to explore more.  Remember this quote from Mike Volpe — “Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with your marketing.”

E. It’s Tangible

A flyer is tangible. This marketing material is what your customers will hold. That’s half the battle won and halfway to getting the message delivered.

How you design these leaflets using leaflet maker and print them can affect the way customers read on to find more information regarding your brand. They also allow you to benefit from the high-quality print finish.

Whether you are handing out flyers at a conference or posting it around your neighborhood, your sole purpose is to make it look great and grab attention; isn’t it?

Here Are Our Top 15 Flyer Designers Working As A Freelancer

01. Tripti Ranjan Gain

Tripti Ranjan Gain is a professional graphic designer hailing from Bangladesh. With skills in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Indesign, he loves working on various projects.

Flyer design is one of his interests. Look into his portfolio, and you’ll find flyer designs that he had created for his clients. So far, he’s won 4 contests and is a must-hire designer for flyer designing.

Online Flyer Design

02. from Italy has twelve years of experience in graphic designing. The designer’s portfolio talks volumes about his fluidity in flyer design. The designer has joined Designhill community a few months back but has garnered customers’ interests.

03. Bhaskar Giri

Hailing from India, Bhaskar Giri is a professional graphic designer. He has proficiency in product flyer design and many others. The designer has two years of experience in both graphics and web design.

He likes to consider a client’s target audience before kicking-off any project. Glancing through his profile gives you a clue about his proficiency in online flyer design for any business.

Bhaskar Giri

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04. Sabuz Ahmmed Niyon

When it comes to creative flyer designers in Designhill community, Sabuz Ahmmed Niyon sets himself apart. The designer enjoys creating unique pamphlet designs using pamphlet maker.

He doesn’t jump on another project till the ongoing project is finished and he’s delighted with what he’s delivered to a client. So, with this professional graphic designer, you are sure to get stunning, customer-centric flyer design!

Flyer Maker

05. Tarik.rouss

Having expertise in various graphic design services, Tarik.rouss from Morocco is one of the Designhill’s best flyer designers. His portfolio is an exemplification of his creative side. From flyer design to tshirt design, business card, and logo design, the designer’s work is genuinely remarkable.


06. Cmyk Color Design

Cmyk Color Design is known for creating an attractive flyer design. The designer believes in bringing value to your business with powerful visual assets.

With 13 contest wins, the designer stays ahead of other flyer designers. Exploring the profile of this designer gives you a glimpse into great artwork across various branding materials.

CMYK Color

If you genuinely want to give your brand a powerful visual identity, this flyer designer is worth considering.

07. Axaygohel

The full-time freelance graphic designer hailing from India has one year of experience in print and web media. His portfolio showcases some of his best flyer design works. You can take inspiration from his profile for your next design project.

Flyer Design

08. Mohammadeliash02

This Bangladesh based designer’s portfolio gives a glimpse of his creative flyer design work. He’s worked on various graphic design projects.


09. Kh.designhill

Kh.designhill, aka Kamrul Hasan — the Bangladesh based professional flyer designer, has an impressive portfolio. He has five years of experience in graphics design. He’s worked on several projects for clients around the world. If you want your design to be unique, his profile is worth hitting.


10. Designart

Designart is a professional graphic designer with three years of experience. He’s great at flyer design, logo design, business card design, banner design, and more. He designs not just to help you enhance your brand identity with visual assets but reach your marketing goals.


11. Selep24

Having years of experience in graphic designing, this Indonesia-based designer’s profile is worth exploring. The designer believes in creating something new every time he lands a project. His portfolio is all about creativity.

Selep 24

12. Aymanzaghloul30

Aymanzaghloul30 is amongst some of the best flyer designers you can hire for creating outstanding flyers.

The designer’s portfolio is filled with various flyer designs oozing with creativity. From minimalist graphic designs to rich concepts, you will find variations in this Egypt-based designer’s work.


13. Dreamwebdesign

Dreamwebdesign has ten years of experience in working with various clients. This Germany-based professional graphic designer has won the hearts of his clients through creative artwork.

14. Creationdodos

Creationdodos likes playing with different concepts, elements, and colors. This India-based designer has Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, and Adobe Photoshop expertise. The designer carries extensive experience and enjoys what he does. That’s the reason his works come out nicely!


With expertise in different design software and experience, the designer is a reliable professional to handle your design assignments other than flyers. For instance, the designer can create lovely clothing designs, such as funny tshirts and similar projects for brand promotion.

15. Radiantart1994

If you want a designer to design a unique flyer that can convey your message loud and clear, consider visiting this designer’s profile.

Hailing from Pakistan, Radiantart1994 is proficient in postcard design, logo design, brochure design, and flyer design with many other skills. The designer will create a postcard in custom postcard size according to your requirement.


That’s all folks! These are our picks of 15 top flyer designers who have attracted clients with their creativity. They are reliable professionals in Designhill community and provide the exact solutions you need.

If you are confused to find a suitable one for you, don’t worry. We have a list of 10 qualities that a flyer maker should have. Based on these qualities, you can choose a designer for your flyer design project.


Professional flyer designers are crucial for your business for brand building. A flyer is one of the best marketing tools that never fail to amuse. It doesn’t just deliver your message but also encourages your audience to take action. These top flyer designers are master in creating professional flyers capable of drawing the attention of your target audiences, thus generating huge leads. Anyone can rely on their services for an outstanding design.

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