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Top 21 Amazing Telecom Logos Of Famous Companies

by Henna Ray Tweet - in Logo Design

Telecom Logos

The Telecom industry is widespread and its services are now an integral part of our lives. Hundreds of businesses are today active in providing a wide range of telecom services to people. However, some global players dominate the industry and business with a huge subscriber base of millions of people. We identify those companies well because of their quality service and also unique telecom logo. This blog gives you a select list of the companies whose logos are an impressive design to convey a brand message.

The Telecom sector is fast expanding across the world. In the U.S, consumers are using their mobile devices more than ever before. Smartphone sales are going up strongly, with penetration increasing fast year over year. The increase in the usage of telecom products and services is across varied age demographics.

According to a report, there were more than 396 million wireless communication subscriptions in the U.S and 7.9 billion globally.

Some of the largest telecommunication companies in the world have representation in the form of some of the most recognizable and distinctive telecom logos. They employ millions of people around the globe and have millions of daily users.

Whether we consciously acknowledge it or not, they continually build their brand through their advertisements and campaigns to reinforce the power of their brand on us as consumers.

Here Are The Top 21 Telecom Logo Of Famous Companies For 2021

01. AT & T Telecommunication Logo

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, AT&T, Inc. is an American telecom service provider. It is one of the top telecoms companies famous for its long-distance services, broadband and Internet services, wireless communications, managed networking, telecom equipment, and wholesale services.

AT & T Telecommunication

AT&T’s elegant and stylish telecom logo is one of the most recognized corporate symbols in the world. The globe in AT&T’s logo is intended to convey that the company has a strong global presence.

02. World’s Largest Telecommunication China Mobile

Headquartered in Hong Kong, China Mobile Ltd. is one of the biggest telecommunication service providers in the world.

China Mobile

Its logo brilliantly presents the telecommunication company’s business message to its customers. In addition, the use of blue color in the logo invokes the emotions of trustworthiness and stability.

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03. Telstra Telecom Logo

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Telstra is one of the world’s most popular telecom and information service providers. Telstra’s stylish and colorful telecom logo aims to capture the diversity of the company’s products, services, and customers.

Telstra Telecom

The designer uses only two colors to convey a message. Yellow stands for friendly customer services from the company. Based on their logo, one can easily infer that choice of colors matters a lot for its success.

04. Singtel Telecom Logo

Singapore Telecommunications Limited, popularly called Singtel, is headquartered in Singapore, and it ranks alongside some of the largest mobile network operators in the entire world.

Singtel Telecom

Marked by a signature red arc, Singtel’s logo reflects innovation and the company’s ongoing evolution. The creative use of a typeface in the company’s logo is sans serif for a consumer-friendly environment of the company.

05. Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp.

Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp. has its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, mainly in telecom services. It is one of the most elegant and straightforward communication logos, and it represents the expanding breadth and depth of services that the company aims to provide to its customers.

Nippon Telegraph & Telephone


06. America Movil Telecom Logo

Headquartered in Mexico City, Mexico, America Movil is one of the popular wireless telecommunications service providers. America Movil’s stylish company’s logo is a swirling design that indicates the growth of the company’s business.

America Movil Telecom

07. Deutsche Telekom Logo

Operating out of Bonn, Germany, Deutsche Telekom is a leading telecommunication, information technology, information, entertainment, and multimedia service provider.

Deutsche Telekom

Its telecom logo has the letter T in red, and the letter dominates the design. Can you see a human face in the T shape? That makes this logo memorable. Such unique logo designs enhance the visibility of your brand.

08. Telefonica Communication Logo

Telefonica is an integrated telecom operator famous for offering exceptional communication and information services in Madrid, Spain.

Telefonica Communication

The Telefonica logo has a large circle and small colored balls in T shape, and these elements stand for a broad spectrum of telecom services. And this professionally designed logo thus conveys the company’s vision.

09. Softbank Telecommunication Logo

SoftBank Corp. is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and provides information technology and telecommunication services. It has a reasonably simple telecommunication logo. It has a yellow equation sign that stands for quality and trustworthy services of the company.

Softbank Telecommunication

10. Vodafone Telecommunication Logo

Vodafone Group is headquartered in the UK and specializes in providing mobile telecom services. Its colorful speech mark telecom logo symbolizes conversation and voice communication.

Vodafone Telecommunication

The designer has used red color for quick visibility. But red is also a color for passion, which the consumers show while communicating with their peers. Such unique logos are essential to an organization.

11. Verizon

Verizon is an American multinational telecommunications conglomerate. Its telecom logo uses two powerful elements to drive attention and convey a message.


The first one is the black color which is a powerful color to show authority. Then, the red check sign also conveys that the company’s telecommunication services are perfect for the users.

12. T-Mobile US Inc

T-Mobile US Inc provides wireless telecommunication services and other services, including video calling, data communication, and text and voice messaging. Its present-day telecommunications logo is a shortened version of its previous wordmark with the full company name.

telecommunications logo

A unique feature of the logo was its few square dots. The company is a well-known name in the telecommunication sector, it uses the letter T only and two square dots on each side as a brand identity visual.

13. Charter Communications

Charter Communications Inc is a broadband communications services provider, offering subscription-based internet, video, and voice services. Its telecom logo is wordmark and typography-based to make an impression.

Charter Communications

Bold sans serif font of the company name and then the company’s businesses in faded grey color provide the contrast and highlights the name.

14. Axiata Group Berhad

Axiata Group Berhad, formerly TM International Berhad, is Malaysia’s largest wireless carrier and a multinational telecommunications conglomerate.

memorable telecom companies logo

The logo is a combination mark with the company name in small case sans serif font blue font, and a red-colored abstract figure in its top-right corner. Shades of red and yellow in the abstract mark make this a memorable telecom companies logo.

15. VEON Ltd

VEON Ltd is another major multinational telecommunications services provider company that has its headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Its logo is an excellent example of simplicity in design.

telecom logo

The telecom logo is just one V letter symbol in yellow, and a V letter is also a famous sign of victory that people make with two fingers. It is undoubtedly an impressive and unique telecommunication logo.

16. Telenor

Telenor ASA is a Norwegian state-owned multinational telecommunications company headquartered at Fornebu in Bærum, close to Oslo. Its logo is an abstract mark taking inspiration from the innovations in the telecommunication sector.

Telenor Telecommunication logo

17. GTT Communications

GTT Communications, Inc., is a Virginia-based multinational telecommunications and internet service provider company. It has a unique telecom logo with three big yellow circles and its name in small case letters. The logo design is such that it helps the company stand out in its niche market.

GTT Communications

18. Cincinnati Bell

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Cincinnati Bell is a landline telephone and fiber-optic internet and IPTV services provider company and works through its various subsidiaries.

Cincinnati Bell

The company uses its initial letters C and B to form an infinity symbol as its brand identity. A tagline ‘connecting what matters’ with the telecom logo conveys the message loudly to the target customers.

19. Vocus Group Limited

Vocus Group Limited is a multinational telecommunications company based in North Sydney and runs Australia’s second-largest inter-capital fibre network. Its logo is a wordmark in all black sans serif capital letters. But an old telephone dial shape of the letter O makes this telecom logo unique and attractive.

telecom logo

20. Cell C

It’s a Sandton, South Africa-based telecommunications company that offers 2G, 3G, LTE [4G] services. The company’s logo stands out due to a big C enclosed in a circle. Orange and white colors also give this logo a unique identity, and the tagline helps people know the company’s business.

telecommmunication company

21. BT Group

A British multinational telecommunications holding company headquartered in London, BT Group provides broadband, mobile, and fixed-line services.

telecommunication logo

The telecom logo has the company’s initial letters B and T in a circle, a clean design. The circle is the symbol of the completeness of the company’s services to the subscribers.

How to design a logo?

Now that you have the above-mentioned inspirational telecommunication logos, you would like one for your new business. But you need to analyze the following scenarios before creating your logo.

Know Your Audience

First, know who is the ideal customer of your services. You may be offering some telecommunication services to a niche audience or all people. Once you pinpoint your audience, you can then create a logo that targets them well.

Research Your Competitors

Most importantly, research your competitors in the telecom business to find out how they stand out. You should particularly know about their use of brand colors, typefaces, and logo design. Then, you can design your business logo that stands out from competitors’ logos.

Keep It Simple

Ensure that your telecom logo is a simple design, implying that you should avoid using multiple colors and fonts. In this way, you can convey your brand message instantly to the audience.

Choose The Right Colors

Colors evoke our emotions. So, pick the right colors that are suitable for the telecommunication sector. While there is no restriction on the use of colors, try to be distinctive in your color scheme to stand out. When using an online logo maker, you have access to different color schemes, helping to make the correct choice.

Pick The Right Font

You should use a typeface that conveys your company’s personality to the audience. A serif font will convey that you are a company with a formal environment, just like government organizations have. But a sans serif font choice will indicate an informal and friendly nature of your business. So, choose the fonts carefully. A logo generator comes with a vast library of fonts that you can compare at one place.

Use A Tagline

A tagline with your logo will help tell the customers about what your company dies. The tagline can also convey your brand values, and it helps encourage people to subscribe to your telecommunication services.

The designers at Designhill have created a few great logos using a logo maker for telecom companies across the globe.

We Have Chosen Two Telecom Logos And Tried To Describe The Essence Of The Logo Design. Let’s Take A Look:

01. Uproad Studios

The client desired a flat, simple, and elegant telecom logo design and gave hints of what the logo should look like by mentioning Twitter and Facebook.

Uproad Studios

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

Taking direction, the designer came out with this logo concept. The emblem has symbols of wifi and social media sharing, and these symbols stand for mass communication.

There are only two colors, blue and black, used to keep the design simple and elegant as per the client’s design brief.

02. Ascend Brand Communication

Ascent Brand Communication provides services for marketing, public relations, social media, and brand strategy. The designer using butterflies in the logo design is the company name Ascend and the slogan – Reaching New Height. The butterfly stands for these two values that the company wants to convey to its target audience.

Ascend Brand Communication

[Source: View Case Study On Designhill]

So, are you also looking for a unique telecom company logo design for your telecom venture? Plan it with Designhill. All you need to do is to launch a telecommunication logo design contest on this crowdsourcing site.

The site gives you access to hundreds of professional logo designers who will respond to your contest. You can shortly have a logo worthy of representing your telecom company or business.

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These are impressive telecom logo designs for their simple concepts and strategic use of colors and typefaces. They successfully send the right brand message to the audience.

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