NFT Logo Maker

How to make an NFT logo with Designhill?

Creating an NFT logo for your profile is easy. Follow these simple steps to generate a logo for your NFT marketplace in just a few minutes.

Enter your NFT art name
1. Enter your NFT art name:

Enter your NFT art name to find NFT logos relevant to it. Our NFT logo maker will automatically bring you cool logos for your business. Explore the logo templates and pick the ones that you love.

Choose symbols and elements
2. Choose symbols and elements:

If you want your NFT logo to have different icons and colors, choose these elements from our pre-created library. Explore the library and find design elements relevant to your business.

Save desired NFT logos
3. Save desired NFT logos:

Click the “Save” symbol to shortlist, and we will save all the desired NFT logos. Later, you can access and filter the shortlisted ones. This will help you access the saved logos in one place.

Customize your NFT logo
4. Customize your NFT logo:

Once you’ve got a desired NFT logo, you can personalize the color, font, and layout according to your brand guidelines. You can even add more elements that make your logo meaningful.

Preview your NFT logo
5. Preview your NFT logo:

After customization is done, you can preview your NFT logo on signage, stationery, apparel, and other products to see how it will look and feel in real life.

Download your NFT logo files
6. Download your NFT logo files:

When you’re happy with how your NFT logo looks and feels, you can download it. You can access all the logo files, including, PNG, JPEG, PDF, and SVG. Use your logo the way you like.

Choose NFT logo templates for ease of customization

Choose your desired font, color, and symbol for a personalized appeal.

See What Our Happy Customers Have To Say About Us!

NFT logo maker turned my visions into a stunning logo. I had certain ideas in my for my NFT logo, and this tool let me bring it to life. The customization is easy and the quality of logo is just beyond my expectations. Within the budget and quick!

Morgat Dynamics

Olivia Johnson Morgat Dynamics

Morgat Dynamics NFT Art

Excellent communication and customer service. They delivered exactly what I wanted!


Emma Garcia Leafnet

logo for NFT Marketplace

I am so pleased with Designhill NFT Logo Maker! Creating a logo was the best decision!

Quant Card

Abbott Miller Quant Card

Quant Card nft art

It wouldn’t have been possible to get an NFT logo without this logo maker. The tool is really a boon for us entrepreneurs. Since I had a small budget, I thought of using Designhill’s DIY logo maker tool. The results I got was impressive.

NFT Agency

Sophia Davis NFT Agency

NFT Agency - make an nft art

As a small nft business owner, I wanted a logo that would set my business apart from others. NFT logo maker turned out to be the best tool for me. It exceeded my expectations. The in-built library game me the exact icon I wanted to add to the logo. I’m not a pro but this tool helped me in so many ways.

NFT Agency

Addison Martinez NFT Agency

NFT Agency - best way to make nft art

Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I require a logo for my NFT marketplace?

NFT (Non-fungible tokens) is growing fast. People and businesses have seen the latest development in this sector. If you want to capitalize on it and create a place in this niche, you may be wondering how to make an NFT art logo that sets you apart. Representing your brand with a unique NFT art logo ensures you set yourself apart from your competitors. 


How long does it take to make a logo for my NFT marketplace?

After you've entered the basic information about your business, our NFT logo maker DIY tool takes just a few clicks to get your logo ready. You can create a crypto or Bitcoin logo using the respective logo creator.


What symbols, images, or icons should I add to my NFT marketplace logo?

We recommend you use symbols relevant to your NFT art. For example, you can use imagery of a marketplace or artwork to stay significant. Having a unique and appropriate symbol helps people identify your business from others. 


Why should I use Designhill’s NFT free logo maker?

Our NFT logo generator is an AI-powered DIY tool. It simply means you don't need any design skills to use it. It has great customization features that ensure you get a logo up to your mark. It has an in-built library of colors and symbols as well.


Is an NFT logo created using Designhill’s logo creator the same as a logo made by a professional designer?

Designhill NFT logo maker is an ideal choice for people on a shoestring budget but want a professional logo for their NFT marketplace. This DIY tool is quicker and cheaper than an agency or designer. 

On the other hand, custom logos are ideal for people who want to work with many designers in one go. 

Logos created by a community of professional designers carry originality. Designers go through your design brief and create accordingly. 


How much does making a logo using the Designhill NFT logo generator cost?

It costs less. We offer three packages, of which you can choose the one that covers your needs and budget.