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10 Tips On Starting An Online Travel Business

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Travel Business

Last updated on October 4th, 2017

Whether you are attached to a travel and tourism business or you simply sell travelling products and tickets of big travel suppliers, you have to be online. If you run an online travel business, then you are possibly representing one or more travel agencies, which sell travel products to global customers. Chances are that your online travel agency is directly linked with multiple airlines or it is connected to a Global Distribution System to sell travel products.

Your online agency has to sell travel products by aggressively enticing your customers who are otherwise likely to buy from the large travel management companies. Such resourceful companies generally have their own online reservation system for any travel product. So, your small travel company has to deal with competition from established companies.

travel business

Here Are 10 Tips On Starting An Online Travel Business

1. Decide A Module

First, decide which of the modules you want to follow. Are you interested in booking of air tickets only or do you want to include hotel bookings in your company’s business? Do you want to have most of the modules such as hotel, car, transfers, vacations, cruise, bus, Visa, Forex, and so on? You may think of adding something else such as safaris and events to your services.
We suggest that as a new and small company; pick only a few niche services. Consolidate your business around few services such as air ticket booking and hotel bookings, etc. Then, add more services after a few months.

travel module

2. Choose Right Business Model

After you choose modules for your online travel business, you can now decide on the right business model. Make sure that you have a travel technology partner. The partner will help you develop a business model to operate your business. You can choose from business models such as B2B, B2C, B2B2C, B2B2B, and Affiliate network / White label solution. You may like to start with a basic B2C model and create a travel portal for it. But make sure that the system is flexible so that you can add other models easily later.

travel b2b

3. Create A Responsive Website

A responsive website is user-friendly on different screen sizes. Your potential consumers can quickly scan your site content even on small screens of smartphones and tablets. So, a responsive website works equally well on small phone screens as it works on larger screens of desktop computers. But you need to create your travel website especially for smartphone screens because a majority of your consumers use cell phones to search and shop products or services.

travel business website
Make sure that you hire professional web designers to design your e-commerce responsive website design, which is expensive for small business owners. But you can get a great responsive web design within your affordable price by crowdsourcing the job to Designhill, which is a prominent graphic design platform. Just launch your design contest at this platform and many professional responsive web designers will come out with unique design ideas. Within a week or so, you can own a user-friendly responsive website for your travel business at an affordable price.

4. Integrate Payment Gateway

Your customers should be able to book tickets etc. directly from the website of your travel agency. This implies that you need to integrate single or multiple payment gateways with your website. The payment gateway will process your customer’s credit card information. To do so, the payment gateway will send the data to the web server of the gateway.
You can integrate your gateway into shopping cart software of your website. Even your web host can provide payment gateway services. The options for payment gateway may be available on your website’s control panel.

payment gateway

5. Have An Impressive Logo

A logo helps businesses in branding its products or services. People get the first impression of a business by glancing at its logo. They get a brand message from logo colors, typeface, and other elements. So, the logo of your company can play a crucial role in the success of your business. Make sure that your travel logo design stands out from the crowd of your competitors’ logos. It must convey your brand message effectively.
Remember that your company’s logo will be the first thing people will see on your website, business cards, brochures, and advertisements. Therefore, ask a professional logo designer to create a unique logo for your travel business.

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travel logo

6. Get Some Funds

Starting a travel agency from home and working online to do the business is surely a fine idea. You do not have to spend funds on buying office space, furniture, and equipment. But there is still a lot of money to spend on, even when starting an online business. You will need funds to create websites, social media pages, pay to the writers to post content about your business, and advertising. You will also be optimizing your website on search engine result pages so that it is visible to your potential customers. All this requires you to arrange for some initial funds. So, talk to your family members, friends, relatives, or ask a bank for some loan.


7. Find Right Host Agency

Another step to take while starting an online travel business is to find the right host agency. The agency will keep your spending low. It works as your backend office. Find out an agency that gives you a big commission. Many agencies provide you training in running the business. They have their online travel software that you can also use with their permission. For example, the agency can help you get your travel agent license.

8. Market Your Business On Social Media

Social media is an effective platform for marketing and promotion of your online travel business. Popular channels like Facebook and Twitter can take your company’s business to millions of potential customers. But your social media page of travel business must have engaging and interacting content for users. Give all the details of the new developments happening in your company to the consumers on your social pages. Tell them about your attractive prices and discounts or other new features.

social media

9. Restrict Your Business To A Few Niches

Avoid spreading your travel business too fast into many niches. Your small company’s resources will come under stress if you take up many services at once. So, market just two to three products. For example, book only charter planes for corporate travelers or cater to the travel needs of a particular country. Make sure that you name your online travel business in line with the services you are presently offering.

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10. Satisfy Your Clients

Your customers must find your services satisfactory, if you want them to come back for a repeat purchasing of tickets etc from your company. Address their complaints as quickly as possible. Have a chat box always live on your online business website so that your consumers can have their solutions fast from your end. Try to make your customers happy by appeasing them with timely services and new enticing discounts or other such offers.

customer services

Have a chat box always live on your online business website so that your consumers can have their solutions fast from your end. Try to make your customers happy by appeasing them with timely services and new enticing discounts or other such offers.

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These tips will keep your online travel business going strong. Pay attention to the details when you offer travel services. But do not overdo it and keep it simple. After you gain some foothold, you can think of expanding your business into other travel products.

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