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8 Key Tips On How To Start Your Own Day Spa Business

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Last updated on May 29th, 2018

A day spa is a frequently visited place by people who need some relaxation from their stressful life. Day spas facilities offer a number of services featuring several relaxation techniques and traditions. Starting a spa business is an assurance of earning a decent living. However, one must enter this business only after a thorough research of your market’s demography.

A way to have an insight into the existing day spa market is to get the latest market data from your city’s Chamber of Commerce. Make sure to collect data about your target consumers’ age and income levels. Also know about their educational background. Most importantly, find out how they usually spend their leisure time. Such a collection of data will give you an insight of the market and will help prepare for the day spa services. Remember that day spa is a modern business and experience from running a conventional business may not be useful.

Spa and wellness is a booming business across the world. The U.S had 21,020 locations of the spa industry in 2015. The wellness industry size, including spa services, will expand rapidly in the coming years. The industry size in the U.S is estimated to be of 11.3 billion dollars in 2021 from 8,254 billion dollars in 2017.

The usefulness and popularity of spa services can be gauged by the stats related to the number of people visiting the facility. According to a study, in the U.S, people made 179 million visits to spa facilities across the nation in 2015. There has been a steady growth in the visits. In 2013 and 2014, the people made 164 million visits and 176 million respectively to the spa facilities. These stats show that the new spa entrepreneurs can hope for a vast scope for business growth. But they need to consider a wise business strategy to start and establish a spa facility.

spa business

Here Are 8 Tips To Start Your Own Day Spa Business

1. Select Your Business Structure

First, visit a Certified Public Accountant and have information about different business structures in the spa business. You may be choosing from the structures such as limited liability companies, sole proprietorship, and Subchapter S corporations. You should also visit a commercial insurance agent who is an expert in liability issues.

spa structure

Then, get a business license opening a day spa from the authority in your city. You should also ask your health department for a pre-opening inspection of your spa. You will also be informing your state department to get a sales tax license.

2. Find And Hire A Location

Search for a nice location and get it on lease. Make sure that the building having your spa is easily accessible and it has a good parking place. Get approval from zoning department also.
Then, hire an experienced interior designer. The designer will suggest you right color scheme for your spa to give your customers a nice and soothing environment. You can search for interior designers with the help of the American Society of Interior Designers.

3. Get An Impressive Logo

Your day spa business will draw attention of the potential customers easily if it has a unique logo. The importance of a business logo is in catching the attention toward a company and its business. But more than that, the logo becomes brand identity of a business.

So, hire an expert designer to create your day spa logo design that can represent your business values. The logo must be attractive and has modern design to impress your audience. The logo will appear on all of your marketing materials such as advertisements, website, stationery, etc.

spa logo

4. Know Your Competitors

A successful business owner knows about the competitors of the field very well. The business owner can make marketing strategies to counter the competition. Find out the day spas operating in your city and surrounding towns. If possible, visit these spas secretly and observe the activities and the customer services they offer. Have access to their service menu to know which extra services your spa can offer to beat the competition. Try to stand out from the crowd.

5. Offer Unique Services

After knowing what services our competitors are offering, come out with some special offers for your customers. For example, if regional market spas are lacking in services such as professional scrub treatments and facials by trained professionals, then include it in your service menu. This way, your spa business will stand out.

spa services

You can also hire licensed professionals who are experts in spa services. These professionals will be a key attraction for your customers. For instance, more consumers will flock your spa if you can hire a licensed massage therapist. Also, offer attractive services such as body-enhancing treatments such as aromatherapy.

6. Buy Your Spa Equipment

You should contact a supplier of spa equipment’s such as massage table, speciality shower, sauna equipment and facial steamers. The supplier will also blend those fixtures into the environment of your day spa.

Spa Equipment

7. Hire Experienced Staff

Success of your day spa business will largely depend on how much of an expertise your employees carry. Hire experienced employees who can efficiently deliver the services to the satisfaction of your customers. A better way to get trained people working for you is to get recommendations from community college cosmetology instructors, when it comes to hiring qualified students for the job.

Experienced Staff
If you need a licensed massage therapist, get the recommendations from the American Massage Therapy Association. Or, approach the Aesthetics International Association to hire a licensed aesthetician.

8. Offer Introductory Spa Pricing

Finally, when opening your day spa business for the people and welcoming your customers, offer attractive package pricing. This is also the time to do some marketing. Know how to draw customers to your spa business. Give them some spa accessories as gifts. You can also collect mailing address of the consumers or guest in the entry form. Later, use the mailing list to promote your business.

Start a marketing campaign by advertising your day spa business in local newspapers and lifestyle magazines. Ask some fitness centers, women clothing stores, hair and nail salons, who are not your direct competitors, to place your invitations.

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To sum up, your day spa business will flourish if you know the market and competitors well. Make sure that the location of the spa is perfect with a parking space and market your unique spa services using all means.

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