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7 Benefits Of Implementing AI In Customer Service

by Sahil Sachdeva Tweet - in Business Branding

Benefits of Implementing AI In Customer Service

Last updated on March 22nd, 2024

The rise of cognitive computing and big data led to the revolutionary creation of “artificial intelligence”. A term that has terrified professionals and human resistance leaders (cue: Terminator) for reasons both extrapolated and fictional. However, the eventual advent of the technology proved to be thankfully much more benign where the customer service industry seems more addicted to it. In this post, we have shared a few benefits of implementing AI in customer service. Have a look!

AI, as it stands today, is a technology that has redefined industries and businesses, effectively impacting all areas of a business, but none more so than customer service. Machine learning, natural language processing, and cognitive computing have led to the evolution of several tools, which have been directly used to take customer service up by several notches.

AI-aided technologies and tools are becoming so increasingly commonplace that Gartner predicts that more than 50% of enterprises will invest in them or already have such technologies in place by the end of this year.

While forward-thinking organizations are already onto the trend, it bears mentioning that any passiveness in terms of failing to employ these tools can lead to a business’s demise.

AI tools have already upped the ante by providing numerous functionalities and automating administrative tasks such as automating regular service inquiries, scheduling appointments, making reservations, etc.

A technology that is still in its nascent stages, at least in terms of the number of use cases, has far-reaching benefits for businesses of all sizes.

Here, We Look At These Chief Benefits That Can Improve Business Outcomes And Deliver Delightful Customer Experience

01. Round The Clock Availability of Service

With artificial intelligence tools becoming popular by the day, self-service options have been growing profusely. These self-service options provide customers the flexibility and the resources to have their issues resolved without even having to contact customer care. They have grown so popular that more than two-thirds of respondents from a survey say that they prefer self-service over talking to representatives.

These self-service options are those that provide instant query resolution for most customer service issues. It is also called a chatbot. It is an AI tool that automates frequently asked questions or common product / service queries so that customers can have problems that don’t require human interference to be resolved whenever they want to.

Round The Clock Availability of Service

Chatbots are so useful that they can answer more than 80% of routine questions, consequently allowing support reps more free time to take up other pressing demands. They can offer faster and better customer service at all hours, while also providing answers to any number of customers simultaneously with zero wait-time.

This not only helps businesses cut down on operational costs by 66%, but it also lets them redefine the entire customer experience by providing a turnaround time for service query resolution that’s five times as fast.

02. Quicker Query Resolution

A pivotal aspect of providing good customer service recognizes how your users want to be served. Today, consumers usually like to get their answers from live chat before they contact a support representative. So much so that 75% of customers claim that they would rather chat in real-time before taking issues to the phone.

Although live chat is an excellent way to appease customers and build personal relationships with them, it often lacks comprehensiveness of service simply because of the nature of the interaction. This inability to provide better in-person service inhibits as many as 83% of organizations’ fortunes.

Quicker Query Resolution

A primary recourse that businesses can and in many places already use is a cobrowse tool. Cobrowsing helps your support team interact with your customer’s screen readily so that they can comprehend query context faster and provide prompt and accurate answers as a result. It is so effective that Forbes reported satisfaction ratings at 89.3% for co-browsing-aided support interactions.

Here Is An Example Of A Cobrowse by Acquire In Action:

Cobrowsing Example

03. Easy Personalization of Offerings

Personalization of products or service offerings is the new customer service frontier. It is growing increasingly important for people, so 80% of consumers said they were more likely to shop with a company that offered personalized experiences.

AI can facilitate enormously personalized experiences for your customers. It can help you discover what your customers need by monitoring their interactions across channels and consolidating useful data to customize services and product recommendations.

Easy Personalization of Offerings

Personalization allows you to take on many forms to please customers. It can range from customized birthday emails to an algorithm that suggests products based on browsing preferences, previous purchases, and tastes into account.

It can help build more endearing customer-business relationships and increase the customer’s likelihood to make more than 15 transactions in a year.

04. Enhanced Omnichannel Experience

According to a study by the Aberdeen Group, organizations that utilized multiple channels to allow customer interactions saw higher customer accessibility and retention.

The omnichannel experience has enabled organizations to engage their customers and sell to them by keeping in touch with them through multiple channels.

nhanced Omnichannel Experience

However, the price of regulating multiple channels presents itself in the form of novel challenges like maintaining customer interactions across channels. In this sense, artificial intelligence can provide an avenue to handle them all.

AI can collect data instantly and process it from numerous sources so that you can extract actionable insights from it to boost your service offerings. It also allows for the centralizing of each client’s information so that it becomes easy to provide superlative customer service by personalizing your services to consider the customer’s preferences.

05. Reduced Errors and Better Opportunities

The functionality of artificial intelligence tools revolves around sensitive and practical data usage to take preemptive and proactive actions rather than reactive ones. This also leads to fewer errors, as optimizing customer support strategy and resources occurs organically through precise analysis of every interaction.

Reduced Errors and Better Opportunities

The information extracted from these interactions leads to improved service, which directly translates to higher business opportunities due to pleasing the customers. The cognitive capabilities of AI tools thus enable the delivery of delightful customer experience.

06. Provides Proactive Support

In case you are looking for an extra push, artificial intelligence can enable you to provide some proactive support to your customers. In simple terms, it means after using AI, you’ll sometimes be able to find out issues even before the customer. This will allow you to address things behind the scenes without having a major effect on the user experience in any way.

For instance, if anyone is using an AI-powered logo maker to design his company’s logo by himself and find some issues in completing the process. The same technology will provide the complete solution to his problem and support him to complete his implementation.

Provides Proactive Support

Consequently, some of the problems will get resolved even before a customer has the chance to approach you about them. This might seem magical, but it has already happened in several industries, and this trend is likely to continue. Remember, the more your machines learn, the better they’ll be able to address the needs of your customers.

This is where chatbots have been quite resourceful in bringing these features to the forefront. With the help of a well-designed solution, you can not only get instant responses, but it can also be more or less indistinguishable from an actual human operator.

Major companies such as Facebook and Microsoft have already conducted experiments in this regard, while even casual services like Discord now offer AI-powered chatbots for various purposes.

07. Useful In Predicting Future Trends

AI can become a useful tool when it comes to predicting the future of the market. It can come in quite handy to determine how you can change your approach to customer service. This advanced technology can even help you streamline your organization’s set up by getting rid of those parts that will no longer be useful in the long run.

You can do this easily by employing the right technology and integrating AI in your customer service. This needs to be done on a fundamental level. This can prove to be the best move for your organization.

Useful In Predicting Future Trends

However, if you think AI can produce a magical spell and get things done, you are wrong. It requires enough data input to make viable future predictions. This very reason makes it imperative to integrate it into as many systems as possible. This way, AI would be able to see as much as possible of your current operations.

Note: The more data the analytical engine has to work with, the better it will perform in churning out the new information.


Artificial intelligence is here, and its impact has had a ripple effect across organizations in their handling of business operations, administrative functions, and customer care. Technology is a big part of almost all business areas, and organizations are using it to gain a decisive edge over their rivals in today’s competitive business environment. It has come of age lately, and organizations have realized its power as a great enforcer to build loyalty and retain customers. Its growth in customer service has seen many wonders, and it is going to be interesting to see its impact and role in customer service going forward.

Sahil Sachdeva is an expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, etc. who help companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. He worked as a marketing professional for various startups and tech companies. He writes objectively to highlight the most effective techniques for use in the Digital marketing industries. Twitter

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