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What is Brand Image? How does it impact your business?

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Business Branding

Brand Image

In today’s competitive world, maintaining a solid brand image is essential to stand out. The importance of brand image is that it signifies a brand’s products and services. It helps build a company perception in customers based on which they decide whether they should buy from the company or not. 

That is why businesses spend time and funds to build their brand image over the years. Here, in this blog we are going to discuss everything about brand image and its impact on your business. 

What is brand image?

Brand image is all about consumers’ perception of your products or services. When they regularly buy from your business, they form an opinion about your company. That is your brand image. So, consumers have a certain thinking based on their experience and interaction with the brand. 

A brand image is the beliefs, impressions, and ideas consumers have developed regarding a company’s products or services. It is not just about a company’s custom logo design. Instead, it is more about how consumers feel when interacting with a company. 

However, brand image should not be confused with brand identity as they are different. Brand image is about consumers’ perception of a company and its offerings. On the other side, brand identity is how a brand projects itself in its target market. So, a company controls its identity but has less control over its image.

How does brand image impact your business?

With an impressive brand image, your business can meet its goals. There are many ways a business can benefit from having a great image of its business amongst its target audience. Here are some reasons to ensure your brand image is trustworthy: 

It makes a great first impression

With a convincing brand image, you can quickly make a memorable impression of what your business is all about. Your target customers will see your products or services in a positive light. If your brand’s message and values are visible to the customers, they will be impressed with your business. So, your color palette, use of specific fonts, and images are all part of the visuals that help build your brand image and impression. 

So, the importance of brand image is that it determines how your customers see your company and what it does. The perception that it forms will determine its success. So, take the right steps to build your brand image. You will benefit by projecting a desired perception for your brand in the market. 

Establishes a company’s credibility

It adds to building your company’s credibility if you have steadily made your brand image over the years. Your business can then earn consumers’ respect and credibility. But you need to maintain a positive image through consistent steps. 

When your company is seen as credible, consumers see it as an honest and trustworthy brand. You can build credit through brand image by providing expertise and customer feedback, addressing issues, and becoming a thought leader in your industry. 

Helps in business recognition

Businesses have to tackle increasing competition. There are several competitors active in your niche market. You have to compete hard against them to drive potential customers’ attention. That is a key component of any industry and business. 

So, if customers consider your brand innovative, supportive, and honest, they trust the business. They start recognizing your products or services as quality offerings. These are also the customers who will write great reviews about the brand. 

Positive reviews encourage companies to launch new products.  These products also carry your impressive brand image and benefit from an instant increase in sales.

Ensures businesses appear professional 

Businesses must look professional to win customers’ trust. Many competitors are trying to grab market share. Customers can confidently buy your products or services if your brand’s image is trustworthy. 

With a good brand image, a company can show that it runs organizationally. If your brand’s image is professional and trustworthy, it helps immensely in getting more customers over the years. Your company logo also plays a role in portraying your brand as professional. 

Becomes a tool for getting more referrals

Referrals are a great marketing tool to drive customers to a business. People take referrals as a trusted source of information. When satisfied customers refer a business, it lends credibility. 

More people then visit the business confidently. If the brand image is impressive, customers refer the products or services to friends, family members, and others.

Brand Image examples 

Each brand has its particular image amongst its target audience. That means people have a specific awareness about their favorite brand. Therefore, they repeatedly buy its products or services. Here are some brand image examples and their image.

  • McDonald’s – McDonald’s is seen as an affordable eating place where everyone can quickly have fast food at lower prices. People of all age-groups see the brand as a cool hangout place with family and friends. 
  • Walmart – Walmart is known for offering its goods at lower prices than other retailers. So, it has an image of being a less expensive brand that houses all the essential items under one roof.
  • Coca-Cola – Coca-Cola has the image of letting people celebrate every small moment with a sip of its beverage. 
  • Apple – People trust Apple’s devices as innovative, premium, and long-lasting. 
  • Rolls Royce – Royal Royce is considered a premium brand of luxury and classic cars meant for influential and wealthy people.

Tips to improve brand image 

Now that you know why brand image matters for the steady growth of a business, it would be good to find ways to improve and enhance the image. Here are some crucial tips on how to build a brand image:

Create a strong brand identity 

Brand identity is the visuals you use to identify your business and its offerings. For instance, your brand logo design is a strong brand identity. A company’s website is another powerful and useful visual that people visit and identify with your business. 

Your specific fonts and logo colors also become your typical business identity. So, work on such visuals and make them impactful as your first step toward building a solid brand image. 

Build an engaging website

Next, ensure your design is engaging enough for the visitors and target customers. Such a website is your sureshot way to make a lasting impression. The website should have all the essential pages. Tell about your company, its values, and mission. Ensure the site has your contact details and information about your online store.  

Also, provide helpful content and images so that consumers return to gain more information. Only such a website is capable of engaging potential customers and build your brand’s positive image. 

Adopt the right marketing strategies 

Another consideration is marketing. Brand image in marketing is about building a trustworthy business. You should carefully make strategies while taking your product sales or services to the market among customers. 

Think of using influencer marketing if your business can afford it. You can make an influencer talk about your business to build trust among your target audience. Choose a social media campaign as part of your marketing. Post relevant content on different social channels about your business and its offerings. 

To market your brand and build a strong brand image, you should start a blog, be visible on search engine results through the right SEO strategies, build a mailing list, engage customers with chat, and more.

Get customers’ feedback

Ensure your website and other marketing channels display your satisfied customers’ feedback. People who read those positive comments form a good opinion about your business. Such feedback helps greatly in building brand recognition.  

You should directly ask customers for their feedback. Sometimes, customers respond only when they are asked to do so. Think of other feedback strategies using survey forms, polls, and more that have worked for other brands. 81% of consumers have to a trust a brand to consider buying. So, getting customer feedback means solidifying that trust ratio for new customers. 

 These are the key points to consider when thinking about building a strong brand image of what your business does. 

Ensure that your visuals, such as your company brand logo, business cards, websites, and other materials are impressive and engaging. These visuals help build a positive image of your brand. 

Designhill is a leading marketplace where you can easily get your logos and other branding materials and create robust brand identities. If you are thinking of how to make a brand logo, you can get your logo, website, business cards, etc., designed by launching your design content or working closely with a freelancer. 

Wrapping Up

Brand image is what consumers think about a brand, and a good image is a positive consumer perception. With such a brand image, a business can build trust for its products or services. It accelerates steady growth over the years. The brand image also helps build brand reputation and recognition, getting more referrals and looking professional in the market. 

Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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