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5 Best Online Meeting Minutes Makers In 2023

by Henna Ray Tweet - in Template Design

Meeting Minutes Makers

Last updated on December 23rd, 2022

In a business organization, drafting meeting minutes is a simple way to take important notes during the meeting. It helps to understand the progress of the tasks and the action that needs to be taken to complete the pending work. It also reminds you of topics/agenda discussed in the meeting. In this post, we’ve shared the 5 best online meeting minutes makers that you can use in 2023.

Meetings are a crucial part of every organization’s workflow. They help discuss internal concerns and issues, brainstorm concepts, discuss the opportunity and targets, and define action plans for the future. And, making the note of all the discussion makes it easier for others to keep a tab on it. Minutes of meeting (MoM) requires a certain format to showcase the workflow of the meeting. There are several makers available in the online market that can help to make meeting minutes or minutes of the meeting in a professional manner.

Here, We Have Rounded Up Some Most Creative Meeting Minutes Maker Tools That You Should Use To Create MoMs

01. Designhill Minutes Maker Tool

Designhill minutes maker is a free tool that enables you to create your minutes of the meetings. It helps you make your meetings more productive. Whether you go the old way to take notes of your organizational meetings by hand or on your electronic devices like mobile or computer, it is straightforward to add the essential details to our minutes of meeting templates. In addition, you can include some other information like photos, videos, logos, and more and send them to all the attendees.

How to use Designhill Minutes Meeting Maker?

You should follow the steps to create your meeting minutes for free in a few clicks:

  • Choose a design template from the Designhill tool.
  • Upload your images or select from the library.
  • Edit the minutes of meetings by adding or replacing the information.
  • Customize the font style, color, and size as per your need.
  • Save and download the print-ready Design.

02. Boardable

Boardable can help you to pull up your agenda of meeting and add into your list of actions. It also enables you to group the MoM of your previous meetings with the task of your next meeting. Associate the minutes, plan, and functions of a past conference with the resources for the next meeting, making assessment and preparation for the coming discussion efficient and simple.

How to create minutes of meetings with Boardable?

  • Login with your Gmail account and go to the dashboard.
  •  Make your agenda for the meeting and pull up your session and add your point.
  • Publish your MOM as a PDF.
  • Collect your meeting point.

03. Adobe Spark

Adobe spark is the best tool to create your minutes of the meeting. It is helpful to have a recap that reminds the teammates of what was discussed and what happened during the conference. It is an essential tool to maintain the company. In addition, it helps to set up the goals and deadlines.

How to create MoM with Adobe?

  • Collect the information about the meeting, like what was discussed and who was there.
  • Customize the meeting minutes. Upload relevant photos and videos.
  • Save and share the MoM.

04. MinutesOfMeeting

MinutesOfMeeting is a fantastic tool to create professional is the perfect solution for businesses that want to record, dispense, and trail their meeting minutes. MinutesOfMeeting is a free enterprise-level meeting tool.

Procedure To Use Minutes Of Meeting

  • Create an agenda of a meeting, fill in the details of attendees and minutes.
  • Customize color, layout and design size.
  • Save and share the MOM.

05. MeetingKing

Meeting minutes enables you to create the fastest and easiest way to start meeting minutes. It automates the entire task for you. You have to take the meeting notes after the meeting. MeetingKing will help you make professional meeting minutes.

How to create minutes meeting with MeetingKing?

  • Enter the details like title, participant, date, and location.
  • Prepare a meeting agenda.
  • Create meeting notes and assign the task.
  • Save and share your MOM with your teammates and management.

Bonus Online Meeting Maker Tool


Hypercontext allows you to take notes within your meeting agenda, which will automatically get emailed to meeting participants as soon as the meeting’s finished. You can also assign clear next steps and action items to teammates so that nothing gets lost in the shuffle. The platform helps streamline and document everything you need before, during, and after your meeting, in one place.

How To Use Hypercontext

  1. Connect your Hypercontext workspace to your calendar
  2. Create a shared agenda for your meeting
  3. Open Hypercontext in your next meeting and document meeting minutes in the summary section of each agenda item
  4. When the meeting’s over, hit ‘finish meeting’, and notes will automatically be emailed to all attendees.

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Every meeting has its particular motive. In Modern business minutes, meetings are the roadmap to proceed with the task from start to completion. It also helps in decision-making. Above are the tools that help you create your meeting minutes for free and automate your meeting with these creative tools.

Create Your Own Meeting Minutes Online

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