Digital Marketing Trends to Follow in 2017

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Last updated on November 30th, 2018

With the new year approaching fast, it is time for businesses especially the startup ventures to start developing a solid plan for brand promotion.
Realising that most entrepreneurial ventures face budget constraints and look for effective marketing strategy, here are some proven tricks that will help your business stand out amidst tough competition. Even if your existing marketing strategy proved its mettle this year, you should find new ways to improve in next year.

So, Take a Glance at Top Digital Marketing Trends to Win the Race in 2017

1. Focus on Native Advertising

Since the end users are not completely supportive of the conventional advertising formats such as print advertorials, Single-sponsor post etc., native advertising will strengthen its presence and foothold. This particular form of advertising allows brands to authenticate a product or service in the most organic and natural looking manner and helps to drive more niche audience toward your business. Industry insiders vouch for native advertising as it is a subtle way of promoting a brand.

2. Strengthened Use of Chatbots

It’s true that the new age consumers prefer convenience. This is one of the most important reason why chatbots will emerge as a key part of the marketing bandwagon of startups next year.
In 2016, most eCommerce startups implemented this feature due to its uniqueness and user-friendliness.

3. Maximizing Social Media’s True Potential

The ability of social media to engage in direct interaction with the existing customers is one of the most important tactics that the marketing teams will leverage in 2017. In simple words, building brand awareness via one-to-one interaction and at a low cost is an effective practice with the target audience.

4. Right-time Marketing

The value of ‘right time’ marketing will be huge and likely to become bigger next year. This trend will allow startups to find relevant opportunities 24/7 to meet brand promotion objectives in 2017. Marketing gurus such as Brian Clark, Darren Rowse, Neil Patel etc. are of the opinion that startups should focus upon unlocking local opportunities instead of aiming to monitor everything that’s trending.

5. Boosting Engagement via Video Sharing

Grabbing the attention of the clients’ is key and video sharing is the easiest way to achieve this. Businesses will enhance their use of apps such as Periscope and Facebook Live streaming as they allow live video sharing with a target audience group. But when aiming to achieve quick results, creativity is a must.

6. Content Will Continue to Be the King

Yes, content will maintain its prominence when startups plan their digital marketing strategy in 2017. Content sharing helps in the development of links between a business and end users, apart from bolstering conversion of prospects to clients. Hence, creating innovative, unique and quality content will assume more importance in 2017.
Interactive content and use of other social media channels such as Instagram, Pinterest etc will help the startups to get noticed by the customers and grow at a faster pace. Besides that, paid advertising will also witness a surge in its usage this year.

The Bottom Line

In 2017, digital marketing will prove to be key for the entrepreneurial ventures to promote their services and products.

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