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How Will Web Design Look Like In The Next Few Years: New Trends

by Laura Buckler Tweet - in Website Design

Web Design

Last updated on April 22nd, 2020

Web Design continues to evolve at a fast pace, something that looked fresh yesterday can appear dated seemingly in a blink of eyes. This blog focuses on giving you an insight on new web design trends that will dominate this year.

So, let’s explore the newest web designing trends, all while making predictions for the upcoming graphic designing tendencies.

Here Are 10 New Web Design Trends

1.Traditional Web Design Concept Is Falling Apart

Eric Meyer, famous web designer, declared that he stopped naming himself a “web designer.” Instead, he names himself an “experience designer”. A few years ago, web designers had one simple job: make the website look good for the users. Nowadays, web design has morphed into something different.

Experience design is a relatively new concept, but a very promising one. Big companies have already understood that today’s consumer’s behavior is different from what it used to be. Therefore, focusing on personalizing the user experience is now extremely important.

This trend is definitely going to get bigger and bigger in the next following years.

web design

2.Responsive Design Becomes More Important

The mobile industry never ceases to surprise us.

It has been estimated that by 2016, there will be around 2 billion mobile users. For 2017, according to Statista, the number of mobile users is expected to reach 4.77 billion. Can you see a pattern in the movement of this industry? I clearly can!

Now – in order to offer a great user experience, your website needs to be compatible with mobile devices. Responsive designs are extremely popular nowadays, as every modern website needs to make their platform accessible for mobile users. Thus, having a responsive web design is not an option rather a necessity to keep pace with the ongoing trends.

Responsive design

3.Conversational User Experience Gains Ground

If you haven’t noticed till now, most service-based websites allow their users to instantly communicate with a staff member (usually a customer service representative). But that’s not all. Chris Messina, the founder of the #hashtag concept stated:

“2016 will be the year of conversational commerce”

2017 is here, and communication platforms such as FB Messenger, WeChat, or Slack become more popular than the current giant social media networks. Web designers are now trying (and will continue to try) to figure out ways to leverage this trend as efficiently as possible.

messenger logo

4.Data Visualization For Users Attracts Attention

Statistics and analytics become more and more important as the amount of information becomes larger each day. New businesses, new websites, new articles, new algorithms…these are all enhancing the need to stay in control – both for business and customers.

Earlier analytics and statistics were mainly used by webmasters and business owners, but nowadays’ consumers are looking to see the statistics for themselves. Data visualization is one of the web designing trends which manages to create new ways of attracting the average user’s attention.

Data visualization

5.Multimedia Content rules

From 2015 to 2016, marketers have improved the use of visual content by an overall of 130%. It has also been proven that visual content when combined with writing improves the engagement of consumers, gets more shares on social media, and ultimately improves the brand awareness of an organization.

In 2017, we can notice that the use of GIFS and animated illustrations are on the rise. GIFS have already been integrated into social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and it is predicted to continue to dominate social media channels and will enjoy fair share of popularity in content too. Moreover, web designers have plenty of useful GIF creation tools at their disposal to bring out their creative best.


6.Authenticity In Images And Pictures Resonates More With The Audience

Here’s a subtle web design trend that’s worth mentioning. If you take the time to analyze corporate businesses and popular blogs for a few minutes, you will be able to notice the decline of stock photos usage.

In addition, images and pictures that relate to the company’s branding, authenticity, and style are much more frequent nowadays. It’s all part of the “personalized experience” which modern businesses try to give to their users.

Photography starts to gain more importance, as it’s the easiest way to create a personalized and purposed piece of visual content. Every website has a purpose. Therefore, even the images and pictures which are out there must coincide with that purpose.

stock photos

7.Content Takes Center Stage – Again

There was a time when web designers focused more on design elements for the sake of design rather than the sake of function.

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A great design is certainly important, but the definition of “great design” tends to differ at times. When it comes to the web design, “great design” is as simple and minimalist as possible without looking bare in order to direct focus on the content. The design makes a “frame” for the users, making it easier for them to read and understand the content. Some designers find this “flat” sense of aesthetic restricting, and 2017 is sure to present some interesting extremes in web design as a reaction.


8.Big And Bold Statements Are On Trend

Typography is an important element of web design, but most people think it means simply choosing the right size and type of font. It is not about using big and bold fonts throughout the page.


Instead, it should be used sparingly to make a single sentence or sentiment stand out from the rest of the content. Giving over a big swathe of page space for these simple statements will be worth it if it encompasses the product or service you are offering.

Big and bold statements

9.Increased Use Of Scalable Vector Graphics

Even before mobile use, higher page load speed and scalability has been a significant factor in web design. With more and more people reaching for their smartphones rather than their PCs or laptops, they have become even more crucial, which is why scalable vector graphics (SVGs) are gaining more favor over conventional image formats such as JPG and PNG.

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They are not pixel-based, so screen resolution is not a factor in the quality of the display. It also does not require HTTP requests, which cut down significantly in load speeds. The next time you commission a graphic image or digital photo, consider getting it in SVG format.

scalable vector graphics

10.Back To Shades Of Gray…And Other Colors

Gradients gave way to solids as minimalism started to take hold in web design. For 2017, however, solid colors in gradients are coming back in favor, and the gradations help relieve some of the minimalism by giving the page a depth it would not have otherwise.



Whether you’re a web designer, web developer, graphic designer, or an entrepreneur, staying sharp and updated with the current trends will generate many opportunities for you in the nearest future.

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Laura Buckler is freelance writer always trying to take an in-depth, hands-on approach in writing her articles. Working as a social media marketer in the past she got vast experience in social media, digital marketing and content writing.



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