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Top 10 Freelance Web Designers For Hire In 2023

by Henny Kel Tweet - in Website Design

Web Designers

Last updated on February 2nd, 2023

Websites are not there on the web merely to deliver information. These days, businesses take their websites seriously as a means of brand promotion. So, when visitors come to a website, its design is mostly responsible for engaging and retaining them with the content. To engage and convert visitors into customers, it’s imperative that web designers create user-friendly websites.

Marketers take web design as very much a part of their branding efforts. Wise business owners understand that if their website design is not user-friendly, it can hurt customers. So, they ensure aesthetically pleasing websites that engage visitors. Such sites should also be search engine-friendly.

Why is web design so important?

Several studies have shown that people trust and mistrust businesses depending on their website designs. If the elements of colors, typeface, images, etc. are pleasing to visitors, they will have confidence in buying products or services from such sites. Otherwise, if the website design fails to leave an impact, most probably they will leave it and switch to a competitor’s website.

Some studies have also established that design elements are more critical to visitors than content, as far as the trust factor is a concern. An overwhelming majority of people do not trust websites that have faulty designs and elements.

It’s fact that content matters, but pay attention to your web page design as well. A user-friendly site has the power to convert visitors into customers and then to loyal customers. Know that the attention span of people is fast decreasing. Therefore, a website must grab visitors’ attention in a few seconds, and then keep them glued to the site. But that is possible only when website design is relevant and attractive to people.

According to surveys, 48 percent of people say that they judge the credibility of a business by looking at its website’s design — even a website’s loading speed matters. If the loading speed is too slow, it can result in 7 percent lost conversion opportunities. Similarly, if the content and layout of a website are not engaging, then no less than 38 percent of visitors will stop engaging with such sites.

What to avoid in website designing?

Make sure that you do not repeat website design mistakes that others make. You should check and ensure that your website has no complex layout, and does not look a busy and jumbled design. There should not be those flashy ads and pop-up advertisements in the site. Famous web designers with several years of experience working in a web design firm know how to avoid pitfalls when creating a web design.

Additionally, avoid body content and other information in small print as it is hard to read. People will leave your site early if they cannot read the content. If the design is dull or it lacks in exciting colors, potential customers will leave. Then, good website design is the one that users can load quickly in a few seconds.

All this brings us to the importance of hiring a website designer having the right skills and experience in the domain and considering that we thought it fit to give you the list of designers to hire.

Here Are Top Freelance Web Designers That You Can Confidently Hire In 2023

01. Sara

Sara is a US-based graphic designer who is an excellent web designer with huge experience. She has worked for many clients and created a host of design products, including websites. Her expertise as a designer is evident from the fact that she has won 73 design contests on Designhill, the leading marketplace. Sara is a talented designer who follows clients’ instruction and cooperates to get design work done to their satisfaction.


02. Av Designs

Av Designs, a Delhi based website designer, has the expertise and required skill to create your website as per your brief. The designer has so far won 12 design contests at Designhill amid fierce competition from fellow designers. You can rely on this designer to create unique sites, given the work so far for various clients from across the world.

Av Designs

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03. Elena Dumitru

Elena Dumitru is one of the freelance web designers whom you can depend on your design solution when creating a specific business website. She has so far 44 design contest to her name, which speaks volumes about her design skills and experience. The designer is active in other graphic design categories such as label design and logo design. This means that she brings a vast knowledge of creating various design pieces to designing your website.

Elena Dumitru

04. Pb

When you are searching for professional website designers, Pb is an obvious choice to work on your website project as a freelancer. The designer has won 7 contests showing the right skills required to provide you specific design solutions.


05. Semiotic

Semiotic is a US-based designer providing dependable professional graphic design services. You can hire a freelance graphic designer based on his or her experience, and this designer fits the bill. The designer can confidently accomplish your goals from your website design project. With 5 design contest behind, clients can hand over their web design projects to the designer.


06. Ananya

Ananya is one of those freelance web designers who carry huge experience and sets of skills into a design project. You can rely on him for the right website design solution as per your brief. He has won 3 design contests to the satisfaction of clients.


07. Micaela Giordano

Micaela Giordano is a graphic designer from Argentina and has worked on varied design projects in different categories. The designer has won 4 design contest and worked on several other projects. You should hire a website designer like this one to provide you the solutions you were looking for.

Micaela Giordano

08. Ivan Cliff Alcantara

Ivan Cliff Alcantara is a Philippines-based website designer carrying a lot of experience and interests in many other design categories. With 8 design contests won so far, he brings the expertise to a project to complete it to the satisfaction of the client. He may not be one of the famous web designers but knows his art very well and can meet your design requirements with a touch of perfection.

Ivan Cliff Alcantara

09. Marlon

When you hire a freelance graphic designer with experience, you can think of Marlon. Marlon is dedicated to web designing and brings a vast experience when working on a new project. Clients have shown confidence in his abilities to come out with unique design solutions as per their briefs. He is the winner of 10 Design contests for varied clients with different design requirements.


10. Chique Lim

Chique Lim is a professional graphic designer specializing in website designing and has 5 years of rich experience of working on different design projects. The designer boasts of winning 4 design contests, which are the results of exceptional skills and understanding the importance of visual communication through websites.

Chique Lim

These are the top web designers who can work wonders for your website in terms of attracting potential customers to your brand. Compare these designers for their skill and experience before hiring them.

Designhill is the leading marketplace where hundreds of website designers are willing to offer their services. You can either hire them on one to one basis or just launch your design contest and get many unique design ideas at one price. This outsourcing site is useful to business owners when they need perfect design solutions.

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Wrapping Up

Web designers are essential to creating websites that convert visitors into customers. Freelance website designers can closely work with clients to come out with impressive websites that people like to visit again. But hire professional and experienced designers who know how to design SEO friendly and user-friendly sites.

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