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Web Design Ideas : 9 Great Sites To Look For Inspiration In 2023

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Website Design

Web Design Inspiration

Last updated on April 19th, 2023

The dot com revolution has come a long way. The static websites with basic design hues are now gone, replaced with dynamic platforms that are borderline the web applications developers are churning out day and night. There is too much competition out in the internet world and to stand out in the crowd, you need to be the best. In this post, we’ve shared the top 9 websites that you can look for inspiration for web design ideas in 2023.

The volume of content has grown exponentially and if you are a creator or a web designer who needs to stand out from the rest of the competition, it is pretty common to have your well of ideas run out. You need a constant source for inspiration in design ideas that also comes through the internet.

This is not about copying other artists’ work. Aaron Sorkin differentiated between good and great writers depending on how far they are willing to copy or steal from other great writers.

In the same spirit, you can judiciously imitate the work of others and experiment on them to come up with something original, something new. For instance, you can find CityLocal Pro to be a design beacon for business directory templates.

In this post, we are going to explore some places on the internet for web design inspiration. The list is not a grading by any means. All of the sources are highly regarded and respected within the community. So, let’s get started!

Here Are The Top 9 Websites That You Should Look For Web Design Ideas & Inspiration

01. Behance – Discover

Powered by Adobe, which is already a giant in the creative community, Behance offers artists a platform to showcase their work. It has become a diverse community with a vast range of design and creative ideas, from photography to web design and so on.

The interface is intuitive and wholesome, showing all the latest and popular artists and their posts, hence the title- Discover. You can set toggles for search and keywords and find exactly what you are looking for in terms of proximity, design, popularity, etc. It also supports search with casual keywords which is a big plus for websites like these where it is hard to navigate if there are strict language barriers.

For instance, you can search for “the best web designs in 2023” and the website will show you the results.

If you don’t find exactly what you look for, you will, still, end up with something better on Behance.

Why Behance?

Perhaps, it is one of the most active and dynamic communities of artists in the world, with a detailed search console that can help you discover the best UX design in China, the most sought-after copywriting in California, and so on.

It has unique search filters, such as “most appreciated” whose results are aggregated through the interest of the community itself. It means when you go there, you are seeing the best work from the best artists that is voted by the best artists.

Interestingly enough, artists are often shy about showing their tools to the rest of the world that they use to create masterpieces. In the “additional filters”, you can check which tools were used by an artist in creating the piece.

02. Best Website Gallery

As the name suggests, this is all about curating the best website designs. The site has been run by one man, David Hellmann since 2008, and it is still going well and trusted by the community for its adherence to quality work and spirit of the art.

The site uses a tagging system. This allows users to find exactly what they look for, like functionality, design approach, etc. And when you have thousands of websites to get inspiration from, you are definitely going to be amped up when you are done with BWG.

Why BWG?

It sports an expansive collection of websites aiming at different rationales. You can find what you need and some more.

BWG is ideal for:

  • Portfolio Websites
  •  Agency Websites
  • Color Inspiration

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03. CSS Nectar

You cannot find just about any self-proclaimed website on CSS Nectar. It is a judicious platform that is curated by expert juries who take great pains in selecting worthy entries and then showcase them over the platform.

First, it requires a submission fee to enter your website to compete with others. Then, there are creatives who thoroughly review each and every entry before it goes live on CSS Nectar.

Why CSS Nectar?

Again, the best thing about CSS Nectar is the merit system that does not allow just about anyone to come up with a website design and then display it on a curated platform. It takes at least three highly-guarded stops to clear before any design ends up live.

Then, there is a search feature that brings out just what you are looking for. If you need country-or color-specific websites, you can go to the search console and look for tags or type keywords.

04. Awwwards

It may be hard to come up with the right pronunciation of this word, but going through it is like a dream. The inspirational content on this website transcends the borders of art and the web and combines them to form a new virtual reality.

The award system is highly respected in the community and attracts the best and the brightest work from artists and developers. The jury of the platform determines the quality of content extremely popular in their own right which justifies the quality of submissions on the website.

Why Awwwards?

Many of the entries in our inspiration websites are either part-time projects or personal endeavors, Awwwards employ a full-time jury that evaluates every entry and gives it a score.

The award system does not rely on cosmetic endings alone. Each site is judged for its usability, content, creativity, etc. The site even explains a breakdown of the scoring system to help you understand better how the sites end up there.

They also show each jury member’s evaluation of all the dimensions of a website in the “detail pages”. These pages also show points from regular community members which anyone can become by signing up on the platform.

The tagging system in Awwwards is also extensive. It details the selected works by tags like frameworks and platforms used, colors, industry details, etc.

05. Product Pages

Many of the inspirational websites for web design pride themselves in giving you precise tools and options to search exactly what you go there to find. Product Pages, on the other hand, go in the other direction and have set up a page that shows “accidental” discover pages.

This feature is done by feed-based design that shows results from recent searches and revered web design ideas and elements. If you need to find something specific, you can still explore the website by going through the regular search console.

Still, the creators of Product Pages may want you to dive into the feed and expect something unexpected. As you know, accidents and creativity often go hand in hand, especially when you are looking for a website that showcases products.

Why Product Pages?

For the professionals who are looking for inspiration to set up a product marketing website, this is it.

Many inspirational websites are hit and miss when we compare them to the concrete and straightforward content of Product Pages. The key here is to highlight products and this website does it really well by showcasing websites that can teach you;

  • How to present the product?
  • How to write a compelling headline?
  • How to come up with an intuitive navigation system that does not cause distractions?

06. Abduzeedo

Abduzeedo is another great source of getting in touch with the big things of today in web designing and graphics. It showcases trends that are hot and new and does not limit itself to web designs alone.

The keyword here is an inspiration and they are eager to inspire you with what does it best. It can be a website design or a graphic design product ad in print. After all, what is stopping you not to get web design inspiration even from trifles?

Why Abduzeedo?

Abduzeedo is not about web design inspiration alone. It offers a suite of creative designs that encompasses photography, architecture, textile designing, etc. This cross-platform approach can light the bulbs in the seekers and helps them address an issue in a truly novel and unorthodox way.

Another stand-out feature of Abduzeedo is that it uses a number of formats to give you a stiff dose of inspiration. Apart from daily showcases and highlights, it offers long-form stories, wallpapers, IRL events, etc.

07. siteInspire

This inspiration project for web designer is helmed by Daniel Howells of the Howells Studio. siteInspire sports a wide range of inspirational websites for you. You can browse the impressive content through an intuitive and strategic tagging system. While specific tags can bring out exactly what you are looking for, exploring the popular and trending pages of the website can also show amazing results.

Why siteInspire?

The extensive tagging system of siteInspire is its strongest suit!

As creators know, sometimes we need inspiration in a specific industry. siteInspire comes to the rescue by offering a diverse range of tags and highlights to get us where we actually want to be.

On the other end of the “specifics” are all kinds of bizarre tags and unorthodox navigational patterns. This is where siteInspire shines and other websites show little to none. For instance, if you search for tags like “unconventional navigation” on siteInspire, you are going to see crazy stuff. This is essential to get your freak on.

08. Commerce Cream

Commerce Cream is at the helm to curate the most striking pieces in the e-commerce sphere. The designs are submitted by both agencies and individuals, and only the cream of the lot is displayed on the platform.

For freelancers looking for inspiration, this site gives a load of design styles and philosophy, from modern and bold to minimal and classic looks.

Why Commerce Cream?

It is a great place to find the best-looking web stores in one place and get inspiration in terms of design and utility. In addition to that, it shows the creative agencies behind those designs which gives a way to exploring new portfolios in the e-commerce domain.

All the websites submitted on Commerce Cream are evaluated by a jury of professionals that give points based on different aspects. Anyone can submit a store, but only the chosen ones are featured on the website.

09. Dribble

When it comes to Dribble, it all depends on how often you seek inspiration for web design. It is an active community of creators who share and help others in learning new web design work, thus growing skills in a big marketplace filled with exciting ideas. It is a great source to check out work from other artists and then experiment on it.

Why Dribble?

Dribble is not limited to web design alone. It has curated an assortment of design inspirations ranging from print to web and beyond. So, you are in for a treat if you are looking for something out of the box or unorthodox.

We all know that often web design ideas come from highly unlikely places.

Dribble has a large collection of animations and graphic design that can give you a new perspective in getting something novel for your web design.

While diving inside the general web design domain, you can find stand-alone pieces on UX, UI, navigation that will help you out of your creative block by giving you a new dimension to work on.

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Closing Remarks

Inspiration is a magical thing that is hard to come by when you are deeply immersed in things that are too concrete or conclusive. Often, it pays to roam around the fringes of creativity and abstract and explore new design elements. Web design is not something that can be defined with binary numbers or simple black and white. As a creator, we need to push boundaries every now and often and look for inspiration in unusual places such as a site or web design company. These sources give us something to work with and experiment on what is already done to create something original out of it.

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Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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