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Top 21 Vintage Fonts For Logo Design & Branding

by Jelly Shah Tweet - in Brand Identity

Vintage Fonts For Logo Design

Vintage fonts are unique design elements that take viewers back to the long-gone era when things were entirely different than today. With such retro fonts, graphic designers can give a rough & tough look to logos and other brand identities to stand out. But not all the fonts from the bygone era are created equal. Some of them are best suited to creating logos and branding strategies than others.

When we look at a logo or signage while walking around a market, we are drawn more toward unique designs. We all like somewhat rough and tough designs as they appear natural and earthy. This is why vintage logo designs drive our attention immediately.

Today, there is no shortage of vintage fonts, with hundreds of them already lined up for designs on the web. Still, a thoughtful designer needs to carefully select the fonts according to the specific design requirements for branding purposes.

Therefore, comparing fonts is the first step to picking one font that comes with the right features for branding. We shortlisted the vintage fonts for a quick comparison when looking for an ideal font to express the ambiance of the bygone era.

Here Are The Top Vintage Fonts For Logo Design and Branding

01. Rumble Brave Vintage Fonts

The Rumble Brave Vintage Fonts Collection is amongst the perfect fonts when you are looking for a great combination of vintage and classic Victorian fonts in one. You will have access to the font in its three variations – script, serif and dingbat. With this font, you can create exciting designs that look from the classic Victorian era.

Rumble Brave Vintage Fonts

So, choose these fonts when your design project is about something luxurious, stylish, and elegant. You can also have an ornamental collection variation of the font.

02. Hollywood Vintage Font

The Hollywood Vintage Font is one of the easiest vintage typefaces that a designer can confidently use to create various design projects. You can use the font with Photoshop, Illustrator, and numerous other tools.

Hollywood Vintage Font

This is an ideal font for branding and logo design as well as for posters, etc. You will also access True Type and Open Type versions of the fonts.

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03. Whiskey Font Collection

Whiskey Font Collection is one of the best vintage fonts that you can access in two main fonts, with each having three different variations. The fonts come in rough, regular, and aged looks that a designer can use to create some rustic or clean image. You will also get different stylistic font alternatives.

Whiskey Font Collection

04. Knucklehead Font Family

The Knucklehead Font Family is another set of vintage fonts for several graphic designs, including logos. This font offers an exciting variation to the designers who are fed up with repeatedly using conventional retro fonts.

Knucklehead Font Family

They can experiment a lot with this font to give a business logo an exciting and unique look for branding purposes. You can confidently pick this family of fonts to design wedding invitations, posters, and just any other project.

05. Bilcase Vintage Display Font Family

Another vintage font you can use for custom logo designs and other branding items such as packaging, signage, and levels are the Bilcase Vintage Display Font Family. This is a layered font having contextual and stylistic ligatures and alternates.

Bilcase Vintage Display

It also comes in capital letters. Bilcase is available in its versions such as Regular, Shadow, Fill, Outline, Block, Extra, and Labels Pack.

professional logo

06. Troyline – Font Duo (+Logotype)

Troyline is among the most elegant fonts you can depend on to give your logos and other graphic designs an elegant look. This vintage font comes loaded with two versions – the sans fonts and the organic script. So, make it your ideal choice for any creative work where typography is the main feature.


Most cafes, coffee brands, and lifestyle brands such as apparel brands have their brand identities such as logos created with Troyline. The font lets you have multilingual support and comes in several swashes, alternatives, numbers, and symbols.

07. Vintage Queens

The Vintage Queens typeface features lettering styles of the 70s and 80s. It is also accessible in a bold typography style that gives an exciting new look to your logo. In addition, you have a vast range of over 350 alternates and 500 glyphs available with the typeface. There is no limit to the number of lettering combinations you can create.

Vintage Queens

This font is ideal for logotypes, branding, packaging, social media, and headings with such astonishing styles and combinations. Of course, you will also add some fun elements to your design.

08. Victorian Fonts Collection

The Victoria Fonts Collection is another excellent option that logo designers and branding professionals can explore to recapture the vintage days of the 1800s. This collection comes with typical ornamental and decorative fonts of that era.

Victorian Fonts Collection

So, you can think of using the font for classical touch to your logo and other designs. You get 200 alternative characters to help you to create logos with the collection.

09. Braton Composer

If you are scouting for a vintage font that looks heavy, strong, fat, and plump, the Braton Composer meets your requirements. Its letters have flourishes that give the font an elegant and classic touch. While the typeface is a bold serif font, you can access it also in its italic version.

Braton Composer

You will like this font for its character alternatives and swashes, which collectively make it a unique font to have in your collection. You should think about this font not just for logos but also for several other graphic designs.

10. The Aviator Font Collection

The Aviator Font Collection comes with four different vintage fonts and combines them to create a unique vintage style font. So, prefer this font when your brand needs to stand out with a vintage look through your logo. This is a clean and elegant logo. You can access this collection of fonts in more than 50 vintage illustrations.

The Aviator Font Collection

11. Bignord Typeface

The font is available with up to 5 different stylistics on some letters so that you can create the vintage feel from the swash of each letter. This font was created for designing book covers, labels, posters, logos, branding, etc., that need a vintage design structure. It also comes with a bonus such as Ornaments, Frames, Lines, and an Editable layout.

Bignord Typeface

Bignord set of fonts include Bignord-Regular, Bignord-Ornament-Regular, Bignord-Regular, Bignord-Ornament-Regular, Ornament (.Ai,.EPS, & .PSD), and Border & Line (Brush Library Files & Vector),

12. Mr.Hipster 37 Hand Drawn Objects

Mr. Hipster 37 is a visually striking bunch of free fonts that can add magic to your logos and branding campaign. It comes with a simple and clean typeface, with the letters having a thick and slender look. Additionally, you can access this set of retro fonts in vector format.

Mr.Hipster 37 Hand Drawn Objects

Also, depending on your brand message, you can customize these fonts and mix them to give an entirely new look to your logo, badges, prints, and labels. You get Hand Drawn Objects (.AI, EPS, PNG – 100% transparency), Bonus Vector Font (.AI, EPS), and 6 Hand Drawn Badges (.AI, EPS, PNG) with this set of retro fonts.

13. Hipster Style Script and Sans Typeface

Are you searching for a script font that suits your brand personality, and do you want it for your logo design and branding? You can think of Hipster style script and sans-style font with a retro effect.

Hipster Style Script

You can use this retro handcrafted font to give designs an elegant 80s and 90s look. In addition, it comes with optimized curved lines and soft edges, making it more desirable for apparel projects and branding.

14. Melvis – Vintage Font Family

Melvis is a versatile vintage font that you can use to design not just logos but practically every type of design, including packaging and invitation card designs. A great feature of Melvis is that it has extra badges and illustrations.


The flexibility of these features can give a desirable look and impression to logos and other graphic designs. With this ideal font for branding, you can easily make your design stand out from the crowd of competitors’ logos.

15. Willomac Hipster Font Combo

Willomac has the features of three unique and contrasting fonts: a script font, a sans font, and a bold display face. You can use all these variations to build a bold impression of a design. It is considered a professional vintage font.

Willomac Hipster Font Combo

16. Cordoba – Font Duo (+EXTRA)

Cordoba is accessible in both sans serif and serif fonts and gives logos and other designs a clean and professional look. Its main feature is a decent gap between the letters, which helps the logo appear as a unique design. Besides the logo, the font is an ideal choice for apparel and branding projects. Along with the use of such fonts, you can show your social media presence through Luffy pfp while interacting with your audience.


17. Requila — A Beautiful Serif Font

Requila is a decorative serif font with the elegance of the bygone era. This is a perfect font choice when giving a logo a vintage but sophisticated look. To create timeless, elegant designs, you can also use the font for wedding invitations, packaging, branding, and event designs.


18. Mythshire — Vintage Handscript Font

Mythshire is an elegant medieval vintage font with more than 40 ligatures, punctuations, numerals, and many alternate uppercase and lowercase characters. It is a cursive handwriting style font that you can use for logos with a vintage look. You can also find the font to give packaging, invitations, and much more design a unique look.


19. Forbes — A Vintage Decorative Font

If you are interested in some decorative font that gives a retro look, then The Forbes is a perfect choice. This font is not too old, so we can call it a modern vintage font. Choose it when you need to give your custom logo design a more rustic, rough & tough appearance as per your brand personality. So, use this font, particularly for restaurants, breweries, and bars.

. Forbes — A Vintage Decorative Font

20. Zailander — Victorian Vintage Typeface

Zailander is an ideal retro font when you need to give more flair and fineness to your company’s logo. Therefore, besides logos, this font works perfectly well for designing posters, packaging, invitations, and events.

Zailander — Victorian Vintage Typeface

Opt for this font to give the logo a magical impression to build excitement. The font comes with some variations of styles to allow for design liberty.

21. The Bayland – Retro Font

The Bayland is a retro bold script that will recall the 60s style, and it will quickly create the effect of the bygone era. This is a suitable font for logos and other designs, including magazines, packaging designs, levels, greeting cards, and invitations. You can also access the font’s other stylistic alternatives.

The Bayland – Retro Font

So, take a deeper look at these vintage fonts to create logos and several branding projects. Compare them with many others and see which one suits best to reflect your brand personality. Then, make sure that you experiment with many of these fonts to find the best one for your logo and other brand identities.

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Wrapping Up

Vintage fonts are exciting design elements that take us back into the bygone era. When used in logos and other designs, these fonts create that ambiance. These unique vintage typefaces are the best fonts to design logos and many brand identities. Each of these fonts comes with a wide range of variations for the flexibility of the design.

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I'm Jelly Shah from Australia. I've been designing graphics for the last six years. For further questions you can follow me on Twitter | Pinterest | Google +.



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