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Digital Video And Multimedia Company Selects Winning Logo Design

by Jelly Shah Tweet - in Logo Design - [wtr-time]

Winning Logo Design

Last updated on December 3rd, 2021

Businesses must hold a nice and unique logo that can communicate with target audience. A logo works for businesses in many ways. But it’s design must be memorable and remarkable to draw the attention of people instantly. Only such a logo design can help build brand identity.

One of the first things that a new business owner first want to ensure is a logo. When people see your products or services, they will look for the logo. They are assured of the genuineness of the company behind the products they are purchasing. So, the business logo becomes a tool to identify the authenticity of products offered by a company.

But most importantly, a logo helps establish a company’s name in its niche market. If your logo design is outstanding, it will draw the attention of your potential customers. In a competitive world, you need to stay ahead of your rival businesses. When people are impressed by your logo, they get a message of high quality products/services you have.

This means that the services of experienced graphic designers are extremely crucial for creating a logo. However, such designers are expensive. Small businesses and startups usually do not have the budget to spend lavishly on marketing. They cannot afford spending money repeatedly on creating a host of graphic designs such as logos, brochures, business cards, websites, and so on.

Therefore, many small entrepreneurs crowdsource their graphic design services works such as logos. They can have a memorable logo design for their company at a throwaway price as compared to the fees of some of the expensive designers. This is what a digital video and multimedia company did. It launched a logo design contest on Designhill and got the logo it wanted.

Here Is How Multimedia Company Selects The Winning Logo Design

Design Brief

The digital video and multimedia company had issued a design brief on the platform of Designhill. According to the brief, the business owner wanted a classical and corporate logo. The logo should do justice to the company’s business aspirations.

The client preferred a multi-color logo with harmonious selection of fonts. A reason behind the client demanding a multicolor logo is that the company deals in multimedia. Various colors represents different media and colorfulness of the things in a media projects.

Logo Design

The client’s company produces digital video and multimedia advertisements as well as websites specializing for producing HD video, web based video and media solutions, multimedia and CD/DVD productions and much more.

Our expert and creative professionals produce your video to get more viewers from your video and multimedia. Main customers of the company are Phoenix, Arizona and to USA and other countries.

Target Customers

The company wished its logo to address targeted audience including multimedia advertisements agencies, Corporate sectors, local and international businesses, commercial video, webcasting or conferencing marketing, educational video production, motion graphics, sound and audio production, TV, image and visualization production, presentation, powerpoint production, cd/ dvd and motion documentary video.

Target Customers

The Logo

This is an attractive logo. The logo design is multi-color as per the client’s design needs. The logo design has almost all the colors lined up in the circle. Most of the hues of a colors are incorporated in the circle. These colors stand for the multimedia business of the company.

The company’s name Divio is represented by the letter D in the middle of the circle. This projects the company’s business at the center and the letter D catches our attention instantly. The letter dominates the drawing. But the company name is in full just under.

logo design

So, the company name is made clear to the viewers and potential customers. The company name is in shining red which stands for the brightness of multimedia and the people’s attraction for media. The business of the company is further made clear under the company name where it says ‘ Digital Video And Multimedia Company.

The Response

In response to the logo design contest, the company received 39 design entries. These entries were submitted by 19 logo designers. These designers came from across the world. Because of their different cultural backgrounds and different skill levels, the client received a variety of design concepts.

The client made a choice of winning design after given it a lot of thought. Finally, the company selected the logo design by Olivio for its perfect creation as per the design brief.

logo designers

After the client chose the winning design, the contest was over. Then, the client informed Designhill about the winning entries and the designer. After that, rest of the formalities were completed. The crowdsourcing site gave the prize money to the designer. A logo designer Olivio won the contest and got the first prize of $259 for his work.

All the formalities regarding the transfer of copyrights over the design from the designer to the client were first completed before awarding the prize money. The transaction process including giving away the prize money to copyright transfers was smooth and hurdle less. It was a smooth transaction of the award money to copyright. The client got the digital copies of the winning design from the designer in a desired and proper format.

Chief Advantage Of Crowdsourcing

The company chose Designhill because this platform offers many new features that facilitates clients in creating better graphic designs.

Crowdsourcing Site

Here Are Some Of The Features That Help Clients Get The Best Out Of The Designers

01. Affordable Costs

Designhill is the leading crowdsourcing platform for providing quality design solutions at affordable costs. You can get a logo design done as per your design brief at the starting price of $199 only. As you move upward on the pricing ladder, you attract more designers.

brochure design

This results in more high quality designs from top-quality designers. Besides logos, your other graphic design needs such as brochure design, website design, etc. can be met effectively on this platform.

02. 10 To 80+ Designs Expected

You get unexpectedly high number of design submissions in response to your logo design contest. Depending on the pricing package you pick up, you have access to increasing numbers of graphic designers. An advantage of it is that you have many new design concepts from as many designers.

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03. 20 To 150 Designers

Depending on the pricing package, which is around the prize money you announce for the winning designer of your contest, you have accesses to the designers. Even the starting pricing package allows you access to at least 20 designers. This means that even a small business can hope for many talented designers working on your logo.

04. 100% Money Back Guarantee

Another great advantage of Designhill for clients is that their entire investment in the design contest is safe and sound. The site has the policy of returning the entire money that the client has deposited as prize money.

Graphic Designer

This means that even if you do not like the designs, you can get back your money. This means that if you do not like your logo or another graphic design such as business card design, you still can get back your funds.

Accounting&Finance logo

05. Unlimited Designs & Designers

You can access as many graphic designers as you want for your logo work. This means you get a wide range of creative design concepts. You can thus have more options for your company logo to choose from many designs.

06. Newsletter Promotion

You would like to make your logo design contest popular amongst the potential logo designers. For that, Designhill offers to promote your logo contest on its Newsletter. This enhance the reach of the contest amongst the designers.

Newsletter Design

07. Social Media Promotion

Designhill will allow you to use its platform for promoting your logo design contest on social media. Right from the crowdsourcing site, you can spread a word for your contest using social media page. This helps immensely in drawing the attention of talented designers to the contest.

Social Media

08. Blog Promotion

Similarly, your contest gets a promotion on the site’s blogs also. We then share it on various social media platform so as to attract designers to participate in your design contest.

Blog Promotion

09. Highlighted Contest Upgrade

One of the chief features of Designhill you can explore is to bring your logo design contest at the top of the contest list. This way, your contest can catch the logo designers’ eye instantly. Just when they open the contest page of Designhill, they will see your contest first on the top.

10. 2 Free Paid Invites

You can invite highly skilled and your favorite logo designers to your contest especially.

11. Featured Contest

Featured contest are the ones that are shown on the top of the contest listing page. This would ensure that your contest is being shown to a large number of designers and therefore, getting more design entries.

12. Full Copyright & Ownership

The client gets full copyrights and ownership over the design. This saves the client from any legal issues in the future. Designhill ensure that the designer transfers all the copyrights to the client.


13. All Fees And Commissions Incl.

There are no hidden or additional charges taken from the client. Designhill makes sure that the entire process of designing is transparent and honest. So, the pricing package given at the site includes all the fees and commissions.

14. Vector Image And 5 File Formats

The client gets the images of award-winning logo design and other designs in vector image and other file formats. This ensure high quality standards of the designs when received by the client.

Vector Image

So, these are the key advantages you get form Designhill in response to your logo design contest. Like the client digital video and multimedia company, you will also get a remarkable logo for your small business.

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The client a digital video and multimedia company got its unique and remarkable logo design from Designhill. The company launched a logo design contest and got many unique design concepts in response. Ultimately, the client received a winning logo worthy of representing the multimidia business.

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I'm Jelly Shah from Australia. I've been designing graphics for the last six years. For further questions you can follow me on Twitter | Pinterest | Google +.



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