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Tips and Places To Outsource Content in 2017

by Mary Walton Tweet - in Content Marketing

Outsource Content

Last updated on October 25th, 2022

Marketing is a tough job, thanks to all the time you have to pour into it. Sometimes it feels as though there just aren’t enough hours in the day. If you’re struggling to get all your content out the door, it’s time to start outsourcing. Here’s how to find the best freelancers, and the best places to find them.

Pick Your Platform and Get Comfortable With It

As you’ll see below, there’s plenty of platforms out there for freelancers, so you’re going to have to pick one that works for you. You can create accounts for free, so look around and see which ones seem to offer what you want.

You can even place a few orders, and see what kind of talent you attract.
Once you find a platform you like whether its design, content, development or any other niched, stick with it.

It’s much easier to manage your creators through one site, and you can really build up good working relationships with them.

Check Out Plenty of Creators

If you don’t get the content creator you want the first time, the solution isn’t to leave the platform and look elsewhere. Just because one writer didn’t work, doesn’t mean none of them will.

The best thing to do is put out a good batch of small jobs, and try out the best writers who come to you on them. Once you’ve got their work back, you can keep the ones you liked and let go the creators who didn’t click with you.

Give Your Content Creators Good Instructions

You know what you want, but the creators need good instructions if they’re going to be able to deliver. For example, if you see a good web post and you want them to create something in a similar vein for your site, you could just tell them to do that.

Alternatively, you could ask them to take that information and use it to create a useable post for your readers, giving them instructions on how to complete a task.

The second way means you’re being clear in what you want, resulting in less drafts creating more engaging content and better your writing skill resulting delivering content faster.

Balance Expertise With Money Saved

When you start ordering in your content, you’re going to have to choose whether you get a publish – ready piece first time, paying more upfront, or getting first drafts that will need editing but are cheaper.

Both methods have their own merits and issues, but it’s really up to you which way you go. If your time is precious, it’s worth paying more up front. However, getting work in to edit means you’ll save a lot of cash on what you order in.

Invest in Your Relationships

A lot of people use online platforms to just hire content creators on a one off basis. They get what they need, the creator gets a job, and then they both go their separate ways. This is a legit way of getting new content, but it’s not ideal.

Instead, use the opportunity to build up a working relationship with the writers you like. The more you work with them, the more that they’ll get to know what you need from them.

That way, you can get better and better quality work, without having to lay everything out every time you order from them. They’ll appreciate you giving them regular work, too. Give them honest feedback and they’ll be happy to work with you.

Reward Your Creators

You would reward your in house staff when they perform exceptionally well, so make sure you do this for your freelance staff, too. When they do an excellent job for you, ensure that you thank them for it, and if you can give them a monetary bonus.

There’s some platforms that allow you to tip the freelancer you’re working with, if you feel they deserve it. Take care of your freelance workers, and they’ll be happy to help out when you’re up against the wall.

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Where to Find Content Creators

Now you know how to outsource your content, you need to know where to find those content creators. These are the best places on the web to start looking:
Shutterstock: This is the place for visual media. You can get professional photos, videos, music and illustrations here.

EssayRoo: The writers at this service know just what brings new readers in, and keeps regular ones coming back.

Student Gems: Hire students for one off projects. You get your content and they get experience.

UK Writings: This content writing service can write almost anything you need, from product descriptions to blogs.

Upwork: Find all kinds of freelance writers here, and build up good working relationships with them.

BoomEssays: Need to put out a press release quickly, or react to the news on your site? This writing service can turn copy around for you in a flash.

iStockPhoto: Find high quality images and video here, all royalty free and ready to use.

Where to Check Your Outsourced Content

Once you’ve got your content, you’ll want to run some checks on it before you release it into the wild. Here are the tools you can check it with.

Easy Word Count: This site lets you paste text into it to get a quick, accurate word count.

Tineye: This reverse image search site checks that the images you buy haven’t been used elsewhere, before you use them.

Australian Help: If you’re not sure about the grammar used in a post, use this grammar guide to check it.

Academized: Check that the article you have bought is original and ready to use on your own website.

Citeitin: If you need content with proper citations, use this site to add them in correctly.

And there you have it. Now you have all the tools to hand, you’re ready to start hiring in the freelancers to do your business graphic design jobs online. You’ll love how much time you save and how much new business you’ll bring in this way.

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Mary Walton is a professional editor and online tutor, currently living in Santa Monica. Twitter

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