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10 Strategic Tips from Top Experts to Increase Social Media ROI

by Jacob Tweet - in Social Media

social media ROI

Last updated on January 23rd, 2023

Social media is one of the most crucial segments of your brand’s total outreach strategy. Posting daily updates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., is now almost rudimentary.

In order to truly stand out and grab your target audience’s attention, your business needs to post intelligently and start thinking outside the box. How do you this?

To be the best, you have to learn from the best. Follow industry leading experts and watch as your social numbers go through the roof.

Here are 10 Great Tips from Top Experts from Industry

1. Sharing is Caring

According to Entrepreneur, “Since it’s not always easy to come up with fresh content, you should curate some. Find relevant articles, news, videos, images, memes, infographics, interviews and more that you can share with your audience.” A big mistake that plenty of social marketers make is thinking that if content isn’t original, it’s garbage. This couldn’t be further from the truth. If a blog post or article is an interesting read, then sharing it with your user base isn’t a bad idea.

People will appreciate your brand’s stance as an industry leader for posting a relevant topic that offers engaging content, even if it wasn’t created by your team. Just make sure to reference whomever you’re borrowing it from!

2. Be Different

The best structure to follow when posting on social platforms is that different is good. According to this study from Telegraph, “…the average human attention span has fallen from 12 seconds in 2000…to eight seconds.” If what your posting is boring or dull, your brand’s social media engagement numbers will be reflective this.

Think of catchy and mind bending (okay maybe not that intense) titles, captions, descriptions, etc., to include with your already compelling content submissions. This will surely catch your audience’s eyes and bring waves of potential clients for your business.

3. Visual Content is King

2017 is the year of visual content (or the Rooster if you follow the Chinese Zodiac). Up to 74% of marketers are now using visual assets in their social media marketing campaigns.

Why is this? Social media expert Matthew Fritschle from the digital marketing agency Aumcore, says; “The mobile evolution has made great strides in updating technology and highly defined visual displays, thus making pictures and videos that much more clearly and perceivably appealing.” Infographics representing data driven statistics with clip arts, or videos with optimized animations and intriguing transitions, both represent what it means to optically engage with consumers.

The Infographic design plays a vital part and getting it designed in interactive way is also very necessary. Add some visuals to your social campaign and literally watch (pun attended) your subscribers double.Content is King

4. Know Your Channel

“Facebook is for people, Twitter is for perspective, Google + is for passion, LinkedIn is for pimping”
This quote, said by social media expert and marketing specialist Guy Kawasaki, serves as an intro to perhaps the biggest theme to remember when structuring a social campaign.

Understanding where your business fits within the social world and how to use social media for your business is imperative. If you’re a B2B agency that predominantly does website development, posting consistently on LinkedIn would work best.

If you’re a B2C retail brand that sells women’s clothes, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are the most effective platforms. Do some research, try some things out, know your place, and make sure to allocate the most time and money to whichever channel is most effective.Social Media Channels

5. Make a Schedule

You can never strategize too much, even when it comes to the times and days you post on social media. According to this blog post, “Another thing to consider- when posting on social media is timing. Certain hours yield more likes, shares, and comments depending on the culture of the platform. Determine when users are most engaged on different sites and plan your posts accordingly to increase the amount of your impressions.”
It’s a proven fact that particular hours during the week are more effective in connecting with potential audiences than others. Keep track of all of your brand’s social channels’ engagement levels throughout the week and choose what the most advantageous periods are to post content.Business Social Media

6. Get an Influencer or Two

Influencer marketing has been around for ages, but thanks to the ever-changing world of social media, it too has seen some transformations.

What is influencer marketing?

If you haven’t heard the term before, influencer marketing is the idea behind acquiring key individuals to leverage their influence on the vast purchasing decisions of consumers.

Bloggers are really good examples of this, simply because those with loyal followings seem more trustworthy and capable of recommending a product or brand. If your brand hasn’t already, try exploring your industry’s top individuals and see if they can have any valuation in swaying your target audience’s opinions.

According to this report from thefreemanonline, “71% of consumers rely on social networks to guide purchase decisions.” People are comfortable basing their buying preferences on popular followers. Talk to some influential leaders and see if they can provide support for your brand!

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7. Tell a Story

Best-selling author and marketing expert Seth Godin, was once quoted saying, “Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” Your social campaign should carry the user through a journey.

That journey should resonate exceedingly well with your brand’s target audience. By exploring different themes and ideologies that create admiration for your business, you can truly capture users into associating themselves with what you have to offer.

8. Revenue or Nothing

Don’t take this the wrong way, but social metrics aren’t everything. Sure it’s nice to have a 75% increase in Facebook followers from last month, but the number of followers you have doesn’t directly relate with how much money your business is making.

Best said by social marketing guru and influencer, Neil Patel, “Don’t optimize for conversions, optimize for revenue.” Your brand’s overall business goals should be at the top of your business’s priority chain. Improving your social following should have a meaning behind it.

That meaning should be to bring in leads. If you’re structuring your content incorrectly, you could be losing on potential company ventures. The best idea for strategizing returns is to have the mind of a salesperson.

Even if you’re posting an office selfie on Instagram, structure it in a way that promotes your brand and can potentially create a business action.

9. Consistency is Everything

Posting on social media everyday isn’t just wishful thinking, it’s an absolute necessity. Forgetting to post on social channels for a few days is the easiest path for your brand to lose momentum.

Regularity is a good way to show just how dedicated and motivated your brand is to interact with its consumer base.

10. Focus on the Long Term

Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Nissan once said:
“As the CEO, I have to take care of the short term, midterm and the long term.”
Your online presence should be the same. If you truly want your business to succeed and make the most from its investments, brand focus should be well defined.

Knowing where to allocate resources is one of the biggest struggles for businesses, but you can help define this dilemma with systematic approaches. Whether it be improving monthly statistics or yearly ambitions, make your objectives clear.focus

Wrapping Up

Don’t fall into the branding void and miss out on opportunities that could potentially expand your business. Know these 10 strategic tips and watch as your ROI numbers soar

Redesign your social media now


a.k.a Jacob

Jacob is a creative content writer at Aumcore. He loves monitoring his company’s social media management, SEO and learning about industry relevant updates revolving around digital marketing tips and future advancements in technology.



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