Shape your brand identity with our online logo creator.

Every business needs a stellar branding strategy to increase customer attention and visibility. A single glance at your visual is enough to get your identity stuck in people’s minds. They will remember your brand even if they aren’t willing to purchase instantly. So, design your brand’s look and emblem in a way that speaks volumes about your business. Streamline the color palette, font, icon, and other elements for better recognition.

The better the recognition, the more powerful your brand identity will be. This is where a logo maker tool comes into play. You get all the features required to make a brand logo on your own. If you would like to restructure all your branding requirements, combine it with our latest tool — Brand Kit. With everything accessible in one place, you get control over your brand management activities. Our logo making tool is trusted by 10+ million business owners worldwide.

Shape your brand identity with online logo creator

Create a solid brand identity with the best logo maker

Business logo ideas

Business ideas to boost sales.

Business logo ideas

Visual branding is a powerful tool for growing your business. It helps catch attention, boost brand recognition, and increase memorability. Companies embrace visuals, especially logos, to formulate business growth strategies that increase sales. Unlike plain text, visual branding enables people to recognize and distinguish your business from others. Gradually, it makes your brand image stick in people’s minds, influencing their purchase decisions.

By incorporating visual branding in your marketing strategies, you can devise unique ways to increase sales. The most effective visual branding happens through a brandmark. Even expert business tips back business ideas revolving around it. When your business is in its initial phase and needs to increase sales, a modern logo effectively helps boost those branding goals.

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What do you get with our AI logo maker?

Whether you create a logo for your beauty salon, gaming platform, YouTube channel, real estate, cafe, or other business, our AI tool has a lot to offer to build a solid brand identity.

Unlimited logo ideas

You can generate as many logo ideas for free as much as you want. Purchase only when you find a relevant brand logo that you want to download.

High-resolution vector & .png logo files

You will get high-resolution, ready-to-use vector files for your final logo in SVG, EPS, PNG, and JPEG formats.

Print-ready designs

With our logo maker, you get print-ready files to use in printed and digital versions. No extra effort is needed for the adjustment.

Full ownership

Once downloaded, you become the sole owner of the logo files. It gives you the flexibility to use it on business cards, website, social media, or wherever you want.

Brand guideline

Your downloaded logo comes with brand guidelines which contain the font names and color info for ease of use. This simplifies future edits for your emblem.

24*7 customer support

Your downloaded logo enables you to get 24*7 customer support. You can get all your queries resolved quickly.

Color variations

The logo created using our logo creator comes in both colored and transparent backgrounds. You also get a black & white version of it.

100% customizable

Whichever logo you choose is fully editable. You can use our cool logo maker to change its color, font, icon, and other elements.

Save time and money

Our DIY tool is free to use. You can save valuable time and money. No design skill is required to use it.

Designhill logo maker helps you get a desired logo

Enter your industry, business name, and tagline.

Designhill’s AI logo generator relies on your input to make hundreds of logos for your company. Enter your business name, tagline, and choose your industry to get started. As and when you enter these details, the logo maker prompts you to proceed further. But before you make one, consider why you need a logo in the first place. Find out whether you want to display it on social media, add it to your website design, or use it for online and offline advertisements. Once you find the purpose, it becomes easier to make your own logo.

Choose from hundreds of logo templates & styles

Whether you’re a pro designer, newbie, or non-designer, our custom logo maker tool has an in-built library of logo templates to choose from. Explore the library to find a variety of logo templates for your coaching, real estate, dental, cafe, or NFT business. Remember, the goal is to build brand recognition. Check and see which type of logo goes well with your brand. Once you’ve finalized the type, choose a template to proceed further. Our logo creator suggests all the different types of logos.

Personalize the layout, fonts & colors of your logo.

Our logo generator lets you customize your logo with ease. Once you select the one you like, use the editor to customize its font, color, or layout. You can also change the tagline if required. Designhill’s free online logo maker simplifies editing for anyone, irrespective of their skill level. After the customization is done, you can check the mockup of your brand logo on various products like apparel, billboards, cups, letterheads, brochures, and many others for a desired look and feel.

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I wanted something good for my brand and that’s how I found this tool. It helped me make my logo in minutes. Their logo creator is absolutely simple to use. It cost me just a few dollars, and I couldn’t just believe that I saved a lot!

Jonathon Munoz

Jonathon Munoz Nature Bliss 15 hours ago

Nature Bliss Farming logo

Good in-built library, color choices, and font selection. I tried many other tools, but found this one up to my expectations. It saved my money and time both. The ease of use is what makes this tool good for small business owners like me. Customization and a library of icons are worth exploring features.

Andrew Jacob

Marine Smith Swimera 17 hours ago

Swimera logo maker template

Professional results! Simply loved the looked of my education logo. This logo creator tool is easy to operate for people like me who don’t know how to design. Even I asked my family and friends whether the logo looked good and they all agreed that it looked quite professional. So, it was a win-win for me.

David William

David William Elevate Education 19 hours ago

Elevate education logo

Despite little to no design experience, I was able to create a cool coaching logo for my coaching centre. This custom logo builder is easy to navigate, has so many options to choose from, very professional results. Good job guys!

David Johns

David Johns Easier Way 22 hours ago

Coaching emblem

At first I didn’t like the logo created using this logo builder. So, I tried again and got what I exactly wanted. Its easy to use interface makes everything so simple.

Alber Henry

Alber Henry Elitechamps 2 days ago

Elitechamps business logo ideas

Excellent platform! Very easy and intuitive. A plethora of options is available that go above and beyond the typical bland designs found on other websites. This is the first logo creator that I have been satisfied with.

Vicky Walsh

Vicky Walsh Urban Leading Solutions 2 days ago

Urban Leading Solutions AI logo

I just can’t express how happy I was when I used this tool. My home-based cloud kitchen now has a logo for people to recognize my business. Budget-friendly and professional tool.

Nina Lorens

Nina Lorens Sweetherapy 3 days ago

modern kitchan logo

Everything was arranged except the logo for my yoga studio. Tried this AI logo maker for the first time and I instantly liked it. The smooth functionality made it possible for a non-designer like me to create my own logo.

Kerry Lim

Kerry Lim Divine Yoga 3 days ago

design a business logo

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is an AI logo maker?

AI logo maker is an online tool that helps you create a business logo in minutes. It comes pre-loaded with thousands of logo templates and elements to be used to your advantage. No specific design skill is required with this tool as it generates a brandmark based on your inputs and element selection. 


How long does it take to create a logo?

With logo generator tool, it takes just a few minutes to make a logo.


Do I get my logo in vector format?

Except the basic logo package, you get your logo in vector file format under the premium and enterprise packages.


Can I customize my design?

Absolutely! Designhill logo creator enables you to personalize the look and feel of your logo the way you like. All you need to do is select a logo from the generated ones, click, and open the logo in the editor.

Change the color, background, layout, font, and any element you like. Save the changes and download your logo in the required file formats.


How much does a logo cost on Designhill?

The logo cost varies according to the package you choose. We, at Designhill, have three logo packages
for entrepreneurs, startups, and small to mid-sized companies. These include:
• Basic logo starting at $20
• Premium logo starting at $65
• Enterprise logo starting at $125
Basic logo package: We have created this package specifically for those who are keen to join the
bandwagon of entrepreneurship but without breaking their bank. This package gets you a PNG logo file
with basic resolutions. Based on your needs, you can upgrade to our Premium Package anytime by
paying the difference amount.
Premium logo package: It is the most popular package among business owners. This package provides
you with a high-resolution logo file that you can use for your social media accounts, website, printing,
packaging, and branding. In short, this package has everything you need for a successful brand
establishment. Under this package, you get:
• High-resolution logo
• Transparent background
• Vector EPS,PNG, PDF and SVG files
• Black/White versions
• Lifetime phone support
• Print-ready file
• Full copyright/ownership
• Font names and colors
• EPS that stands for Encapsulated Post Script file
You can download your sample logos under the “Premium Package” by just clicking on the “Download
Sample” button.
Enterprise logo package: We have designed this package for people who need to customize their logo
using an expert designer. This package includes everything that’s there in the Premium Package along
with a high-resolution logo file usable on your website, social media, for printing, packaging as well as
branding, and more.
In short, it’s a complete package offering everything you would require for your well- established
business. For any further changes, you can work with a designer. Share your inputs and suggestions for

enhancing the appeal of the logo and they will assist you with your requirements. This whole process
takes around 2 to 5 business days, post-purchase for completion.


What if I don’t find any icons I like?

If you don’t like any icon, you can custom create on your own. Alternatively, you can take the help of a designer.


How many colors can I choose from?

You can choose at least three colors from a palette of twelve, or you can let the system choose colors for you.


How do I make my own logo for free?

You can use Designhill’s logo maker online to create logos for free. But you'll need to pay a nominal charge when you want to download it. See our packages for a better understanding of the price.


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