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  • Profile: Sujain Thomas is a DBA expert who works with to optimize database for larger websites. She leads a team of junior DBAs who try to provide complete database solutions to all sites and clients online.
Web Design Ideas for SEO Campaign

Things you Need to Know about Web Design Essentials for SEO 2017

SEO is essential for any business which has an online presence. Without proper optimization, a website will just get lost in the clutter that is today’s web. That is why SEO should be implemented right from the initial stages of web design and development. If you want to make your site climb to the top … Continue reading

SEO Strategy in 2017

Why You Must Make Your Website Design a Core Part of Your SEO Strategy in 2017

Website design and search engine optimization are usually considered to be completely separate entities. However, experienced digital marketers insist that there is an integral connection between the two. While keywords, meta tags and titles, content, and backlinks are vital elements of search engine marketing, especially with Google saying that content and links are the first … Continue reading

Website Design

What Are The Effects Of The Database On Website Design?

A database and a website need to work hand in hand to deliver an excellent UX. To understand database driven websites is to open the Pandora’s Box of site performances. While many website designers still think that only large websites should adapt a database driven design, we believe, even the niftiest web pages will benefit … Continue reading