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How To Create A Quick Lettering Post For Social Networks

by Designhill Tweet - in Webinar

Quick Lettering Post

Last updated on December 15th, 2022

There are plenty of ways to make a long-lasting impression on a target audience using social media. All businesses, marketers, influencers, etc. use different methods and tricks to grab attention and have a fair share of loyal subscribers. Amongst such tricks is to post a text using lettering art. Designhill conducted an online lettering workshop where lettering expert Agustina Daniela showed how to create a lettering post quickly for social sites. Have a look!

You use social media to be in touch with your community. Or, as a business owner, you explore social channels to promote your brand. In both cases, a lettering post has the ability to convey your message strongly. Lettering is an artistic expression that you can use to catch your subscribers’ attention.

However, first, you need to know the right way to use software to create lettering art. Once you know it, you can create lettering art and post it. You can post your message with attractively created lettering also on certain occasions.

Designhill organized a workshop on the topic – How to Create A Quick Lettering Post For Social Networks, on 21st April 2021. The intention was to equip social media users with the basics of creating lettering art quickly.

During the workshop, the lettering expert Agustina Daniela showed the steps from start to finish to do the lettering art. She showed how to create the canvas, background, select colors, use grid, etc. on Procreate.

About Agustina Daniela

Agustina is a graphic designer based out of Argentina. She is currently working on editorial design and lettering. Four years ago, she started her website and small business working in commissions and stickers in August.

In this post, we’ve shared the workshop video and transcript in the form of Q/A so that you can learn more about creating a quick lettering post for social media platforms.

Transcript (Q/A): Here Is How To Create A Lettering Post Quickly For Your Social Networks

Open Procreate and create a new project

Agustina Daniela: First, open the Procreate program on your iPad. The first thing we’ll see is all the words that are piled up in our gallery and we will create a new one now. So we’re going to press on the plus sign here at the top on the right. This is how we will create our new project.

Pick the right square

Agustina Daniela: I recommend using the mode square that has 2048 by 2048 pixels. It comes with the program as default. Then we will create our canvas and these measures are good for working and posting on social networks.

Choose a background and a first layer

Agustina Daniela: As we press on the layer, we will choose our background. That’s how we will start working with the first layer. We can choose the one background with the color format. We can see the background and change the color. So, we go back to the panel layer to create more elements with it.

Choose your brush

Agustina Daniela: Now, we choose our brush. You can see that Procreate brings a whole library of brushes. We can choose from different textures and stamps and strokes. To begin with, I’m choosing the monoline brush.

Draw lines and drop color

Agustina Daniela: I will draw some irregular lines on the corners and then I’m going to feel the image. So, what we can do to fill in the image is to drop the color that we had chosen and drag it into the picture.

Make a new layer to add elements

Agustina Daniela: Okay, so now we will make a new layer to continue adding elements to our post. I use a grid builder that has some premade grids from which I choose and you can use other ones as well.

So, I can use these grids or I can go to the key icon and choose to create a UF canvas. Or, use the ones that appeared there. I go to the drawing guide and I activate that mode.

Another layer for text

Agustina Daniela: So, now I will create another layer to draw in creating my text. And so, I will choose another brush. In this case I will use a pencil brush. This brush is different from the monoline brush because of the pressure that I apply when doing the stroke

So, I will write using the lines on the backside guide. I will write out the simple short words. So in the places where you see a thick line is where I applied more pressure and the thinner ones are because I let go a little bit of the pressure.

Choose yet another layer

Agustina Daniela: So, now I will choose another layer, another corner and another brush. The brush that I’m going to use now is called roller and it doesn’t have a different texture. It stays the same with knowing regular practice strokes. With the bars on the side, we can choose the strokes. Or, choose the one on the bottom to show us the opacity.

So, I’m drawing with my roller brush and as you can see there is no variation in the letters. If I want to move it I just press on the arrow and I can move it wherever I want. He will kind of select it and that’s how we will move it.

So, we already have two words – Hello Sunshine– with different brushes. And now we’re going to perfect it because we want to decorate those words.

Select layer panel

Agustina Daniela: I will select on my layer panel the first two words that appear and I will drag them to the right. so then I select the two words with the arrow and I will move them

Add shades

Agustina Daniela: So, now we will add some shading and other decorations. The first shading that I will explain is the hard shadow or those simple ones. To create these shadows, we have to drag the word to the left and we will duplicate the word

So, we will see that we have two similar words. Now we will choose the one at the bottom, the second one. When we select that one, we move it a little bit to the bottom and the right.

Now, I will use another quarter to differentiate it. There are many ways to do this. But I will show you the way that I usually used to change it.

What I do here is to go to the layer panel by double-clicking on the second word. You will open a menu and I choose alpha block.

Use of a thick brush

Agustina Daniela: Then, we go back to the library of brushes and I choose the one that I use at the beginning, the model line one. I put it very thick, I go to the highest thickness it has. Then, I will paint over the word and you’ll see how how the color changes

We can leave it like that, move it, or use the blur to make it look more like a shadow. Then we go to the magic one icon to choose the motion blur fight.

Then we choose a Layer and we move a little bit to the right and a little bit to the left so that we can select how blurry we want it.

Then, select another layer and we will do a different style of shading. We can create a new layer on top of that. With this click, I select the actual color to create the current folder and I will choose a darker one.

Use of inking brush

Agustina Daniela: So I go to my brush library and I choose a different brush, this one is called inking. With this, I draw a shadow either by the left side or from the right side.

Remember that if the light comes from the left we will draw our shadow on the right and vice versa. Since my light is coming from the left, I will drop all my shadows on the right side of each letter.

Now we have our posts ready with two words with all the shadows drawn, but I’m not quite happy with the color of my first word. So, I will change it. And we will use the same procedure that we used at the beginning to change the color of the word.

Changing the color and opacity

Agustina Daniela: We are going to choose the layer with our word, and we’re going to go to the alpha block again. Then, I will select the monoline brush for lettering. We can do this with every layer that we want to change. For example, if we go to Layer one, we can change the same decoration we’re using the same method

We can change the color as many times as we like and we can also change the opacity. That means we change how transparent the words are going to be. So for example, if I think that the shadow is too dark, I may want to be less seen. Then, I will choose the letter N. And as you can see I moved to the left, and that way you will change the opacity You will be less opaque every time I go to left

New layer for texture

Agustina Daniela: We can choose to add texture. And for that, we create a new layer and we go to the brush library. So, in this case, I will choose some dots to be on the back. Since I want them to be clear, I will go to the opacity index and go to the left to make it more clear. Then we can do as we like here. We can add things anywhere.

Save the file in PNG format

Agustina Daniela: So, when our post is ready, what we have to do is save it and then export it to us on social media. What I always recommend is for you to save it in PNG format. This PNG format is ideal for posts that don’t have any pictures. The ideal thing is to save it on JPEG but since this one doesn’t have any pictures we should save it in PNG format.

Share it on social media

Agustina Daniela: So, we can share it on social media immediately or we can save it to our iPad or another device. What I will do is to save the image to use later. So I will not touch any of the icons on the top. I will go to where it says save image. Now we can see if we go to our photo panel. that the picture is now saved with all the other ones. And I think that for today that will be all

Designhill: What application are you using to create this artwork?

Agustina Daniela: I used the application Procreate. It’s a paid application, but you can download it from the Play Store. It is very useful for lettering. But you can do many other things. You can create your own sticker GIFs in other images, and you can select many from many brushes. So it’s very useful for creating new designs and illustrations.

Designhill: Are there any other recommended applications besides Procreate to make a hand lettering design?

Agustina Daniela: Other options are Photoshop and another application that is called Adobe fresco. It has the same type of brush and rules and works pretty much the same. You also have to pay for it but it has very similar elements.

Designhill: Which are the best places or websites to download the brushes?

Agustina Daniela: The brushes that are used come with the Procreate program. But you can also choose from other platforms and you can pay and download them. You can also directly buy them from different designers that create them.

Stephen Combs or Ganz Yara Yan Burner, Guinea EMBA Shem Baba, and Knouse La are the designers that you can buy directly from them. What I used in the program already is there in the appropriate program and I use other brushes that I bought from them. But the ones that are used today are in the application

Designhill: Are there applications available for mobile phones as well to do the lettering?

Agustina Daniela: Yes, there are applications that you can use. Procreate has a special format or version that you can use on a cell phone and it’s called procreate pocket. Then, you can also use the one that I mentioned before. Or, Adobe sketch that you can download and in your cell phone and you can also use in your iPad with those versions.

Designhill: Can you suggest some books or articles to learn lettering more?

Agustina Daniela: Yes, I recommend two books. The first one is by Martina floor. It’s called The Secrets of Lettering and then another one by Stefan Coons which is called The Art of Lettering.

Designhill: Can you please explain how to change color with the alpha lock method again?

Agustina Daniela: We open our layer panel, and we choose the layer in which the word that we want to change appears, and we double click on that layer. Then I follow up or blockier alpha is the selection of anything we have to make sure that the alpha block option is ticked, I had it already on and I took it off and I put it on again to make it.

If I take out the option of a block, I will start painting and he will paint outside of the word but I want to change for the intro. but if I select and it shows that he has the tick, then the changes that I do with the color will appear on the word. I mean, it will change the color of the word.

So, practice these tips regularly from Agustina and within a few days, you can create lettering posts on your own using Procreate software.

If you are a designer who wishes to showcase and sell your own lettering art, then visit PrintShop by Designhill. At this site, you can open your online shop to sell your art at your set price and earn an attractive profit. You can reach out to many thousands of prospective clients and buyers of your art at the PrintShop.

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Wrapping Up

Lettering posts can liven up a message to make it more acceptable. But, you need to learn the art so that you can create letters on your own using the software. Lettering expert showed how to use Procreate when using backgrounds, colors, grid, shades, canvas, and other elements to do lettering quickly.

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