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Get Started With Flyers: The Complete Guide To Flyer Sizes, Types And Dimensions

by Designhill Tweet - in Flyer Design

Get Started With Flyers: The Complete Guide To Flyer Sizes, Types And Dimensions

Flyers are generally taken as the low-cost marketing materials for small businesses. But, these leaflets are much more than a thin sheet of paper. Flyers can tremendously enhance your market reach at once without spending much time and money. However, it’s important to pick the right flyer sizes and flyer types to make the utmost impact on your potential customers. In this post, we have shared the complete guide on sizes, types and dimensions of flyers that you must know to create an amazing impact. Have a look.

Small businesses usually have a tiny marketing budget that does not permit them to go for expensive marketing strategies.

For them, flyers are the best options to introduce their new products or services to the people. Even when a business is well known, it uses flyers to announce discounts, give coupons, etc.

Flyers are versatile marketing tools. Generally, marketers use a thin sheet of paper and hand it out to the passers-by.

People have a quick glance at the information in bold headings and body text. Then, they throw away the paper or take it with them home to use it for shopping information later.

Thousands of people can see your flyers in a day. Therefore, it has a massive reach amongst people if you continue with this marketing tactic for a few more days.

However, you need to pick the right type of flyers, paper, and size in order to get maximum results out of your flyer marketing campaign. When you create a flyer, do not deviate from the basics much.

Here Is The Complete Flyer Guide To Keep You Updated On The Basics. But First, You Should Know:

Why are flyers important to businesses?

Businesses commonly use flyers. But, why these leaflets are so important that everyone makes them an integral part of reaching out to the masses.

A primary purpose of a flyer is to promote a product, service, or event. Businesses use flyer marketing to generate awareness for some events, concerts, restaurant openings, or announce some limited-time discounts offers.

Mostly, flyers are distributed at a gathering of people whom business owners see as potential customers.

Flyers are versatile effective marketing means. Businesses have been using different leaflet sizes for years to promote products or services. One of the most common uses of flyers has been for announcements of special offers.

Flyers marketing is still alive and kicking in this digital advertising age. These cost-effective tools can help grab customers’ attention and increase sales.

What are the major advantages of using a flyer?

i. Quick Access To The Information

Flyers are a simple piece of paper that provides crucial information to potential customers. They can quickly read about any special offer from a business on the move. The flyer design usually has large fonts that people can instantly read.

Customers can get the information right away. This means that you can deliver important details in an instant to many thousands of people without taking their time much.

ii. Reduce Your Marketing Costs

Flyer marketing is cost-effective, and small businesses can easily afford it. There is no huge amount of money involved to print flyers.

Just design one flyer using your computer, and then produce as many copies you want using photocopying machines. Even high-quality offset printing of flyers is mostly affordable for businesses if many copies are produced.

iii. Produce Flyers Instantly

Unlike other marketing mediums, flyers take minimum time to design and print. Even you can create a flyer design and print it within a day. But take the help of a professional designer so that your flyers can make a desired impact on the customers.

iv. Give Incentives To Your Customers

Flyers are one of the most effective marketing tools to give incentives to customers right away. For instance, you can give coupon codes and vouchers. This helps in drawing customers’ interest in an event to generate awareness or offer discounts.

v. Increase Your Reach To The Masses

Your reach to masses increases manifold using flyers. Since you distribute flyers standing at a roadside or by the side of an event, every passerby sees your content. They can quickly know about your offers while they are on the move.

Or, just stick the flyers at any vertical surface, and many thousands of people will see it daily. This means that millions of people in a crowded place will come across your flyers.

Here Are Some Prominent Examples Of The Common Use Of Flyers:

  • For opening of new small businesses such as restaurants, bars, clubs, etc.
  • Announcements of events.
  • Sheets handed over to people at the sidelines of a conference or trade show.
  • As inserts in newspapers / magazines.
  • As handouts.
  • Used as an information sheet as part of a promotional campaign.
  • To advertise local businesses.

What are the different flyer sizes?

Now that you understand that flyers must be in your marketing arsenal make sure you choose the perfect flyer size. Good knowledge of it will help you save money as well as reach out to the masses. So, know which right flyer size will suit the most to your marketing campaign.

Know that not all flyer dimensions are a perfect solution for every purpose. For example, if you want to notify people about your new product launch, then A5 flyer will probably be the best choice. But in case you need to slip a flyer into a goody bag, then a pint-size A7 flyer is a better option.

These are the major flyer sizes you can pick for marketing purpose:

Flyer Sizes

Do not ignore the importance of choosing a flyer size beforehand. You will have to consider an artwork space on which you will create a flyer design.

So, make sure that you pick the right size so that all your design elements, such as text and images, can be accommodated easily. That is important to make a flyer for marketing.

While printers have no issues in printing any flyer size, still 8-1/2-by-11 inches is generally considered standard flyer size. Note that most flyers are printed on one side of the flyer paper.

In the US, usually, 8.5″ x 11″ is the standard flyer size for posting purposes. This size is also the size of a piece of computer paper in the US. When it comes to picking the smaller flyer sizes, the most common ones include Letter size: 8.5″ x 11″ or A4: 8.3″ x 11.7″, A5: 8.3″ x 5.8″, A6: 5.8″ x 4.1″, and DL (dimension lengthwise): 8.3″ x 3.9″ or one-third of A4.

Some Tips For Picking The Right Flyer Size

When thinking about the flyer sizes, pay attention to some tips. Make sure that you pick the right size when using flyer templates online to create it digitally.

i. Content

Your flyer design will largely depend on the content of your flyer. So, choose a larger letter size flyer, such as A4 to convey more information. In case you want to mail out flyers, then choose a size that fits well into an envelope. So, select flyer size A6 or DL.

ii. Place

It would help if you also considered the place where you want to distribute flyers. Do you want to stick flyers to walls? Are you thinking of including a lot of information in the flyer design?

iii. Creativity

If you wish to be a little bit more creative, think of picking maybe a square size flyer. Resembling the Instagram logo, square flyers are also great for social media stars.

iv. Type of Business

Pick the flyer size, also considering your type of business. For instance, you can choose long flyers for your restaurant and cafe menus, bars, saloons, and spa treatment lists.

Similarly, you can opt for half-page flyers if you want to give a lot of information with images. Such flyers are usually handed out at trade events.

v. Printing Cost

Another factor in determining the flyer sizes will be the cost of the printer. What is the cost of printing flyers with a particular printer? That cost will also influence the choice of the flyer size you will pick.

What are the major types of flyers?

Flyers are available to business owners in many types when they choose this medium for brand promotion.

Here Are The Major Types Of Flyers

01. Handbills

Handbills are the types of flyers containing very little text. Such handbills are usually printed on ordinary paper. Mostly, businesses prefer handbills for mass distribution. For instance, they insert handbills with newspapers and magazines.


Businesses use handbills to promote an upcoming event or sale such as a new movie release, new event opening, a discount coupon, etc.

02. Posters

A poster is also a type of flyer printed with graphic designs and has images, infographics, and other information. Such a poster is generally pasted on a wall and the flyer sizes are usually larger.


Passers-by get information at a glance when they see these posters on any vertical surface. Generally, such poster designs are used to promote events, concerts, films, etc.

03. Pamphlets

Pamphlets are the types of flyers, also known as leaflets. These are loose sheets. These paper sheets are commonly used for mass distribution and are printed on the paper’s normal quality.

The purpose is to distribute the information to as many people as possible. These are excellent flyers for brand awareness.


04. Marketing Flyers

Marketing flyers are the ones that are hung on door handles. Everyone notices these flyers on the door nobs, making them the most cost-effective to promote products or services. Such a flyer is printed with a hole to slide it onto door handles of restaurants, shopping areas, business complexes, and even homes.

Marketing Flyers

05. Digital Flyers

There is no printing involved, and instead, the design material of these flyers is saved in a digital file. You can email this file, or it can be used on a website. But make sure that the file can be used and viewed by different computer programs.

Digital Flyers

Choose The Right Flyer Materials

Besides flyer sizes, one of the major considerations to make while using flyers as part of your marketing campaign is the right choice of materials.

You can pick the flyer material from many options depending on your flyer’s shapes, sizes, and purpose. There are different paper types to choose from.

Generally, flyers have a short life. Therefore, the printing paper used for them is of lower quality, which is inexpensive.

However, many flyers marketers use high-quality paper as well for a specific purpose. For instance, a durable paper will be used to stick flyers in a call center wall if the flyer tells about customer service procedures.

Remember that the paper quality matters as it also says something good or even bad about your brand identity. The paper quality helps in achieving your marketing objectives.

For example, if you use high-quality paper for flyers, it helps raise awareness about your luxury brand. So, to project a better image of your brand, you can choose a thicker paper that gives a quality feel.

You will tell the designer about the flyer sizes, but give also a hint of the paper material to your graphic designer.

The designer will know about the type of audience you are addressing through the flyers by judging the paper quality. This will help in creating the design accordingly.

Note that the thickness of the paper is measured in gsm [ grams per square meter].

Here Are The Types Of Paper Flyers:

  • Silk – This paper is made of silk fibers and is usually preferred to advertise luxurious products. It is slightly shiny in appearance and is commonly used for flyers.
  • Gloss – A glossy paper has a bold shiny coating and has a polished finish. Use this paper if you wish to create some colorful images of text to enliven them to life.
  • Kraft – Kraft paper is made from fully recycled paper, and therefore, it gives a rustic vibe. Mostly, this paper for flyers is commonly used to generate awareness about the environment or green-related issues or brands.

These are the key tips that you should pay attention to while planning to use flyers for marketing your products or services. Hope that this flyer guide helps you.

Make sure that you pick the right flyer sizes considering your specific purpose. If you continue to do flyer marketing for even a few months, you will give a tremendous boost to your business in many ways.

However, make sure that your flyer design idea is unique and grabs the attention instantly. You can outsource creating your flyers to Designhill, which is a leading creative marketplace.

At this marketplace, thousands of flyer designers wait for your design contest. Just set an attractive prize for the contest winner and get the winning design in a short period as per your brief.

Wrapping Up

Flyers are one of the most cost-effective marketing means that can deliver you the maximum results. But, choosing the right flyer size and types are also important. Consider your specific purpose of a flyer in picking the flyer size. A common standard size is preferable for most purposes. For marketing of luxurious products, use a shiny costly paper; otherwise a common cheap paper is generally best.

Get Your Flyer Design

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