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10 Reasons Why You Should Start Selling On PrintShop

by Henny Kel Tweet - in Printshop Basics

Last updated on March 9th, 2022

In today’s world where everything is getting digital, like, from banking to movies, ticketing to buying products, artists are also looking for various opportunities to team up with top platforms to sell their artworks, online. As, selling art online seems an easy, convenient & cost-effective route to artists rather than following the old pursuit of showcasing their work at physical galleries or shops and then, wait for the clients. Instead, they can start selling on PrintShop and take advantage of its massive audience. In short, selling on PrintShop holds multiple advantages for artists.

Today, users are more interested in searching and buying products online rather than shopping offline. For them, it’s like when you can search and order online, then what’s the point to take the pain to go outside.

A Poll By NPR (National Public Radio) And Marist College Shows:

i. 76% of U.S. consumers shop online, whether it’s retail products or artworks.

ii. Frequency of online shopping is 25%; who at least shop once in a month or 4 weeks.

This shows how much our audience is depended on online platforms for their basic needs and love online ordering. This is a major reason that motivates artists to look for various ways to sell their artworks online.

For them, the modern digital world of online shops can be advantageous and help them to grow in many ways. As such platforms will save them from the hassle of spending on the door to door marketing, wait for potential clients or creating separate online platforms for them.

Artists and designers can make good use of the reputed online platform, PrintShop, by registering themselves to sell art. It’s a dedicated site for selling all kinds of art on a single platform. PrintShop by Designhill is one of such fastest emerging platforms for artists that comes loaded with the latest beneficial features that help artists to sell art and make money online.

Want to Sell Your Artwork?

Upload your artwork on PrintShop by Designhill and get massive exposure. You can sell your artwork on dozens of products to millions of customers worldwide. Thousands of artists and designers have already started. Now, it’s your turn to sell your art and earn big!
Sell Your Artwork

Here Are Some Key Benefits When You Start Selling On PrintShop By Designhill

01. Trustworthy Platform

Online platforms are increasingly becoming a favorite of artists to earn a livelihood by selling artworks. The confidence that freelance artists today enjoy in online selling platforms can be gauged from some statistics.

According to a survey, The value of the global art market was estimated to be 67.38 billion USD in 2018, out of which the share of the online art market was 4.64 billion USD. This shows the increasing use of online sites for art sales.

Start Selling On PrintShop

Amongst all such platforms, PrintShop has emerged up as a dependable source for freelancers when it comes to finding customers and generating sales. This site is owned by Designhill, which is already known today as the world’s leading creative marketplace for artists and graphic designers.

It means that the artists are assured of a greater audience of clients already readily available due to Designhill’s reputation to the artists. Right from the opening of the shop to getting the payments from the sales, every step comes with the assurance of the brand Designhill.

02. Wide Range Of Product Categories

Artists create a variety of artworks as per their choice and passion. Considering this, PrintShop offers them a wide range of categories under which they can upload their creative pieces.

how to start selling on PrintShop

These categories include Men’s, Women’s, Kids & Babies, Accessories, Posters, and Home & Living. In the first three categories, you can put your illustrations or hand-lettering styles on different apparel such as T-shirts, hoodies, long sleeves, custom baby bodysuits, etc.

You can upload your artistic creations on phone cases and bags in the accessories section. Under the poster category, all of your travel, typography, landscape, vintage, animal, etc. themed posters can be uploaded for sales. So, all of your creative art pieces can find a place on this site.

03. Set Your Price And Profit

One of the chief reasons why you should start selling on PrintShop is its flexibility to set prices. This site allows you to set the sales price of your artworks all by yourself. So, depending on your recognition in the art market, you can sell your creative works at high prices. If you are a fresher, you can set the prices at a low level to entice the customers.

Set Your Price And Profit

However, the site lets you follow a basic structure of setting the prices right. First, you should calculate the base price which includes the cost of making the art. It includes the money you spend on buying colors, equipment, etc.

Then, add to it the profit you would like to earn. The total of these two is the right price for your artwork. So, consider your art quality, your standing in the art market, etc factors in determining the right level of prices.

04. Massive Database Advantage

Another great advantage when you start selling on Printshop is its huge database of the parent company Designhill. This creative marketplace has a dedicated massive customer database. A majority of them are business owners who are looking for various creative designers and can be your potential customers of artworks.

Massive Database Advantage

When you sell on PrintShop, you access this database automatically. This means that your uploaded art pieces get unlimited exposure to the customers and the artist community. This could be your readymade customer base which you can exploit for selling your works.

05. Free Promotion And Marketing

Fresher artists do not have much knowledge of how to start selling online with marketing tactics. So, they soon realize that their time and energy are consumed more by marketing than their core activity of creating art.

Many such artists get frustrated soon. To address this issue, PrintShop takes the responsibility of promoting and marketing the artworks displayed in the shop.

Free Promotion & Marketing

The site will promote your artworks and market them on the massive platform of Designhill through blogs and other resources. The customer database of the site is already accessible to the artist.

Delivery of the sold art products to the buyer’s doorstep is also the responsibility of the site after the transaction between the artist and the buyer has completed.

06. Decent Regular Earnings

When pondering how to sell art online, a regular decent income is the prime concern of an artist. At PrintShop, artists can expect to sell artworks to increasing numbers of art lovers and business people. This is because of the efforts that this site puts in to promote and market an artist before the local and global audiences.

Start Selling On PrintShop

So, buyers are expected to visit an artist’s works at PrintShop from social media and other platforms that this site has targeted for marketing. This ultimately results in regular steady income for the artists.

07. Manage Printing And Shipping

A great advantage when artists start selling on PrintShop is that this site manages the entire process of printing shipping. All you need to do is to order the site to print the illustration, image, or hand lettering on custom tshirt, hoodies, or mobile case, etc. products and ship it to the customer’s address.

Manage Printing And Shipping

You can choose from two printing options – Screen printing and Direct-to-Garment printing. Under screen printing, you need to order more than six garments for printing. Opt for screen printing to print only one color at a time and this restricts the number of colors on a t-shirt.

The direct-to-garment option is mostly used for orders of less than six garments. This technique allows for the printing of images in higher detail without restriction on the number of colors.

08. Easy Payment

Another benefit when you start selling on PrintShop is its easy and trustworthy payment procedure. When an artist or designer sells an artwork or design product at PrintShop, the procedure to get paid by the customer is simple and quick. All you need to do is to select the withdrawal method.

Easy Payment

You have two withdrawal options: PayPal and Payoneer. That is your account and you can request for the withdrawal of an amount. Just enter the amount you want to get from the account and submit your request.

The accounts team at PrintShop of Designhill will process your request quickly and let you have the money. So, this is a payment procedure that you can rely on for a transparent way to get the payment from customers.

09. Quick Customer Support

The success of a platform that delivers services to its valued customer depends also on how it deals with the issues faced by them. Customers’ problems should be promptly resolved so that they can enjoy the services.

Customer Support

That is true with PrintShop as well. Any issue that the artists, designers, or customers face while enjoying their presence at the site or during a transaction, they can directly report it to this platform. Backed by Designhill’s trustworthy customer support, you are assured of resolving an issue then and there.

10. Membership Of The Elite Designer Community

When thinking of how to start selling on printshop another benefit of PrintShop is that you have access to elite designer and artist community. Designhill has massive data of the artists and designers who regularly visit this site including PrintShop to get work or to sell art.

You can join that community of experienced professionals to learn from their experience and new works. That is a huge learning experience also for fresher artists like you.

Elite Designer Community

So, these key benefits of selling your artworks from PrintShop should encourage you to use this platform to your advantage. Considering this, this site can be your one window to sell and earn your livelihood as well as give a boost to your career as a freelance artist and designer.

Designhill not only owns PrintShop to help artists sell their art online but also helps them to find more work, enhance skills and make money as an artist as much they want. They can get plenty of work in the form of design contests and one-to-one projects at this leading creative marketplace.

Wrapping Up

Freelancer artists and designers should start selling on PrintShop for its multiple advantages. This platform from Designhill is loaded with benefits for the artists. They can showcase their best works for sale while the site takes responsibility to market, promote, and ship the art products. The artists can set their prices of art pieces for sale with a good profit margin. The payment process is transparent and easy. The massive database of the platform can be explored to find potential buyers of artworks.

Sell Your Art Online

I am a graphic, web designer and blogger with over 6 years experience. I am very passionate about anything related to design and spends copious amounts of time hidden behind a book or a screen and reading about design. Twitter



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