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Top 15 Freelance Illustrators For Hire In 2024

by Henny Kel Tweet - in Illustrator

10 Best Freelance Business Card Designers For Hire In 2024

Last updated on November 14th, 2023

An illustration is a way to visually communicate a feeling, a story, or a essage using images. In this method, illustrators use a combination of art and words. Mostly, illustration is considered as the best option when it comes to explaining or clarifying a complicated idea that is otherwise difficult to express. Many businesses, therefore, hire freelance illustrators to create something exciting and engaging that can hold people’s attention for a long time toward a brand.

The Importance Of Illustration

Illustration has conventionally been in use for telling a story and conveying the beliefs of a religion or society. People used symbols and images from ancient times to express their social and cultural messages.

It is because of the power of illustration that stories, art, and many other things from the distant past have come to us and helped to keep our traditions alive.

Sometimes, people do not want to read a text as they want to avoid putting stress on their mind. But when they see some illustration with a text, the chances are that many of them develop an interest in reading the text.

Such visualization of text makes reading a lot easier and engaging as well. For people with learning difficulties and disabilities, illustration becomes a tool to understand an issue.

Illustrations are useful in engaging a target audience. This is because images are responsible for evoking an emotional response as they stimulate our senses.

Therefore, illustrators use images to enhance the viewers’ imagination, which promotes free thinking. Skillful illustrators can even give a personality to words.

You can also use the illustration for building a perception of your brand amongst target customers. This is because the images are a great way to tell a brand story and message.

Marketers understand that the use of illustration is effective in encouraging people to buy something. So, they hire not only professionals for graphic design jobs but also illustrations.

The importance of illustration is in catching the potential buyers’ eye immediately when there are already dozens of unique designs around us.

If you look at illustrations, most of them stand out with the unique use of colors, typefaces, and images. But these designs are not just about exclusive use of design elements. They also tell a story or mood.

Types Of Illustrations

Illustrations come in a wide range of varieties. Many of them are stoic self-portraits. Others are minimalist sketches. Then, some covers look more like a styled photograph.

You can also find plenty of illustrations that look abstract, which does not reveal a definitive meaning outrightly to the viewers. Such designs leave everything to the imagination of the audience.

How To Create An Impressive Illustration

If you aspire to be a freelance illustrator whom clients should take seriously, then pay attention to some basics to create something that stands out. Here are some points.

i. Know The Audience

Before starting your illustration process, make sure that you know who are the target customers or audience. The customer’s background and personality will be key to create a meaningful illustration.

ii. Think About The Emotions

Illustration all about stirring a viewer’s emotions. So, find out which set of emotions do you want to evoke from the audience.

iii. Get Inspiration

Take a look at some iconic illustrations from the past for inspiration. You can also get it from any other source including your own old sketchbooks.

iv. Pick The Right Color Scheme

Colors express feelings and emotions. Therefore, the impression you want to make will mainly be ensured by choosing the right colors.

v. Use Typography Carefully

Typography gives personality to any illustration and graphic design.

vi. Choose The Right Images

Since illustrations are image-based, choose images that are relevant to your brand. Instead of using cliched images, try to create something unique that can make the desired impact on viewers.

However, You need to have a lot of skills and experience to create mesmerising illustrations. Only such illustrations can help build your brand and bring customers.

So, Here Are Top Freelance Illustration Designers From Our List

01. Iuztin

Iuztin is an illustrator from Romania with many years of rich experience. The designer carries expertise also in other fields such as graphic design, digital matte painting, and calligraphy, which are useful skills in creating unique illustrations to convey a brand message.

So far, the professional has won 8 design contests in various categories, including illustration.

Freelance Illustrators

02. Daeron

Daeron holds 10 years of experience in creating visual identities for a wide range of clients from different industries. This professional from India is surely one of the best freelance illustrators worthy of your attention to creating unique visuals using images.

There are 21 design contest wins in the name of the professional. The professional is the right choice for freelance illustrator jobs.

Freelance Illustrator

03. Blue Day

Blue Day is amongst professional illustrators who can be trusted to handle your design or illustration project confidently.

This designer from the Philippines has won a whopping 275 design contests in almost all categories, including illustration and graphic design, reflecting the rich creative skills of the professional.

Freelance Illustrator Designer

04. Cj

Cj is an illustration designer from Malaysia. The designer has the right set of skills to work with unique ideas on your project involving illustration as a way to build your identity of a business.

So far, the illustrator has won 18 contests in various design categories. The professional is also a good pick when you intend to hire a freelance graphic designer.

illustration designer

05. Madein

Madein is an Italy-based designer who can bring her experience of working as an illustrator for many clients. With 36 design contest wins in her name, she is a worthy candidate when you think of hiring an illustrator to work in creating impressive visuals as an identity of your brand.

illustration designers

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06. Dwi Prasetyo

Dwi Prasetyo is one of the freelance illustrators you can depend on to create impactful visuals using images. This Indonesia-based professional designer carries experience also as a cartoonist, drawing artist, vintage artist, and tattoo artists. These skills give an additional touch of uniqueness to an illustration.

freelance illustration designer

07. Smartdesign

Smartdesign from Russian Federation has been working as an illustrator and graphic artist for over 20 years. This ace professional also works as a business illustrator, wall painting artist, character designer, digital painting artist, etc. There are 7 design contest wins recorded against this illustrator’s name.

freelance illustration designers

08. Elisabetta Amerio

Elisabetta Amerio from Italy and she is amongst the freelance illustrators you can hire to work to create your brand’s visual identities. She has won 5 contests in different design categories, including illustration.

Elisabetta Amerio

09. Nistor Radu Gabriel

Nistor Radu Gabriel is a Romania-based illustrator who has all the skills to create unique visuals that promote your brand. This professional can work confidently on your illustration project.

Nistor Radu Gabriel

10. Wynny

Wynny is one of the freelance illustrators who are equipped with the required set of skills to come out with unique visuals that are good enough to promote your brand message.


11. Pudja Pratama Sakti

Pudja Pratama Sakti has a collection of amazing illustrations in the portfolio with a variety of styles. The Indonesia-based illustrator and graphic designers possess a host of skills such as digital painting and vintage painting as well.

Pudja Pratama Sakti

12. Zakaria

Zakaria is another illustrator who carries the skill set required to create impressive images for giving your brand a unique identity. This designer from Bangladesh has expertise in other design fields as well.


13. Wilfred

Wilfred is one of the best illustrators whose experience and high-end skills will surely help you promote your brand in a competitive market.

The designer from the Philippines is also a digital artist, character artist, and digital painting artist, besides being a graphic designer. With these skills, this professional has won 15 design contests.


14. Zainny Azuar

Zainny Azuar is an illustrator designer and has many other skills such as digital painting. He also works as a visual artist. The designer has 20 contest wins so far in his name.

Zainny Azuar

15. Anuj Bhavsar

Anuj Bhavsar is one of the freelance illustrators who have expertise in creating an impressive illustration using a few elements. The visual designer is a perfect choice when you are hiring an illustrator to work with your marketing campaign team.

Anuj Bhavsar

These are the top freelance illustrators from our list. Go through their profile to compare them for skill levels and styles so that you can hire the one whose design style matches with your brand personality.

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Wrapping Up

An illustration is an effective way to entice potential customers to a brand by drive their attention quickly. But this is possible only when the illustration is unique and meaningful. Freelance illustrators are professionals who understand how to strategically use visuals to illustrate something purposeful related to your brand and send a message to the audience. These illustrators are experienced professionals with the right set of skills.

Find an Illustration Designer

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