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10 Most Appetizing Restaurant Menu Card Design4 min read

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This post was last updated on May 22nd, 2017 at 05:53 pm

Colorful and nice presentation of food items always plays a vital role in making the dishes appear more sumptuous and appetizing.  Keeping this at the threshold of core marketing strategy built-ups; many hotels and restaurants lay much stress on the creativity and uniqueness of their menu card design. Very true, menu cards indeed deliver a first-hand impression of the restaurant’s quality and the kind of delicacies being served there.

So, even though every restaurant has its own way of branding and unique methodologies to converse about its servings and delicacies, a nicely designed menu card is what they never compromise on.

we have compiled a list of 10 most appetizing restaurant menu card design that are sure to make your mouth water.


Big Steak Cordon Blue Menu Card Design[source youtube.com]

With colorful and lively pictures of dishes clearly aligned across the two corners, this menu card indeed serves the purpose of a real appetizer. The pictures of burgers are deliberately kept huge in size in order to lure the customers and to evoke hunger. The entire key ingredients peeping through the servings highlight the card’s true design USB!


traditional Restaurant Menu Card[Source bloggs74.com]

Realistic pictures of several food items and their artistic arrangement, all presented on subdued pastel color base make the card look very appealing.


Kulirma Restaurant Menu Card Design[Source ispsd.com]


A comparatively simpler yet royal looking Kulirma menu card design is decorated with only few dishes being presented but all in their true natural colors has made the card deliver a rich look.

The red color of the dishes against the brown background and lots of space across the card is the chief attraction of this card design.


Menu Card Designs[Source restobizindia.blogspot.com]

A really sumptuous looking menu card design indeed that makes it impossible for the foodies to settle down on only few tasty dishes! Clear bifurcation of veg, non-veg, donuts, ice creams and other fancies only on the basis of their elementary colors is truly marvelous.


Restaurant Menu Card[Source chris11art.deviantart.com]

Vintage style coloring and subtle backgrounds, the eatables and beverages tend to gain more in terms of their mouthwatering appeal.  The designer has incorporated white in larger amount to spell sophistication and luxury. The classic patterns designed around the food items also give the touch of elegance to the menu card design and make it more attractive.


Restaurant Menu Card[Source diningservices.tulane.edu]

Highlighting the restaurant’s main serving omelet pictorially while making the toppings options appear on a red base, the designer has tried to capture the true dining essence of non-vegetarian foodies. The use of formal sans serif font is to give the impression of quality and a formal environment in the restaurant.


Indian Menu Card Design[Source atninfo.com]

Such a colorful, great looking and mouthwatering menu card!  Every dish defining its own distinctive space, color and style reflects the commendable design artwork of the menu card designer.


Restaurant Menu Card design[Source tightdesigns.com]

Use of contrasting color scheme and making the delicious dishes appear from within the circles; the designer has effectively used every nook and corner of the menu card design work space. This in turn delivers a rich enticing look to the card.  White color gives relief to the eyes and helps in reading the menu text easily. Also, use of red and a hint of yellow in the subheadings give the menu a unique look.


limonceno Menu Card design[Source www.limoncello.ie]

Very simple and elegant menu card design in terms of dishes presentation and their perfect blending with the restaurant interiors! Restaurant detailing is what makes the card appear really attractive. The pictures of the restaurant interior plus the food items give assurance of good service to the customers.


Menu Card Design -10[source redey.deviantart.com]

Three folds menu card with minimum dish highlights, the card looks simplistic in design. However, its typical typography makes it an outstanding piece of artwork. Picture of a cup of coffee dominates the menu design to bring the customers’ attention to their main items.

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Where to look for designing your menu card?

Crowdsourcing is one of the cheapest means when you wish to create an impressive menu card design  for your restaurant. When scouting for these sites, Designhill can be your choice for its affordable prices and hundreds of professional designers available on the site. You can select a wining menu card design concept out of dozens of entries in response to your contest on the site without spending additionally.

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