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Top 10 Mobile Apps That Startup Entrepreneurs Love To Use

by Roy Millar Tweet - in Startups

Mobile Apps

Last updated on January 20th, 2023

Small business owners have little financial means and they need some assistance for an initial push in their niche markets. Mobile apps come to their rescue by providing a lot of useful tools for business growth. They can use these apps to their advantage in a variety of ways. The apps cover a wide range of useful aspects of doing business, which is especially helpful to startup entrepreneurs.

Twitter, Evernote and Dropbox are common tools that almost everyone uses. But startup entrepreneurs usually have a list of their own favorites when it comes to tools, resources and mobile apps in order to effectively manage and run their startup businesses.

Here, we present to you a list of 10 mobile apps that celebrity entrepreneurs’ love to use. We’re sure this list will compel you to try these tools and inspire you to search for other comparatively unknown mobile apps to make managing your startup an easy task.

And if you’re the inventive kind, you may come up with your own app or tool and get a customized mobile app design to meet your specific work related needs. You may share the following list of mobile apps with other entrepreneurs and spread some startup love.

Here Are 10 Mobile Apps That Startups, Entrepreneurs And Founders Love To Use

01. Clicky

Well-known blogger and author Michael Hyatt is fond of the popular mobile app, Clicky. He uses this online tool to monitor stats on his websites. He is so impressed with the app that he says, it presents the data in a more useful manner.’


This app is useful to find out if your website design is functioning well or not. If the design is faulty that it shows up in the stats from the app. The bounce rate will probably increase due to the faulty design. So, you can make correction in the web design based on the stats provided by the app.

02. Prismatic

Hiten Shah, co-founder of KISSmetrics and a famous tech entrepreneur, says that he cannot live without Prismatic. This mobile app helps him find and share awesome content quickly and easily. In fact, Hiten believes that Prismatic helps the content curation process faster and avoids fends off the necessity of visiting dozens of places to search for useful content.

Prismatic mobile app

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03. Buffer

Top American social media consultant, Jay Baer’s favorite tool is Buffer. This amazing tool enables you to read articles at your convenient time after adding those articles to the tool. This tool even allows you to post the article elsewhere automatically throughout the day making the entire information sharing process easier and convenient.


04. Jumpcat

Tim Frriss, best-selling author from New York Times, uses Jumpcat to store and retrieve copied or cut material from clipboard. This amazing tool saves time and lets you track what you’ve cut or copied from clipboard.

Jumpcat mobile app

05. 15Five

It is the tool that tops the popularity charts of Jack Calacanis, well-known entrepreneur and founder of several companies. He says that this mobile app helps greatly in developing deep relationship with teams efficiently and quickly.

mobiel app design

06. Keynote

Author of number of amazing books, Seth Godin reveals that Keynote is his favorite tool and he simply can’t live without it. Keynote is a brilliant tool that makes the entire presentation process rather easier and convenient.


07. Pocket

Get is the favorite tool of Dharmesh Shah, the CTO of HubSpot. He says that this tool is highly useful when you want to stay focused on what you are doing and helps in deferring the things so that you do not break you work flow.


08. Fantastical

Author of many books and chief evangelist at Canva, Guy Kawasaki loves to work with Fantastical to edit and see calendar. This mobile app helps you mark and create an event and intimates you about the same in real time.


09. HackerNews

A phenomenal blogger and author of many books, Leo Babauta loves to use HackerNews for ideas and inspiration. He says that HackerNews has been a good help in avoiding overly used stories and curate the unique and useful content. The mobile app comes out with new ideas that reach you unfiltered by the media.


10. TINYpulse

CEO and co-founder of SEOMoz, Rand Fishkin uses TINYpulse. This tool helps in surveying people. The tool allows for asking two questions to your subscribers, customers or followers. This is the way to get direct feedback from your website visitors.


What’s your favorite tool? The Internet is full of such unknown but highly innovative and useful mobile apps, so don’t wait any further, take the plunge and dog out your favorite mobile app today. You also need to consider the strategies of app monetization to make most out of your apps.

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These mobile apps are useful to startup entrepreneurs in many ways. You can do your daily chores of running a business smoothly. Right from managing your content to getting some inspirational ideas, there is a wide range of mobile apps available to the small businesses these days.

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Roy Miller is a visual artist and spends most of his time conceptualizing off-the-rack designs at popular crowdsourcing company, Designhill. In addition, he's a social media enthusiast,online market analyst and blogger. When not writing, he loves spending his time playing video games and watching sci-fi movies! Twitter

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