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6 Restaurant Logo Design Ideas that Make You Feel Wow

by Rehana Kumari Tweet - in Restaurant Logos - 2 min read

Last updated on September 5th, 2017

Most food connoisseurs will agree that it is the logo of a restaurant that compels them to try different cuisines and experiences. No wonder, most industry veterans and experts believe that a good restaurant logo design helps improve the brand recognition and gives a sense of character to a restaurant that consumers can easily connect with.

Here’s a hand-picked  of some impressive restaurant logo design and little insight into what makes these designs so special.

1. Olive Garden

oliver green restaurant logo designWith a logo so unique and colorful, it’s no wonder why Olive Garden tops the popularity charts amongst gluttons. This bewitching restaurant logo design is inviting enough to compel most foodies to sink their teeth into some of the yummiest Italian delicacies.

2. Domino’s Pizza

dominos restaurant logo designDomino’s Pizza’s logo depicts the shape of their basic servings; Pizza! Lying on two red squares, probably they are getting baked and ready to be served, red hot!

3. Oceanside Seafood

oceanside restaurant logo designIf you are fond of sea food, Oceanside Seafood’s logo is sure to bring water to your mouth! See how the fish is inviting you –“It’s a shore thing”. Well, it’s time to try out some appetizing seafood!

4. Dunkin’ & Donuts

dunkin donuts restaurant logo designThe two elaborations (Dunkin’ & Donuts) and their abbreviations DD in beautiful, young colors is sure to make all hearts throbbing. Dunkin’ & Donuts’ impressive restaurant logo design says a lot about America’s love donuts and coffee. Want some coffee? Make your way to Dunkin’ & Donuts!!!

5. Lilli Chilli

lillichilli restaurant logo designDo you crave spicy and chilly food? If you’re nodding your head in yes, Lilli Chilli’s attractive logo is sure to win your heart. With its catchy fonts and animation, this simple yet unique restaurant logo design makes it clear why most gluttons go ga ga over Lilli Chilli’s vegetarian delights.

6. Costa Coffee

costa coffee restaurant logo designWish to sip a cup of coffee? You will have to wait till the coffee beans are crushed! If you wish, you can see the beans at the centre of Costa Coffee’s bewitching logo. Now, you know the secret behind the tasty Costa Coffee.

These inspiring restaurant logo deigns, subtly embedded with meaningful messages, never fail to impress and inspire! So if you are all set to tap your creativity, read out our blog on 7 Interesting Logo Design Techniques That Redefine the Mores of Creativity.

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