How To Redesign Website Based On Your Customers’ Preferences

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How to Redesign Website Based On Your Customers’ Preferences

Last updated on May 31st, 2018

When you redesign website, it is an opportunity to rethink about your customers and how they have been using your website so far. A wise way to redesign a website is to know the users’ behavior on your website and then create the site once again as per their preferences.

While working on a website redesign project, a professional designer has overwhelming choices to make and sometimes decision to pick up the right option becomes a little harder. In fact, the decision becomes harder due to many visual choices, designs, functionalities and branding options available for website designers. Still, an experienced designer will opt for high-impact functionalities and form while undergoing for website redesign.

Here are some considerations that you should keep in mind while opting for redesign website .

Analyze Your Customers’ Activities On Your Website

Analyze customer activity before redesign website

Before you start for redesign website, take steps to understand your customers’ behaviors. This means that you must have a clear understanding of how your customers have been using your website so far.

If your website has a dashboard solution, you can easily find out the users’ behavior. The dashboard can quickly show you top-level metrics about how your customers have made use of your website, what features they liked or disliked and how much time they spend on your website. Make sure that, as a website designer, you have explored the website metrics to understand the motive behind users’ behavior when they visited your website.

To understand how customers use your website, you should analyze the performance of your web pages and their various segments. A deeper analysis of your website metrics will give you an insight on how your customers and visitors use your website. Basis this information, before redesign website you can create a framework for your site.

Customize Your Website Pages Based On Users’ Behavior

redesign website

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Once you know how your customers use your website, this information should be the basis for redesigning your web pages. The information helps a designer in personalizing web pages.  But while going for redesign website, do not forget to add your new business goals and objectives. The information about customers’ behavior and the business strategies should be well utilized when redesigning your website pages.

For example, if you are redesigning ‘thank you’ page, you can use the information you gathered from the registration form to personalize the page. Also, the designer can aim for making mobile-friendly web pages to ensure optimum visibility. The page may also feature a call to action button intended to guide new visitors to use your services or products.

Change Your CMS system

redesign website and CMS

When you redesign your website, it is also a time to analyze the performance of your Content Management System. If the CMS does not have an inbuilt security system and is incapable of creating automatic responsive design or does not help in optimizing your pages for SEO, then it makes sense to change the system. Switch to a better CMS that is capable of helping designers in building functional websites. Make sure that the new CMS allows you to personalize your web pages without making significant changes in your website design.

When getting a new CMS, make sure that it shows your personalized content to the customers or visitors. The system should support your website’s area that you intend to personalize for your customers.

Redesign Entire Website

Redesign Entire Website

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The information you get from customers’ behavior on your website is best utilized when you redesign the entire website and not just a few web pages. Your online visitor can use any of your website pages to gather information or avail your services. You should think about a holistic approach to give your customers a new user experience when planning to personalize your website.

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