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Common Mistakes to Avoid in Logo Creation

Ankit Roy by Ankit Roy Tweet - in Logo Design - 4 min read

Common Mistakes To Avoid In Logo Creation

Last updated on February 21st, 2018

Logos are essential to conveying a business message in an effective and visual way. This is because logos are the first symbols that people see on products or services and on ads. When marketers plan to enhance reach of a company and its business, they first look at its logo design. They make sure that logo is capable of sending the right signals to target audience to convey business attributes.

Unfortunately, many businesses do not pay heed to creating unique logo that stand out. Therefore, most of them end up getting fewer customers than expected. For them, value of logos is only in being a casual symbol of a company and its business. But in the competitive world of business, logos play a much bigger role. In fact, your professional logo design is crucial to creating a brand image of your business and getting you a constant stream of customers.

So, here are the common logo design mistakes that others make but you can avoid.

Avoid following trends – Logo design trends such as swooshes, bevels or glows are temporary. Moreover, many designers have already followed them. Therefore, trends ultimately end up in being nothing more than cliché. So, avoid imitating old or frequently used designs. To avoid the trends, you should be aware of them. You can visit sites like Logo Online Pros to find out trending designs so that you can avoid incorporating them in your logo.

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Keep away from raster images – You should avoid using raster images to design your business logos. Raster images can cause issues with reproduction. Since raster images consist of pixels, they are prone to distortion when zoomed a little to bigger sizes. Surely, you would like your logo to look great in all sizes. Make sure that you understand difference between vector and raster digital graphic files.

Instead of raster images, use vector graphics software like Corel Draw and Abode Illustrator. Because vector graphic ascertains visual consistency in all sizes due to its precise points, professional designers prefer this software to scale as it allows for scaling an image to any size. The software also allows for easy editing of images anytime later.

Do not use stock art – Another blatant mistake many designers make is use of stock images. You must keep at bay the temptation of incorporating stock art in logo. Often, small businesses resort to using such images for lack of adequate funds. But they forget the pitfalls of incorporating stock art in creation of logos. Since stock images have already been used in many designs, their use in your logo will compel people to take your business as substandard, non-serious and unprofessional. Besides, you may also face legal issues if you use stock images meant strictly for personal use and not for commercial purposes such as logos.

Stay away from designing for you – Chief aim of a logo is to communicate a message to target audience. But if a logo design aims more at pleasing a client or designer himself rather than potential customers of client’s business, such logo design fails to make an impact on consumers. Hence, it fails in its purpose of building brand identity for company it represents. Make sure that you design for your target audience.

Designers should desist from following clients’ instructions that may not be good to create unique logos.  It is because clients usually do not know much about the process of logo creation. They are unaware of the precise elements that go into conveying a message accurately. Therefore, choose your typeface, colors, shape and other elements using your design experience. However, you must convince your client why your choice of design elements is better for business.

Avoid creating a complex logo – Some designers create complex logo designs to impress clients. That is a big mistake. Logos must look simple to the people and target customers so that they can easily grab a message, which is main purpose behind designing a logo. Moreover, a complex design may lose its shape, size and key design details when printed on different surfaces such as newspaper and billboards. So, avoid creating highly detailed logos. Keep the design as simple as you can.

To conclude, your logo design must stand out in the overcrowded market where plenty of logos are vying for consumers’ attention. As you rule out such mistakes in creating your logo, your company is closer to boasting of a unique and memorable logo design that is capable to grab attention of the audience instantly.

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Ankit Roy

Ankit Roy has been a columnist, digital marketing expert, blogger and editor at Designhill. He specializes in digital marketing strategies, technical and international creative SEO, web analytics, and business development strategy. He provides ghost writing, coaching and ghost editing services. Facebook | Twitter

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  • Gilley Estes

    You should proofread a bit more carefully. There are a few misuses of the word ‘there’ vs ‘their’. Also the readability is difficult in some of your bullets.

    • Jason Ross

      I agree. Grammar took me out of the article in a few places. Other then that the contents are good.

    • Syafiq Bahrin

      I agree, there are some confusing on “the bullets”. Yes I can understand it, but it was not well organized (I hope this “old” article can be adjusted). For example: the bullet for “digital trickery”. The next bullet after that was its explanation, which are not the “main key” for “Common Mistakes to Avoid”. Supposedly, the explanation should be in the same bullet with the “main key” used.

      Anyway, good job!

  • lindro

    I design logos so they can translate well into black (or single color) and be crystal clear when reduced to fit on a business card. Also, I usually give a vertical and a horizontal version for logos that are not square or round,
    or are typographical logos.

  • gwen

    I am currently working on a clients logo and it’s killing me that he wants to keep to the original look and feel. I get that there is a slight brand recognition with this logo (but it screams amateur and 1980 something), which is a key point for the small business. However, the original logo has “CLIP ART”!!! lol So, he realized that he needed to re-do his logo, I spent some time creating multiple looks for his Landscape company’s logo. Every logo I created was with the intent of the end user to understand how this company’s name and services are represented by his logo (which, in my eyes don’t make much sense…my opinion). He didn’t like ANY of the logo’s i created and wanted me to stay with the old logo just update it a bit. I basically used his old logo, with newer “CLIP ART!” and he was happy with the new design. I just couldn’t get it through to him that his logo is key to the understanding of what his business communicates to the public. The image on the left, NEW logo