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Top 10 Email Marketing Tools for Bootstrapped Startups

by Ankit Roy Tweet - in Email Design

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Last updated on January 10th, 2022

For startups, email marketing tools are a sure-fire way of connecting with their target audience in a personalized manner within limited financial means.

Email marketing tools are a great assistance to startups, especially bootstrapped startups as their requirements are different to those of small businesses.

The Internet is simply swarmed with a host of free and nominally priced email marketing tools that can help startups quickly attract sales and take their business off-the-ground.

Here, we present top 10 email marketing tools in a bid to help bootstrapped startups build a loyal customer base. These best email marketing tools ensure automatic dispatching of your message to thousands of prospects and customers from your email address.

You can import offline contact and integrate your list of clients and use these tools to perform a host of other tasks.

You may explore these email marketing tools to deliver your business updates. However, do well to ensure a professional email design so that your subscribers are tempted to respond to your call to action for making purchasing from your site.

Explore the Top 10 Email Marketing Tools for Bootstrapped Startups

1. MailChimp

– One of the most sought-after email marketing tools, MailChimp offers a ‘’forever free’’ plan to effectively connect with your prospects and customers for free.

This forever free plan makes this amazing tool attractive for businesses that have just started out and don’t want to pay through their nose to reach out to their prospects and customers.

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2. InfusionSoft

– A constant hit with most professional marketers with serious marketing goals, Infusion Soft can help deliver your email message to 50,000 subscribers.

It even helps you combine your shopping cart to your email marketing, so that your email goes to the specific set of people who are your buyers and not just subscribers.

3. iContact

– iContact is an ideal and best email marketing tool for startups looking to import contact lists. You can add people to the list by simply importing it manually.

4. Aweber

– Yet another great tool, Aweber helps you manage your online contact list in an efficient manner. Its deliverability ratings are the best in the market. This could be your best bet if you’re looking for a tool that can help you ensure that recipients open and click on your email.

5. 1ShoppingCart

– If you are looking for one solution to your email marketing and payment processing, then 1ShoppingCart is your choice.

The tool can pick up buyers from your list to send them email specifically or to everyone on the list. Use it when you need both shopping cart and autoresponder at one place to save time and money.

6. GetResponse

– This email marketing tool is a good choice for bootstrapped startups looking forward to send emails to few dozens of prospects and customers . In addition, this best email marketing tool offers you loads of other features making it an obvious choice for most bootstrapped startups.

7. Office Auto Pilot

– Office Autopilot is yet another hot favorite with marketers who love to explore tools that offer multiple benefits. This tool allows you to program Office Autopilot.

If a customer leaves or abandons the shopping cart, this best email marketing tool can automatically end an email with tempting offers in order to lure the customer back on the site.

8. Autoresponse Plus (ARP Reach)

– Known also as ARP Reach, this email marketing tool could prove to be a great help for co-registration and standard email marketing. No wonder, Autoresponse Plus carries a big reputation for connecting and increasing fresh leads instantly.

9. Constant Contact

– This email marketing tool helps you easily manage and deliver email to thousands of people from your well managed contact list. If you are a small business or startup looking for graphic emails or HTML, this tool is an ideal option.

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10. Campaign Monitor

– If you run a data-driven business, then prefer Campaign Monitor for its features such as tracking your data using an interface that looks similar to Google Analytics. You can also find out which email topics can catch your subscribers attention.

Compare these email marketing tools extensively so that you settle for the one that is less expensive or free to use and has useful feature to help you boost your outbound and inbound marketing campaign.

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Ankit Roy has been a columnist, digital marketing expert, blogger and editor at Designhill. He specializes in digital marketing strategies, technical and international creative SEO, web analytics, and business development strategy. He provides ghost writing, coaching and ghost editing services. Facebook | Twitter

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