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How Can Unintentional Plagiarism Hurt A Website Ranking?

by Henna Ray Tweet - in SEO

Unintentional Plagiarism Hurt A Website Ranking

Last updated on July 31st, 2023

Literally, copying someone’s fashion statement can be justified but copying another website’s content is a big no in the digital industry. Plagiarism has no place in the heart of Google. Google doesn’t like such sites who have copied content, therefore, kicks such sites out of its sight.

In SEO terms, plagiarized content hurts your ranking. If you are still wondering how unintentional plagiarism can affect your website ranking, then this article is a must-read for you.

In this post, we’ll be discussing, what is plagiarism, types of plagiarized content, and how it can affect a website ranking. We will also tell you about tools that can help you with this problem, but first of all, you have to focus on the basic tactics, especially if you are new to content writing, managing business. Have a look!

Honestly, copying content from other people’s sites doesn’t look good and it’s not healthy for your site as well. To keep it simple, plagiarism is the act of copying stuff that does not belong to you and using it in and as your work.

Today the phenomenon of plagiarism is considered more related to website content and blogs, and this is because of the huge amount of webpages and an unlimited amount of word count on the web.

According to some recent reports there are more than 50 billion of webpages all around the internet, and the number is decreasing day by day and so is the number of words and their count.

If you are planning on starting a new website or blog business, it is very much probable that your written content can match the content that is already published on the web with the same niche and the same guidelines/topic.

This does not always happen when you deliberately copy from another site, but it can also happen accidentally, and that is why we are here today to learn all about plagiarism and its types plus also to how to save ourselves from this issue.

Now before reading about the types of plagiarism, we want you guys to know that no matter what type of plagiarism you are having on your content intentional or unintentional, it is always wrong and will have negative effects.

Types Of Plagiarism!

Here are some of the common types of plagiarism, read about them so that you can know how to identify them and how to get rid of them!

01. Complete Plagiarism!

Now the first type of plagiarism and the most common one is complete plagiarism. Complete plagiarism is the type of plagiarism in which a person who has been given a research task ignores the research part and simply uses the already published content related to that research in and as his/her paper.

Complete Plagiarism!

Now you should know that complete plagiarism is the most severe type of plagiarism, and it is also known as intellectual stealing and theft.

Not only can this be stealing of online published content, but it can also be the stealing of the study or manuscript of someone’s work!

02. Source-Based Plagiarism!

Plagiarism that is based on sources is not considered as much severe as the previous one, and in this type of plagiarism, you are simply using the quotations, the work links, or the findings of another person by citing them in your work.

Now people usually think that citation means that you can get away with plagiarism and can use content whenever and from wherever you want.

Source-Based Plagiarism!

We want you guys to know that even if you are supposed to use referencing and citation in your content, you will still get accused of plagiarism in our content, and that is not at all useful in the long run.

You will not find any website or webpage on the web on the top ranks having citations in them, and this is just because search engines avoid ranking content having plagiarism in them, may it be of any type! You have to publish zero plagiarism articles if you want your content to be on the top!

03. Data Fabrication And Falsification!

These are also types of plagiarism that you should know about, for those of you who don’t know what data fabrication is you guys should know that this is the plagiarism in which you publish false data and not only false data but also tamper the findings of the research and use the false ones in your work just for the sake of originality.

Data Fabrication And Falsification

This type of plagiarism has many severe consequences, and we want you guys to know that this can also lead you to legalities and can land you up in a cell too!

04. Direct Plagiarism!

Direct plagiarism is also known as verbatim plagiarism, now this is also one of the most severe types of plagiarism, and this is the type of plagiarism that can allow writers to simply copy word to word work of another author that is already published on the web.

This type of plagiarism is blunter than others as you are not simply even complimenting or paying credits to the original author for his work.

Direct Plagiarism!

Now direct plagiarism also matches complete plagiarism, but you should know that this is not actually the copying of complete work rather is copying some sections and some facts and figures.

This type of plagiarism is more common among academic students. Strict disciplinary action, including being expelled from an institute can be expected if you are accused of this type!

05. Self-Plagiarism

Now, this is one of the most common types of plagiarism, and especially we are talking about plagiarism on websites and blogs. Auto plagiarism or self-plagiarism is the type of plagiarism in which you use your own words and statements.


There are many statements and words that you regularly use as your pet phrases in our content, but you should know that these pet phrases can accuse you of having plagiarism, and it can also have negative effects on your website. You must make sure that you are not using the words and phrases that can be detected for plagiarism when repeated.

06. Paraphrasing Plagiarism!

Paraphrasing is known to be a solution to plagiarizing work, but what you do not know is the paraphrasing, and especially bad paraphrased content can easily cause a lot of trouble to you. We have seen many cases of paraphrasing plagiarism and are quite common in website content management.

Paraphrasing Plagiarism

This plagiarism is detected when the writer does not know how to paraphrase content and when he does not know about the factors that trigger the detection of plagiarism. By making good use of an effective sentence rephraser, you can alter words without losing the essence of the sentence.

07. Mosaic Plagiarism!

Mosaic plagiarism is the type of plagiarism which is often exceedingly difficult to detect my millennial plagiarism checker tools. Mosaic plagiarism is the type of plagiarism in which you use the content of another person along with your work and mix it up to create new content.

Mosaic Plagiarism

Now, this overlaying of text is difficult for many plagiarism tools to detect, but it still does not mean that it cannot be detected. This type of plagiarism is also known as patchwork plagiarism and is an act of intentional dishonesty!

08. Accidental Plagiarism!

Accidental plagiarism or unintentional plagiarism, which is the start type of plagiarism in our article today, is the one that occurs accidentally, but you must know that even if its accidental plagiarism, its effects, and consequences are the same as any other severe type of duplications mentioned above!

Accidental Plagiarism

As we have mentioned earlier that there is a huge amount of words on the same niche on the web it is always a possibility that you can match the one of another person and for this very reason we want you guys to be a little extra care for writing and remove or rephrase the content which has plagiarism in it!

So, guys, these were the different types of plagiarism that you can be accused of whether you deliberately plagiarize or not. Now below, we will tell you about the consequences of plagiarism on a website.

How can plagiarism harm your website?

After knowing the types of plagiarism, you guys must know that no matter what plagiarism will harm your content. We want you guys to know that websites are ranked based on many important factors by search engines, and one of the major factors of ranking website content is uniqueness!

If your content is not unique, then it will be indexed. Neither would be ranked. Now you must be wondering how things work that way that the search engine can detect duplication out of millions of web pages.

Well, Google and different search engines use advanced algorithms that can tell them whether the content that is being indexed is already available on their database or not. Sofurry search engine can be a good way to get a completely different experience of search engines.

If the content is said to be available on the web, they will not rank it, and even if they will because of some repute that you have, it will seriously affect your rankings. This is because search engines cannot cater to duplication as it confuses them.

If two or more pages have the same content, then it will be incredibly difficult for the search engine to rank one page over the other, so it simply discards them and adds penalties.

Now you do not want to face severe penalties of Google, and you can also be discarded from the listing of search engine rankings!

Now you must be wondering how can you save yourself and your business from all these consequences and negative effects, the answer is quite simple, and use Plagiarism Checker!

Plagiarism Checkers -The Best One On The Web!

Plagiarism checker tools are the tools that can easily detect duplication and copied content on your website content.

There are hundreds of tools and apps available on the web that you can easily use to detect plagiarism, but what you don’t know is that not all tools on the web are trustworthy and are capable of detecting complete plagiarism.

As we told you above that mosaic and accidental plagiarism are the ones that cannot be detected by any plagiarism checker tool and you must know about the best one so that you can save your website from any consequences and penalties!

Here, We Have Gathered The Complete Information About The Top Best And Advanced Tool On The Web That Will Help You Save Yourself From Plagiarism!

Plagiarism Checker By

The plagiarism software is a tool that is a product of the famously known website, better known as small SEO tools!

Now as we have already told you earlier that this is one of the most dashingly advanced tools on the web, this is only because of its huge database that covers almost 80% of webpages on the web that is more than 40 billion of webpages plus also because of its advanced algorithms which makes the tool capable of checking all types of plagiarism!

When you enter the content of the document or the URL in this tool, the first step that this tool takes is to split your content into small parts, which can easily be checked individually with the huge database of the tool!

This individual checking of sets can detect even the smallest trace and clue of plagiarism in your content, and you can remove it before you publish it so that you can save yourself from the penalties!

Below, We Have Given Some Features Of The Tool That You Should Know About!

  1. The tool is a paid software program, but you can use its free version, but with some limitations, if you want unlimited services, then go for the pro packages after registration!
  2. The tool allows you to upload content from online sources; these include Dropbox, Google Drive, URLs, and you can upload docs from your desktop gallery in any format and language you like!
  3. The tool has advanced checking features that we have already explained above.
  4. The tool has its grammar checker for checking human errors.
  5. The tool is very much user-friendly!


While creating the content, you should focus on using your unique pattern of delivering your thoughts. Research the topic thoroughly, point the heading & subheading for the content, then start writing your thoughts in your words. Plagiarism won’t help you in your content ranking. So, this is the reason why everyone should focus on creating unique content and should check for plagiarism by using tools to avoid such instances that could harm your site in the future. Be attentive. Be Unique. Admire the content as the content is the real king.

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