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How To Build Your SEO Strategy Resistant To Google Algorithm Updates?

by Designhill Tweet - in SEO

Google Algorithm Updates

Last updated on February 22nd, 2023

Google regularly tweaks its algorithm, and a few are categorized as core updates. Of course, none of the updates is fearful to the website owners. Still, complying with them helps optimize a website, especially newer sites, on the search results. So consider the updates while thinking about your SEO strategies.

Google launches several updates regularly, negatively and positively impacting every website’s ranking on the search results, traffic, and conversion rate. Moreover, its algorithm updates can give the impression that the search engine penalizes the publishers arbitrarily. As a result, website ranking is not a guarantee. But you can manage your website’s ranking by implementing a well-planned strategy.

In 2022, like every year, Google issued several new algorithm updates, including core updates that website owners should comply with. You should fear the updates as they are regular features from Google. But be aware of the updates so that your website takes steps for improvement.

According to Google Search Central, the updates are about how Google assesses content. It says, “In fact, there’s nothing in a core update that targets specific pages or sites. Instead, the changes are about improving how our systems assess content overall. As a result, these changes may cause some pages that were previously under-rewarded to do better in search results.”

Key Factors Influencing Google’s Ranking Algorithm

Although Google keeps the specifics of its ranking algorithm under wraps, SEO experts have pinpointed several vital factors that significantly impact search rankings. They emphasize some aspects that enhance user experience.

Here Are Some Time-Tested Ranking Factors:

  • Page Load Time: A fast-loading website is crucial for providing a good user experience and is considered a vital ranking factor by Google. Slow-loading sites may be penalized by algorithm updates that prioritize page speed. Ideally, a website should load within 3 seconds.
  • Relevant Content: Using relevant keywords is crucial to ranking a website. The best way to utilize keywords is by creating content that aligns with the keywords. But overstuffing your site with keywords will negatively affect your rankings.
  • Web Design: Google prefers websites with a user-friendly and easily navigable website design.
  • Link Quality: Your website should only link to relevant and functional content. It is crucial to ensure that the links pointing to your site are of high quality.
  • Mobile Optimization: Google uses the mobile version of your website to determine rankings. So make sure your site, images, and logo design are mobile responsive.
  • HTTPS Security: Google has more trust in secure websites. That should prompt you to have an HTTPS URL.
  • User Engagement: User engagement is crucial in ranking a website higher on the search results. A website must engage its users to ensure its chances of ranking higher on search results are high.

Also, note that the sites with high bounce rates and low repeat visitors are more likely to rank lower.

When Does Google Alter Its Algorithm?

Google continually adjusts its algorithm. But its daily tweaking in its algorithm does not usually result in any major changes in rankings. The updates that bring about substantial modifications are called “core” updates. These core updates are released by Google once or twice a year and can significantly impact rankings and website performance.

You can keep track of core updates from Google by setting up a Google Alert, which will notify you when such an update is being discussed online. So, read articles and watch videos about the changes brought by the search engine.

You should adjust your SEO strategy accordingly. You should observe sudden fluctuations in your website’s Google Analytics. These changes will give you an idea of how the update affected your website’s performance.

How does it affect your conversion rate?

Google’s algorithm updates significantly impact how websites rank on the search engine. Also, these updates can considerably affect a website’s conversion rate.

The conversion rate is the proportion of website visitors that finish a desired task, like making a purchase or submitting a contact form.

Additionally, Google may also focus on the quality and relevance of the content on a website in their 2022 update.

Websites that provide high-quality and informative content will be rewarded with higher rankings on Google’s search engine. This can lead to an increase in traffic and, ultimately, an increase in the conversion rate.

To prepare for these updates, website owners should focus on providing a great user experience, ensuring their website is technically sound, mobile-responsive, and providing high-quality, relevant content.

By doing so, they will be well-positioned to achieve higher rankings on Google’s search engine, which can increase traffic. It ultimately increases the conversion rate.

Furthermore, website owners should also focus on conversion rate optimization (CRO) techniques to make the most of the traffic they receive.

This can include different testing elements of their website, such as headlines, call to action, and forms. These measures will help see what resonates with visitors and drives them to take action.

It’s worth noting that Google regularly updates its algorithm to provide visitors with a better search experience.

Therefore, website owners should stay updated on major new algorithm changes from Google. That is how to maintain a website’s higher ranking and convert visitors into customers.

How to Make Your Website Resilient to Google Algorithm Updates?

01. Mobile-Responsiveness

Increasing numbers of users perform Google searches on mobile devices. So, optimize your websites for mobile as well. Since Google indexes the mobile version of your site, it must be mobile-friendly and easily accessible. Websites that load slowly or are easier to navigate on mobile devices provide a positive user experience and may result in lower rankings.

02. User Engagement

You will need more than just boosting traffic to your website to benefit the site and your business. Along with the traffic, you must also pay heed to your site’s user engagement. Google prioritizes trustworthy and valuable content as it engages users. The sites with low engagement experience high bounce rates.

To engage users, consider their intent and cater to it by creating content that addresses their questions or fulfills their needs.

Enhancing site navigation can also boost user engagement. Your navigation menu design should be straightforward. Also, check that all of your website’s internal links function correctly. A user-friendly, easily navigable website is more likely to retain visitors.

03. Maintain High-Quality Content

Another beneficial step to keep your website safe from any measure of Google algorithm updates is maintaining your content quality. But in your enthusiasm for getting results fast from content optimization, you may adopt some wrong practices.

Avoid These Wrong Practices Regarding Your Content:

  1. Duplicate Content – You should not use duplicate content on your website to avoid penalties from Google. Instead, use original, fresh, informative, and engaging content.
  2. Keyword Stuffing – Do not stuff keywords in your blogs and website pages. Write content with keywords naturally instead of overusing them. It will help improve your rankings. But make sure that your content is readable to the users. You can use tools like to maintain readability throughout a content piece.
  3. Over-Optimization – Avoid excessive optimization of your content and website. Use relevant links, anchor text, and keywords on each page and limit the number of links to maintain proper optimization.
  4. Slow Loading Time – Improve your website’s speed to enhance the user experience and reduce bounce rates.
  5. Lack of Security – Upgrade to an HTTPS URL by purchasing an SSL certificate to increase website security and improve rankings.
  6. Inadequate Promotion – A lack of sufficient website promotion also harms its ranking prospects. So, promote your website on off-site channels such as social media, forums, and industry blogs to drive traffic.

When thinking of content, make sure that it is completely error-free. Even grammatical mistakes and ill-structured sentences can spoil your brand image. So, use tools like to fix grammatical errors.

SEO Strategy

Pay attention to your SEO strategy and take steps accordingly to keep your website from any negative impact of Google’s 2022 algorithm update. You should also focus on providing a great user experience. Your website must also be technically sound.

It should pay heed to building high-quality backlinks. Backlinks are links from other websites that point to your website. High-quality backlinks are more than just about high authority and traffic. They need to include topical relevance and authority as well.

Link building should focus only on niche-relevant sites with high editorial quality controls. But make sure that you build links naturally.

Finally, website owners should stay updated on the latest and best practices.

For SEO, Google’s algorithm updates are an ongoing process, and the company is constantly experimenting with new ways to improve the search experience for users.

Website owners should stay informed and follow best practices for SEO to ensure that their website continues to rank well on Google’s search engine.

These are the key strategies to follow when you want to optimize your website and rank it higher. You should also check your site to ensure it complies with the new Google Updates.

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Google always favors websites that offer a superior user experience, regardless of the type of core algorithm update. The elements outlined above impact the overall user experience of your website. By focusing on these elements, you can maintain a positive user experience, making your site resilient to adverse consequences from Google algorithm updates.

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