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3 Great Free Ways To Increase Website Traffic Without SEO

by Nancy Lin Tweet - in SEO

Last updated on February 2nd, 2023

You may not get nervous when you overhear that “panda” and “penguin” updates are on the way. Maybe, you are too cool for school and aren’t frightened by the latest change in the Google search algorithm. But if you are a good specialist, you might know that relying solely on SEO to increase your website traffic doesn’t give your online business a competitive advantages.

The site optimization should combine both robust SEO strategy and diversified sources of traffic, otherwise, you “put all eggs in one basket” and risk your web ranking.

First Things First

Website traffic is the most important element of making money online and SEO is believed to be the key element that gears site optimization. In fact, SEO is not a universal answer to all questions.

Many companies are now facing the situation when their perfectly SEO optimized sites don’t bring the revenue because their competitors are optimizing their sites just the same way.

The competition is tough. Search engines constantly change ranking priorities and apply new filters to discover over optimized sites and avoid being tricked by SEO crowd.

Using additional sources of traffic accidentally neglected by your competitors may open the new horizons for your business and give it a boost.

Is There A Life After SEO?

The business practice of successful companies shows numerous examples of successful traffic diversification. HubSpot features different stories of small and middle-sized companies that once ventured for traffic experiments.

Some of them even completely dismissed SEO and reached 43% traffic growth. The other business had it’s website traffic boosted by 20% leveraging a single guest blogging approach, according to Ahrefs.

During this 5-minute reading journey, you’ll find out which “after SEO” practices can bring your business a significant traffic influx.

Here Are 3 Great Free Ways To Increase Website Traffic Without SEO

01. Guest Blogging

Quite common and popular way of traffic generation that unfortunately was not always used correctly. Practice shows that there’s one critical mistake that doesn’t let a guest blogging reach its full potential and it is the absence of the strategy. For instance, before spending hours piling up a technology guest post, first you should define the goal.

If your goal is to get ranked by a certain keyword, try your best to get your posts published in blogs that are already ranked high by this keyword. If you aim to draw attention of new audience, that differ much from yours, focus on finding the sites with this audience.

finding blogs

The right way of finding blogs makes another 50% of success. There’s no need to knock on the doors that are closed, many blog owners do not have enough time to publish every day, so they eagerly accept guest blogging.

Look for blogs in your industry with the help of the following search queries:

  • Niche name + “submit guest post”
  • Niche name “sites that accept guest posts”
  • Write guest post + “name of your niche” + blog

Guest Blogging

The second task is to pick the sources with a high authority, rating and high traffic profile, in other words, the most popular and visited. You can also find the list of the best authoritative guest blogging sites according to the niche.

A fast contribution is a sneaky but most widely practiced way to increase your chances of being published by trustworthy sources.

You can find these sources in a guest posting sites list. Basically, it means you can find the bug, a mistake or invalid link on the site, report it to the owner and kindly offer your guest post.

The host blogging is an inversed guest blogging. As a host, you allow a guest to post on your site. You get an additional traffic opportunity from good content and the guest blogger from your blog’s auditory.

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02. Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is a number one underestimated thing that is believed to take too much time and deliver few results. Indeed, those who use this tactic on the regular basis manage to achieve about 3,973 visitors for 249 comments left that convert into clients.

People do like reading comments, the blog posts that are rich in comments gain bigger popularity. In order to find a good blog for that, it is enough to use tools that helping find popular blogs such as Buzzsumo.

To use Buzzsumo, paste the topic in the search box and discover the popular blog posts in your industry. The search is also customizable, with filters, so you can sort results by date, content type, language, and word count.

It is worth mentioning that website traffic from the blogs covering some specific topics converts much better and brings more targeted traffic than traffic from the blogs focusing on a broad range of them.

Blog Commenting

When you leave a comment, try to add something new to the subject of the discussion, present a different point of view, share some valuable information and suggest some solutions.

The common misconception is that you necessarily have to leave the link in the body of your comment. While it’s okay for such Q&A sites like Quora, the majority of blogs will still ban it qualifying as spam. Instead, paste a link to your website in the URL field while entering the name and email address for comment posting.

People who read through your comments and find them interesting or valuable will certainly go through more details and visit your blog for more information.

Always remember that there are real people behind each blog. The basic requirement is to never break the Internet ethics.

The picture on your profile and original content will add a few extra bonuses to your trust and credibility, that’s why always check the originality of the text you are going to post. Experts at Designhill say that one should be always cautious about where they are commenting and what they are commenting.


03. Q&A Websites

Sometimes people can’t find something that they search for on the Internet. In this case, their search queries are left unaddressed or they find too little information about the subject they are interested in.

Oftentimes, after such searches, people go to the question/answer websites like Quora or StackExchange, ask questions and receive comprehensive and detailed answers.

On Q&A websites, you can receive answers from the industry experts, specialized communities and just people who are passionate about the subject in discussion.

Some other industry related Q&A sites include:, Mahalo, Blurtit, The Answer Bank, Answerbag, and Askville.

Q&A Websites

These sites are able to generate a great deal of organic traffic to your blog, all you have to do is to find the questions and provide the answers to them.

It is desirable that the answers could be no less than 150 words long and valuable for readers. Answer the questions instead of outward promoting the service or product, and your replies will be upvoted by other visitors.

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Wrapping Up

The website popularity always accompanies those who can quickly adapt to the changes and apply the new rules to life. SEO, as it turned out, is not the single source of a good quality website traffic generation. Using various sources of traffic will guarantee your business new perspectives. Moreover, it will establish the presence somewhere where your competitor might never set the foot on. There are millions of blogs and communities that are happy to teach and learn new things, share the knowledge and listen to industry expert opinions. Being one of them means never missing your best traffic opportunities.

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An educator by day and professional blogger by night, Nancy Lin is a local hero who strives to share all of her rich experience across the world through freelance writing. She is carefully inspecting the business sphere, technological innovations, novelties in edu industry, SEO, and online marketing in order to help people manage, organize and boost their daily workflow results.



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