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How To Create A Marketing Calendar For Your Art?

by Campbell Jof Tweet - in Calendar Design

Marketing Calendar

Last updated on December 2nd, 2022

Art is not merely a creative activity that gives us aesthetic pleasure content to ponder on. Now, it’s a Business. Artists want to make money by selling art to the prospects. Fortunately, due to social media and other conventional platforms, artists today are optimistic of selling their artworks to masses. But, they need to design a calendar first – a complete plan to keep up with the creative works and marketing schedules.

Modern artists are busy people. They have plenty of assignments that need to be completed within a time frame, which is often set by clients. Today’s artists do not just work for themselves but also for clients.

So, an artist needs to explore creative ways to gain commercial success as well to keep a tab on his / her daily promotional activites. This is where the requirement of designing a calendar arises.

What Is A Calendar For Artists?

A calendar designed especially for artists is the one that helps to plan when and which artwork would be created and shared. It helps to keep a tab in tracking deadlines.

With such a calendar, you as an artist are reminded of various work schedules. But more than just mentioning a date, such calendars help artists in many ways.

Calendar Design

A thoughtfully designed calendar allows an artist to set a series of minor goals that need to be achieved before accomplishing the major goal. The artist can create a calendar in many formats such as printed paper, spreadsheets, online calendar tools, etc.

Why Artists Need Calendars?

Today’s artists use lots of digital platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, blogging, chatbots, Pinterest, emails, etc. to showcase their artwork. These platforms help artists to grow business and followers but also act as obligations.

Where obligations are only eat away the artists’ time that they should have utilized for creative purposes. A seasonal design calendar can help them focus on their core activities.

With the scheduled dates set in the calendar for artists, they can make most of their time for marketing as well. They can find out what is worth doing and what is a waste of time and hence can be ignored.

Also, they can set the time for side activities such as blogging. When a festival such as Christmas arrives, you can plan your strategy and set dates to prepare for that.

Once you have planned well and mentioned the schedule on the calendar, you would know when to promote and market your artwork. Then, on the rest of the days, you can relax and have free time for your creative work.

So, for instance, the calendar can also help you in running your online art shop like PrintShop. You can easily balance the creative and marketing aspects of your profession. So, design calendar for artists with this intention in mind.

How To Design A Calendar For Artists?

Here Are Some Useful Tips To Design Calendar For Artists

01. Mention The Seasons And Holidays

Since as an artist you wish to sell your artworks during the seasons when the sales pick up. First, have a list of holidays – the marketing-worthy periods.

Mark which events in winter, spring, summer, and fall would you like to explore to promote and sell your art. You can exercise this activity month-wise as well.

Mention The Seasons

Then, write down the fun holidays as well as big and small vacation time people enjoy when creating calendars for artists.

People are in a festive mood tend to buy art during vacations and seasons. You should further break out these seasons into day, week, month, quarter and year with a structured approach.

You should particularly note down the fun holidays. These include April Fool’s Day, National Pizza Day, and National Pet Day. Such days provide you the reason to showcase your creativity as per the event.

02. Know Which Artwork To Highlight

Do you have some highly appreciated artworks of your own that you would like to promote and sell at an attractive price? Highlight those works when you design your calendar.

Mark dates, seasons, festive occasions when you need to do extra promotional activities to sell those art pieces. You can use a weekly schedule template for the same.

Artwork To Highlight

You should be displaying those artworks on Instagram and other social media around the marked dates and seasons. This is your way to get more engagement for your works and clickthrough for your online shop.

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03. Keep Two Days For Promotion

Check the days when your target audience for artworks is most active. Then you should design a calendar to mark those days for the promotion of your art business.

Your business account with Instagram or Facebook can give you an insight (Facebook Insights) of when your target customers are most active.

Keep Two Days For Promotion

Them, mark the time as well as such as lunchtime and Sundays for promotion as these are generally popular shopping times. But make sure that you consistently promote on those days that you marked in your monthly calendar.

04. Create Separate Calendars For Marketing And Holidays

Think of creating two dedicated calendars for marketing and holidays. This will help in having a broad view of events that you should be marketing around.

After you have holidays and marketable seasons or themes marked in a separate calendar, it lets you focus on those events. It also helps in making educated decisions on how to utilize the time between gaps.

Separate Calendars For Marketing And Holidays

05. Keep Enough Gaps Between Two Events

When you design calendar it is important that you keep enough gaps between the two promotional events.

After you have the list of the holidays and themes that are relevant to your audience, you need to space those dates properly based on your marketing goals. Do not try to overdo the things. It won’t help to bring out the best in your art and its campaign.

Gaps Between Two Events

06. Ready Your Captions Of Images Before Time

Do not wait until the last minute to write a caption of the images of artworks you want to post for promotion. You may not be thinking much on what suitable caption should go with an image of your art pieces for better promotion.

Ready Your Captions

Know that since you would be posting images regularly on different social media, it is advisable to keep those captions ready in advance. This will also help in avoiding the hassles of working everything out quickly.

07. Commit To Your Marketing Calendar

After you design a calendar for your artwork promotion, stick to the calendar for a few months. That is the way you can find out your business growth.

By keeping the same calendar you can compare how much of your marketing goals you achieve from day one. Then, you can create a new strategy if you are not satisfied with the results. So, do not switch to the new calendar too often.

Commit To Your Marketing Calendar

Now you know the importance of having a calendar for organizing your work in a way that it helps you focus on your creative work.

It is now the time to come out with a calendar of your own. Although there are many digital cleaners available online they may not specifically address your unique creative issues.

08. Design Calendar On Your Own

So, why not design your own calendar to customize it for your specific creativity requirements.

Here, you can depend fully on Designhill calendar maker, which is a DIY free tool that anyone can use to create calendars. This software comes equipped with thousands of icons, images, colors, fonts, etc. elements to choose from.

Design Calendar On Your Own

All you need to do is to drag your choice of elements and drop them into the calendar layout. This is your way to design a calendar that is closer to your personality in minutes without any design skills.

Wrapping Up

A seasonal design calendar is useful to artists in many ways. The calendar helps them organize their daily activity and lets them focus on a particular work at a time. They can thus have more time to focus on creating unique artistic works.

A well-designed calendar helps balance between creativity and marketing aspect of selling artworks. Such a calendar should mention the seasons, festivals, and other important days to aggressively market and sell art. But keep enough gap between two events and commit to the calendar once you have set the schedule.

Get Your Calendar Design

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