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11 Best WordPress Coming Soon Plugins In 2024

by Campbell Jof Tweet - in Wordpress


Last updated on November 13th, 2023

When planning to put out a new site and you already have a domain ready to go, you’re probably considering putting up a “coming soon” page, to get the word of mouth going even before the site is ready to go. Similarly, if you’re operating a live site which needs to, unfortunately, go down for a bit, it’s important to have a maintenance page to fall back to. Luckily, most WordPress plugins out there that offer one, also provide the other; so you won’t be required to divide your software, or your finances (in case you go for a premium option).

In order to help you out with this often unfairly overlooked part of websites, we’ve compiled a list of the 11 best plugins that cover everything you’ll need. With each entry, we’ll be sure to point out if the plugin is free, premium, or if it has both options. Without further ado, let’s start counting them down.

Here Is the List Of 11 Best WordPress Coming Soon Plugins

01. Under Construction Page

The first one on our list is “Under construction page plugin”. That is the reason why this is the number one editing tool which has a user interface much like a visual editor. This, in turn, all the changes you’ll be doing from a drag and drop menu, they’re all handled in real time, and it’s really simple to use – you’ll need absolutely no coding experience in order to use this plugin.

Coming Soon Plugin

[Image Source: Under Construction Page

Those not familiar with these types of editors can be able to grasp all the ins and outs in no time. There are two primary steps to it all – first you drag an element onto the web page after which you can edit that same element as mentioned; in real time, reviewing all the changes as you’re working.

Under Construction Page

[Image Source: Under Construction Page]

Honestly, this was the main selling point for us but apart from this, there are also a lot of things this plugin has to offer. For starters, you’ll have over a million HD and 4K images to choose from. They’re all royalty free and ready for use within your plugin package. If for any reason, you aren’t inclined to build your page from the ground up (using the provided images or not), you’ll have over 170 professionally built templates that cover all manner of themes to repurpose for yourself.

Backend Structure

On the backend side of things, you’ll be able to monitor all traffic that goes through your site in great detail, giving you the option of making an informed decision for the future of your website or web page design. Although, the primary function of the plugin is to create a maintenance page with the versatility on offer you’ll be able to create any kind of one-off page that you’ll ever need.

Begin Journey

[Image Source: Under Construction Page]

With everything it offers, it probably won’t surprise you that this is a premium plugin. They offer both annual and lifetime licenses across several tiers and support a 100% refund policy (since there isn’t a trial period). Be sure to check out their official site for more details about payment options. If you’re looking for a serious, premium solution you don’t need to look further, this plugin checks all the boxes and is worth every cent.

02. Coming Soon And Maintenance Mode

If you’re looking for a plethora of striking images to draw attention to your site even in maintenance mode, you will not be able to find anything better than this plugin. Never underestimate the power of a great visual experience, especially if it looks as good as it will here.

Maintenance Mode

[Image Source: Coming Soon And Maintenance Mode]

Not only are the images breathtaking, but there’s also over a million themes for you to use in addition to over 100 pre-made customizable themes for everybody who doesn’t want to start from scratch. There simply isn’t any way you won’t be able to find something that fits perfectly with what you’ve imagined.

As we’ve mentioned, any page you’ve chosen can be further customized by simply managing all the elements present on the page. Whether you’re looking to add, remove or rearrange something it’s all done pretty simply through a few clicks and drags of the mouse.

Arrange Elements

[Image Source: Coming Soon And Maintenance Mode]

One thing that really needs to be emphasized is the SEO options you’ll get to work with. A function like this is generally rare for this kind of plugin, but having it present means you’ll be able to get much more out of the whole thing by enabling you to narrow down your focus for specific target audience.

SEO Plugin

[Image Source: Coming Soon And Maintenance Mode]

Much like the plugin before it, this is also a premium plugin. You’ll again have various options through annual and lifetime subscriptions where you’ll be able to pick the option that works best for you. Be sure to check out the whole pricing offer on their site.

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03. Coming Soon & Maintenance Plugin By NiteoThemes

With this WordPress coming soon plugin, you’ll get an option when it comes to the premium themes. Namely, while the basic customization functions of the plugin are free, the various themes are premium content. Theme in which you access this premium content leaves you with a choice – you can purchase a subscription through which you get access to all themes as long as your subscription lasts, or you can purchase individual themes through the store. An option like this gives you a lot of flexibility since individual themes are cheaper than subscriptions and they remain yours to use indefinitely.

Wordpress Theme by NiteoThemes

[Image Source: Coming Soon & Maintenance Plugin By NiteoThemes]

Part of the themes customization is done through a simple visual editor where you can add effects and move elements around as you see fit. Further customization can be done separately, through the menus.


[Image Source: Coming Soon & Maintenance Plugin By NiteoThemes]

Realistically, the customization options do leave a little to be desired, but the default themes are so well rounded you won’t even need that many changes to make everything look perfect.

With the great default themes it offers and flexible payment options, it’s no wonder this plugin is so high on the list and with an expanded customization scheme it goes, move up even more.

04. Coming Soon Page (Weblizar)

The following blog offers similar functions to those that came before, but not as much variety. If you don’t want to create a page design from the ground up, you’ll have limited options, with just 9 available templates and no additional images. The templates themselves are quite large with a lot of content thrown in (at least the default ones, with no customization) like forms, social media links, Google maps, testimonials, etc. The emphasis is clearly on content, rather than visual presentation.


[Image Source: Weblizar]

The user interface is pretty standard for WordPress plugins, so anybody with any experience working within the platform shouldn’t have a hard time figuring out how everything works. The overall functions are somewhat limited, but they do offer up pretty much everything you’ll need in order to create a maintenance page, you’ll just have to tweak everything a bit more than some other entries on this list.

Weblizar Plugin Manger

[Image Source: Weblizar]

One of the most appealing sides of the plugin is certainly the low price of the premium tier. Again, not much variety to be seen! You essentially have only one premium option with the only variable being on how many sites you want to use the plugin. All in all, this can prove a good solution for those on a budget.

05. IgniteUp – Coming Soon And Maintenance Mode

So far, we’ve had plugins that are primarily premium solutions. In each of those cases, you’ll get what you paid for and in the end, you’ll be glad that you’ve done so. Here, however, we have a plugin that offers all its functions and features for free; but implementing paid templates, you can buy for a one-time fee.

IgniteUp Theme Pack

[Image Source: IgniteUp]

By now you probably think that the “free plugin” in this story is nothing but a shell to get you to buy some premium content, but it really isn’t. You’ll even be presented with a few basic, free templates with the option to create your own, of course. The customization options on these are pretty rudimentary, unfortunately – you won’t have much more than basic size/color/type options available for the present elements, along with the option to upload your own background image.

Wordpress Integrations

[Image Source: IgniteUp]

There are interesting integrations with other popular WordPress plugins – MailChimp and MailPoet which can be used really effectively with the forms you’ll be able to put up on the page. Small caveats like these raise this particular plugin from the rest of the pack. The main attraction, even taking into account everything else, is the fact that it’s free (with small and fair purchase options) and as that is the case you won’t go wrong if you opt for it instead of an expensive option.

06. Coming Soon By Supsystic

Very much like the previous entry on this list, we again have a plugin that offers all its features for free and then provides advanced templates for a price, if you choose to opt for them. The main difference, in this instance, is that you aren’t buying templates but a subscription; which in turns provides you with access to 6 extra templates you can use. It’s fair to say there is a stark difference between the two freely available basic templates and their pro counterparts.

Templates for WordPress

[Image Source: Supsystic]

No matter which template you choose to use, you’ll be able to customize it to better fit your needs. The editor is a version of the “visual editor type”. Unfortunately, it’s rather clunky to use which is really strange to say since visual editors tend to be much more user-friendly than other solutions. The block adding, moving and editing simply aren’t done very well and there is a lot of room for improvement.

Website Coming Soon

[Image Source: Supsystic]

On the brighter side, the pro templates are really good. Good enough to not warrant any editing aside from textual content pertaining to your site specifically. The aforementioned subscriptions come in three tiers, all differing in the number of pages you get the license for. It’s really hard to always look back at the “free” tag with these kinds of things. Especially if it’s a solid product that all things considered provides all the features even at that level and that is precisely the reason this plugin is on the list.

07. Coming Soon, Under Construction And Maintenance Page (Nifty)

If you’re looking for something different that will make your page more noticeable than the next one, you should give this WordPress plugin a go. The main selling point here is the animation features, which can blend multiple beautiful images into something brand new and exciting. A plugin like this can prove to be ideal for those among us who simply can’t settle on just one image.

Powerpoint Skills Image Coming Soon

[Image Source: Coming Soon, Under Construction And Maintenance Page (Nifty)]

If you’ve ever worked with PowerPoint, you’ll get the hang of the mechanic immediately. Basically, you’ll get to set up animations and basic characteristics for your elements (text, pictures, forms, etc.) and your background images. Each of them will then behave according to the set timers and patterns.

All these features are free to use within the plugin and these are more than enough to create a great final product, but if you don’t have the time to create a site yourself, you’re free to use one of many provided pre-made pages, for free.

Powerpoint Based WordPress Themes

[Image Source: Coming Soon, Under Construction And Maintenance Page (Nifty)]

With over 100 pro themes to choose from, you’ll certainly find something for yourself but we do encourage you to try making something yourself since this plugin really offers you a chance to be unique.

08. Rocket Maintenance And Coming Soon Page

Rocket Maintenance Mode & Coming Soon Page

In case you’re looking for something bafflingly easy to use, you’ve come to the right place with this plugin. It took literally seconds to create a test maintenance site by using just the default page options after installation.

Rocket Maintenance Plugin

[Image Source: Rocket Maintenance And Coming Soon Page]

You can go through the various tabs to mix and match all the elements that go into the page, but this is not needed in the slightest. Everything is already so well thought out you’ll probably just make something worse rather than improving on it. Granted the page is rather simple in design, but it gets the message across and checks all the boxes your visitors will need.

Website Under Maintenance

Add to everything the fact that it’s free (again with payable advanced themes available) and you have probably the best plugin for beginners on the list.

09. Coming Soon Viral Page By Growtheme

Another free plugin, this one has pop-up forms set up by default. It integrates multiple links that lead to a notification subscription making your visitor enticed to sign up in order to get information about your site in the future, once you’ve set everything up. An approach like this can be beneficial to new pages that are just starting up and need to build some kind of following, as soon as they can.


[Image Source: Coming Soon Viral Page By Growtheme]

All the necessary editing options are here, from the timer and various buttons to text size and color. We should point out a somewhat rare feature of a mail service integration, which not every plugin like this has.

Email Option Plugin

[Image Source: Coming Soon Viral Page By Growtheme]

Just like most of the free solutions from the back end of this list, we can safely say that this is a plugin that has all the essentials you’ll need, with a few small extra features that make it more or less unique.

10. Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode By SeedProd

Unlike other entries on this list, there is an enormous gap between the free and paid version of this particular WordPress coming soon plugin. A large number of them share many of the features, with some of them only having advanced templates behind pay walls. Here, however, you’ll get very little if you aren’t willing to pay for it.

If you do opt for the premium package, you’ll get access to a decent database of images and themes, as well as a visual editor for your page; again, unfortunately, not as robust as you may think.

SeedProd WordPress Themes

[Image Source: Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode By SeedProd]

The price of admission isn’t that high, however, there are far better premium options available and that’s the main reason this plugin is so low on the list.

11. Site Offline Or Coming Soon Or Maintenance Mode

This plugin is great for those who want something done quickly without much effort. The templates you’ll have to choose from are ready to go right of the bat. Even the images contained in the templates are really good, so you don’t need to change all that much.

Site Offline Page

[Image Source: Site Offline Or Coming Soon Or Maintenance Mode]

Unfortunately, there is a downside and it concerns the customization options that are rather weak. It’s a good thing you don’t need to change that much since you won’t be able to most of the time. The price for this plugin isn’t big and for the lowest tier the subscription lasts for 6 months, so this serves as a good solution for situations where you just need a temporary page.

Last but not the least, we’ve saved another as a bonus for some further advancement of your expertise. Here’s another top WordPress Coming Soon Plugin to add more feathers to your options of improving your website’s seamless functionality. You’re welcome! Now go ahead and make the most of it!

Coming Soon By 8 Degree Themes

Coming Soon is an ultimate premium WordPress plugin. This plugin is perfect for creating the website of under construction page, maintenance mode or coming soon. It has all the latest features that are required for building an elegant and secure page. You can create a page easily and quickly in just a few clicks.

Coming Soon

[Image Source: Coming Soon By 8 Degree Themes ]

It is a feature-rich plugin with major and unique features like pre available coming soon templates, text configurations option, social icons, contact us call to action custom favicon and many more.

This plugin also allows Search Engine restriction enabling/disabling. On top of all, it is mobile responsive and translation ready. The first and foremost thing, you need to do is activate the plugin and with just a few clicks, your website is ready to go.

Coming Soon

[Image Source:Coming Soon By 8 Degree Themes]

If you are on a budget then, it might be the best option for downloading free Coming Soon plugin. However for the advanced features, you can go for the premium ones. When you completed activating the plugin, you have the options of configuring the header text, logo image, description, countdown timer, social icons, and contact description.

You can show or hide some of the sections based on your wish. Overall the Coming Soon plugin is perfect when your site is under construction or maintenance going on.


Putting up a ‘Coming Soon’ status is ideal for generating buzz. Many businesses have started taking help of coming soon and even maintenance plugins for their WordPress site. If you haven’t yet, it’s the right time to start. Take help from the earlier said WordPress plugins and make your site appear professional.

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