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Top 15 Freelance Mobile App Designers For Hire In 2023

by Campbell Jof Tweet - in Mobile Apps Design

Mobile App Designers

Last updated on February 2nd, 2023

People and potential customers are on the move in the modern digital world. They have little time to sit in front of a static desktop computer to search for information or products they need to buy. Considering that, mobile app designers create dedicated applications for specific products or services for businesses. They make certain that the apps are easily navigational on the small screens of mobile phones and keep a lot of other aspects in mind.

Besides mobile phones, these apps are also accessible on other mobile devices such as tablets. But facilitating the search for information on the move is not the only advantage of the apps.

Importance Of Mobile Apps For Businesses

A mobile app is the need of the hour today whichever be your business. If a business has a website for online customers, then an app must be available for mobile users. It is through the apps that they can find out your brand of products using mobile devices.

They can download the apps on their devices. Once installed, they can just tap your brand app to start buying your products. There is no need for them to google your website.

The apps are also a great tool to build your brand loyalty. Since your business app is sitting on the mobile screen, it is always visible to the user. Consistent visibility of the icon ultimately helps in creating a solid base of loyal customers. This is also a great way to reinforce your brand.

Another benefit of a mobile app for businesses is that it becomes a potent tool to increase your brand visibility. It is also a way to make your brand accessible to users who are mostly online and use mobile phones. Overall, the apps are best when you consider engaging your customers with your brand on the move.

Similarly, from the consumers’ point of view, mobile app ideas make your products and inventory easily accessible to them. They can get timely notifications of your new product launches, special events, etc. Your contact information is accessible in one touch. Such apps also let customers know the direction of your physical store.

Clearly, mobile apps can help shape up the future of your business. These apps are not just cool marketing tools but also make people return to your website. This is the reason that there are plenty of mobile app companies in the market everywhere.

Why You Need Mobile App Designers?

Mobile app designers are professionals who know how to create a perfect app design that works for your business. They are aware of the key technical and design-related features.

They can incorporate the best trendy features in your apps that make navigation better. For example, the designers know which of the top or bottom navigation styles will suit a brand. Your app should have Bottom Sheets or Swipe Up gestures. But only the designer can make that choice.

In today’s mobile apps, there is a clever mixed-use of voice and visual interfaces. While previously these were separate entities, now the designers are seamlessly integrating them.

This helps in making voice search for the information or placing a command to get the desired results. So, instead of swiping the pages on the small screen, now you can command the app to ‘read it for me’.

Now that the importance of mobile app design and designers is clear to you, the next step should be to find the most adept professionals best suited for this job.

Top Freelance Mobile App Designers That You Can Hire Confidently

01. Design Blaze

Design Blaze has 9 years of experience in branding & UI/UX design. The designer is one of the best mobile app designers you can confidently work with on your project. There are 4 design contest wins against the designer’s name on Designhill. You can hire this designer if you’re looking for freelance app design that stands out.

Design Blaze

02. Darksider

Darsider is a UI designer with special interests in mobile app design and website design. With 6 contest wins, this designer is the right pick if you’re looking to hire a professional to create app designs for your projects.


03. Yogendra Negi

Yogendra Negi is amongst experienced mobile app designers whose skills can be useful for creating unique app designs for your brand.

Yogendra Negi

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04. Btzr

Btzr is another useful app designer online who brings a whole new set of skills in the area of mobile app design. The designer works as a UI Designer, UX Designer, and Mobile Designer, with interests in web designing.


05. Sara

Sara carries great experience as a mobile app designer and has been active in this field for many years. The designer has won a whopping number of as many as 73 contests on Designhill, which speaks volumes about this designer’s skills.


06. Orlando Hora

Orlando Hora is amongst the uber skillful mobile app designers who can be confidently hired for working on an app design project. The designer has won 5 design contests in various categories including app design.

Orlando Hara

07. Nico Ballesteros

Nico Ballesteros has won 4 design contests and lots of  appreciation from clients for satisfactory work. She is a Philippines based freelance app designer whose experience and set of skills in various categories of graphic design can help in creating unique mobile apps for your brand.

Nico Ballesteros

08. Daeron

Daeron is another prolific designer who has worked on several projects. This Finland based designer has won 21 design contests in several categories. Because of the specialization in UI and UX designing, you can rely this professional to create great mobile apps that stand out.


09. Alexandru Circo

Alexandru Circo is one of the most reliable mobile app designers whose experience and set of skills can help you create unique mobile apps for your business. You can work with him with confidence and trust if you are looking for some creative flair.

Alexandru Circo

10. Todor Dimov

Todor Dimov is a professional graphic designer, specialized as a UI\ UX designer whose vast experience and professional approach towards creating designs will come in handy to create unique mobile apps for your brand recognition.

Todor Dimov

11. Subham Vashista

Subham Vashista is another experienced mobile app designer who has just the right set of skills to work on your design project. This designer is equipped with the right set of skills to create unique mobile apps for your brand.

Subham Vashista

12. Jp4design

Jp4design is a SriLanka based graphic designer with an interest in creating mobile apps. With an impressive set of skills, this designer has won 4 contests on the Designhill platform so far.


13. Elena Dumitru

Elena Dumitru is a prolific freelance graphic designer who has been active in creating various admirable work in different design categories. She is also a UI and UX designer whose experience will come in handy while designing mobile apps for your brand recognition.

Elena Dumitru

14. Mochamad Jainul Arifin

Mochamad Jainul Arifin has the experience of creating a wide range of designs including mobile app designs. So far, the designer has won 5 contests in different design categories.

Mochamad Jainul Arifin

15. Wolfy

Wolfy is another one of the most trusted mobile app designers for his experience and high skill levels. The designer can create mobile apps as per your specifications and as per the needs of a brand.


These mobile app designers can work wonders when it comes to making your brand recognizable. You can work with them on a one-to-one project to create your apps. You can also hire App Design Agencies for one-on-one projects to create the mobile apps for your businesses.

With Designhill, an great way to create amazing designs for your apps is to launch your own design contest. Dozens of designers can work to create the best apps for you, exactly as per your brief. This will generate many unique design ideas from which you can pick a winning idea.

Wrapping Up

Mobile app designers create user-friendly applications that work well on small screens of mobile devices. With impressive applications, you can increase your brand recognition manyfold. These designers are professionals who have just the right set of skills for the job and you can trust them to design great apps for your business.

Find a Mobile App Designer

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