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Top 20 Flyer Design Ideas For Event Marketing

by Campbell Jof Tweet - in Flyer Design

Flyer Design Ideas

Flyers are a surefire tactic to drive customers without splurging on marketing. But the benefit from such low cost marketing method can only be manifested when flyers designs ideas are unique. In event marketing, each flyer plays an important role in driving the attention of an audience. Therefore, first, come up with the ideas that stand out and give credibility to your brand. A creative idea comes from visiting some masterworks that have the correct use of themes, colors, fonts, etc. flyer elements. Here, we have listed top 20 flyer ideas that have worked quite well in the event industry.

A flyer, also known as handbill, circular, leaflet, is a form of an advertisement on a thin sheet of paper. The main purpose of creating these leaflets using leaflet maker is mass distribution in a public place. These days, digital flyers are also in circulation for distribution through emails.

Almost every business uses flyers. These handouts are perhaps the most cost-effective of all the marketing methods.

Since a thin sheet of a smaller size of paper makes a flyer, most small businesses can afford its designing and printing costs. For this reason, a majority of new businesses start their promotion exercise by distributing flyers.

Even big brands such as Burger King, McDonalds, PizzaHut, etc. are following the footsteps. And, the same can be followed in the scenario of events companies. Just print these lightweight papers and distribute them to whosoever passes by in a crowded place for promotion of an event.

Why Your Business Needs Flyers?

If you are a new business owner who is planning an event for brand promotion, flyers can be your best bet to introduce your products or services to the masses.

You can promote your business easily by handing out these leaflets to people randomly to entice them to an event. In this way, flyers help you reach out to an increasing number of people

For small businesses, flyers are low-cost ways for event marketing. Rather than paying for expensive advertisements offline or overhauling your website, invest in flyers to get incredibly high returns. Your designing and printing cost is very low and well within your small budget.

With event marketing flyers, you can give a personal touch to the invitation for an event using an invitation maker. As people like to feel these papers in their hands, it helps in giving your message a personal touch.

Flyers are a great means of engaging customers with your business. While a website or newspaper is overloaded with advertisements, a flyer is the sole piece of tangible paper that your customers have in hand.

How To Create Flyers?

Are you a small entrepreneur who wants to save money on event marketing? In that case, there is no need for you to hire expensive graphic designers. Instead, you should know how to make flyer for your business and create a nice event flyer design on your own by keeping some design basics in mind.

All you need to do is to use a tool that lets you design as per your requirements. You can use the flyer maker tool from Designhill, a leading creative marketplace. With this DIY flyer tool, follow instruction as you proceed from one step to another to complete the design.

This tool contains thousands of images, flyer styles, and other elements, giving you a wide range of design choices. Once you have created a flyer with the help of the flyer maker, you get full copyright over the design.

But even while using the flyer making tool, adhere to some basics for the best design outcome.

Here Is How You Should Prepare To Get The Best Out Of The Flyer Design Tool

  1. Know your target audience of the event by researching your niche and industry.
  2. Find out how your competitors’ designed their event flyers.
  3. Create the design around the theme of an event.
  4. Choose the right type of flyer.
  5. Incorporate your brand colors and fonts in your event flyer.
  6. Pick the affordable paper thickness for the printing of the flyer.

While you stick to the basics while thinking about how to make flyers like for music event or trade show exhibit booths, don’t forget the main ingredient in creating unique flyers.

You must first have a creative design idea that inspires you to come up with something attractive and outstanding. For that, scan through the great flyer design works by professional designers and learn how they created those pieces.

Here Are Top Event Flyer Design Ideas From Our Collection For Your Inspiration

01. Panama Plus

Panama Plus is an event for creative performance, art, music, and writing. The bright and vibrant colors in the music flyer template evoke the festivity associated with the event. The designer uses a big circle and creates many subcircles to make the design stand out.

Flyer Design Ideas

The use of bold fonts matches with the big colorful circle. Moby Digg, a Munich-based design bureau created this inspirational flyer for the subcultural festival. Think of such colorful designs when you create flyers.

02. Rundgang DMI

Rundgang DMI is another important event dedicated to showcasing the creative works in the three departments of design, media, and information.

Flyer Design Idea

The flyer design intends to promote the exhibition. The three flyers represent the three departments but the design is such that all these flyers give the impression of belonging to a single show.

03. CSUS Spring Show

This is one of the unique flyer design ideas. The designer Christine Jackson used threads to connect the icons in this design for the California State University student show.

unique flyer design

Can you come up with one such flyer that people have not seen before? If you can then it will immediately engage customers with your new business.

Looking For a Flyer Design?

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04. Madison sq.

This is a template of flyer design but we included it for its own creative way to display information. Flyers do not usually have so many boxes but this one looks excellent because of the catchy information distribution. Each vital information is in a separate box, and each one of them compels you to read and react.

Madison sq.

05. Lancaster

The Lancaster Central Market flyer design conveys its message through a unique lettering style and dramatic color palette. Notice the use of simple backgrounds to highlight the announcement of the live auction event.

Flyer Design Ideas

A good variety of hand-lettering style makes this design stand out. This innovative design is amongst the best examples of business flyers and event flyers.

Also read: 10 Quick Tips To Create A Professional Business Flyer

06. Pulse Networking Event

What you can learn from this flyer design? Well. the bright blue box that pops up in the left corner is something that you should try your hand at when using a flyer maker. The box has the crucial event information that viewers can notice first.

Flyer Maker

The big image of people’s get together speaks for the networking theme of the design. So, make sure that you pick an image that is capable of evoking the intended emotion when thinking about how to make flyers.

07. Mehoblick

This event flyer stands out due to its unique use of cartoonish figures and speech bubbles. You should opt for such a design for a fun-filled event.


This template creates a perfect environment for an anniversary or art exhibit event. The use of hand-drawn illustrations and fun calligraphy gives a personal touch to the design to grab attention.

08. Sullentrup

You can notice multiple design elements in this flyer to advertise an event. The designer used a variety of font styles. See how the flyer mixes fun hand-drawn font with a modern font. The designer divided the design into three parts with the invitation to take part in the event at the top, and the event in the middle.

Flyer Design Ideas

At the bottom is the date and contact information of the event. Such flyer design ideas are one of the options for event marketing that keep viewers busy and engage with the message for a little more time due to an interesting mix of fonts.

09. National Philanthropy Day

In this creative flyer, the designer used several design techniques such as multiple text sizes and font styles. Because of these variations, viewers are glued to the design and go through the headline, sub subheads, and rest of the text smoothly. The mix of bold and italics helps break the content monotony.

National Philanthropy Day

10. Dorset Crown Hotel NY

This business flyer example is an inspiration for how to create flyers for an event in a creative way. There is a lot of information provided to the viewer on this flyer but it is placed perfectly in sections. The background image and big letters in this event marketing flyer announce the event and send the message of the event instantly.

Dorset Crown Hotel NY

11. Business Conference Template

Although this flyer is a template you can learn a lot about the simplicity of design from it. Note how such simple flyer design templates put a large image at the top that depicts the even theme prominently.

Business Conference Template

Then, the welcome headline and date and time of the event finds the place. At the bottom is the contact information. The photos of the guest speakers are neatly displayed on the right side separately

12. Dreamforce

This flyer uses the power of celebrity to catch the attention of people. The three main celebrities are at the top while other famous personalities also are mentioned to drive people.


Since the celebrities are a chief attraction, the designer did not use any fancy elements or fonts to keep the flyer informative by involving a lot of text.

13. International Jazz Festival

Since this flyer is for a jazz festival event, the designer creates a lot of dancing figures. They are scattered all over the page to create an illusion of crowd and festive mood.

International Jazz Festival

Musical instruments and wild dancing poses contribute to creating the environment of celebration. The black background helps in highlighting the figures in colors.

14. Manchester Literature Festival

Sometimes a simple design works wonder for reaching out to people especially if you are using Volunteer flyer templates. This is one of the simplest flyer design ideas that you can learn a lot from when it comes to planning an event.

Manchester Literature Festival

A smiling face drawing with a rough and thick line stands for the innocence of children. The words Events For Children and Families further clears the message about the event. The use of two colors black and orange helps in keeping the design simple.

15. Social Media Events

This flyer announces several social media events taking place in that particular year. To depict multiple events, the designer created many boxes with different colors for each social event.

Social Media Events

That unique presentation of the information makes the flyer an interesting read. The white color boxes soothe the eyes and save the design from looking overcrowded and cluttered.

16. Lehigh Valley

Here is yet another example of how to design an event flyer with a lot of information. There are no images in this design. Only the announcement of the upcoming event in bold letters at the top catches the attention immediately. Then, there are a series of events mentioned with date and time. You can easily use flyer templates to create such text-based flyers.

Lehigh Valley

17. Yele School of Art

Take a good look at these flyers. This is surely amongst the most attractive and modern looking flyer design ideas.

flyer design ideas

The designer uses the torn and twisted paper style to create something unique in terms of style as there is going to be a panel discussion on art. The green and white colors help keep the design simple and free of clutter.

18. Prémio Douro Criativo

This flyer is for an award event known as Prémio Douro Criativo, organized in the Portuguese region of Duoro. The flyer has an unconventional fold, which becomes the basis for designing the event theme in a unique way.

Prémio Douro Criativo

Besides the unique folding, notice the double-sided printing as well, which reveals different colors and patterns instantly due to the folded style.

19. Fiera di Santa Lucia

Fiera di Santa Lucia is a street fair of music, artists, artisans, shows, market stalls organized in Savignano sul Rubicone in Italy.

Fiera di Santa Lucia

Created by Italian graphic designer Matteo Vandelli, for the cultural event, this flyer stands out for its unique use of bright colors. These different eye-catching colors express the festive mood of the event.

20. Keramikdesign Fachklasse

These weird-looking flyers are harder to create but still, these will stimulate you into creating something new for your brand. You can notice that the flyers can be twisted.

Flyer Design Ideas

The flyers were created for a graduation exhibition which was centered around the German word ‘Verzogen’, which means twisted. So, the word meaning itself is the inspiration behind this unique design. Such flyer design ideas catch people’s attention and convey an intended message well.

So, these are the inspirational flyer design ideas that you should keep in mind while designing your flyers. But do not restrict yourself to any specific design idea. Instead, this outstanding design should inspire you to create unique flyers for your brand.

Wrapping Up

A small business can make good use of flyer maker tools to create nice flyers on its own. But make sure that the design is unique and impressive to entice viewers to your business event. First, have a look at some inspirational flyer design ideas to learn what elements go into making a remarkable flyer. Take a look at these flyers to observe the use of fonts, colors, space, and images to convey an event message.

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