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International Women’s Day Special: T-Shirts Celebrating Women

by Campbell Jof Tweet - in Tshirt Design

International Women’s Day T-Shirts

There is no limit to what a woman can achieve. All she needs to do is come out of her perpetually comfort zone. Although each day is women’s day, but this International Women’s Day, we thought to wish and honor the power of women in PrintShop style.

Since it’s International Women’s Day, PrintShop decided to collaborate with global artists to present a collection of women inspiring t-shirts for amazing women all around the world.

Adding to the celebrations….

Dear lovely ladies, you may not control all the events happening in your life. But, you can decide not to stay back and say it loud. So, bring it on gal!

Whatever comes to your mind, wear and say it loud.

To help you out, here’s a bold collection of International Women’s Day T-shirts inspired by you (women).

From feminist t-shirts to fitness quoted tops, we are sharing a list of hot-selling collection that will give you a vibe check. So, check out and give a shout-out to the world.

20 Most-Inspired International Women’s Day Special T-Shirts

01. We all have power

Modern women are confident in what they do and boast about their varied personalities as they have proved themselves time and again.

women inspiring t-shirts

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This scoop-neck t-shirt features women in sketch illustrations depicting their strong selves. The message ‘We all have power’ is in the elegant handwritten letters in purple, also a color for royalty.

02. Proudly Female

This flowy racerback personalized tank top has an excellent illustration of a proud woman with a pair of fashionable goggles.

With her hands on the back and a smile on her face, she is the picture of a strong personality who controls the things around her. She is undoubtedly a modern ‘Proud Female’.

Proudly Female

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The illustrator chose white, brown, black, and yellow as if to represent women of different backgrounds to convey the message.

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03. Empowered Women Empower Women

This t-shirt illustration conveys that women are already empowered in today’s world. So, continue to empower women now that they have consistently proved their worth for societies and nations.

Empowered Women Empower Women

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The illustration shows women walking together towards a bright future in different shades of feminine color. The slogan at the top is green for contrasting effects and driving attention.

04. Behind Every Successful Women, There Is A Women

The slogan ‘behind every successful woman is herself’ is a twist given to the proverb ‘Behind every successful man, there is a woman.’

So, the message here is that while women make a man successful, women are strong enough to carve out a place for themselves in life. A strong statement indeed on International Women’s Day.

t-shirt design

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The t-shirt design artist created the entire slogan in bold letters and in pink. Classic artistic details at the circle’s edge make the message look elegant and impactful.

05. Virtuous Woman

Today’s dynamic woman plays her three prominent roles of being a wife, mother, and boss, and she is undoubtedly a virtuous woman.

Virtuous Woman

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The artist used colorful, bold capital letters to emphasize a woman’s influence and worth. There is the use of elegant handwritten letters in pink, to sum up, the message.

Custom T-Shirt

06. We Got This!

This illustration shows a woman tying her hair tightly with a piece of cloth, depicting that she can effectively deal with any messy situation.

t-shirt illustration

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The illustrator used bold letters in red to highlight the message – We Got This, and it provides a contrasting effect against blue and dark brown.

07. Onimask woman

Onimask is a symbol of protection in Japanese culture and often features long, sharp teeth angry face. The illustrator used the mask to depict a strong side of a woman’s personality. The design can also be printed on funny t shirts.

Onimask woman

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The message is that she can defend herself if need be so. Brown, black, red, and light brown colors help convey the message.

08. This Mama Likes To Hustle

Women love to take care of their babies and are happily busy doing the duty. They can hustle the things around to focus on what they are doing.

This Mama Likes To Hustle

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The message is that a mother-woman can still perform her daily jobs efficiently. This t-shirt design uses big handwritten letters in black.

09. Empowered woman

An empowered woman believes in herself strongly, and this custom crop top conveys that message effectively using sketch illustration. Many big bubbles and flowers, circular lines, and a woman’s bold figure expressing her desires build the message.

Empowered woman

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10. American Power

This t-shirt illustration shows an American woman in a cowboy hat representing American soul, tradition, and power. The maroon color of the hat and hair drives the attention and makes the illustration stand out. Blue of the text and maroon makes the American flag’s colors.

Women’s Day T-shirt

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11. The Mountains Are Calling and I Must Go

Mountains are symbolic of the challenges we all face in life. Women aspire to conquer those challenges and are proud of meeting their life goals.

The Mountains Are Calling

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This t-shirt illustrates and conveys that message powerfully. The artist used an excellent combination of thin and thick handwritten styles of letters for variations and contrasting effects. Also, the mountain in black catches the eye instantly.


Today’s hard-working, ambitious women dream of achieving their big life goals, and they take the right action in the right direction to meet the challenges.

 t-shirts for women

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The designers used big and bold straightforward letters and pink as two elements to convey the motivational message.

13. Women Are Not Incubators

‘Women Are Not Incubators’ – the message is clear that modern and forward-looking progressive women refuse to be treated as some sort of incubator. She is no more willing to be seen as someone controlling her as a safe space.

feminist t-shirts

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The designer incorporated a female gender symbol and big letters in white to highlight the strength of women.

14. We Are All Equal

This tee spreads the message of equality in a plain statement with no arguments. The artist depicted the message in multiple colors, short lines, stars, and other elements to create a celebration mood.

custom t-shirt

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It also gives the impression of chaos, symbolically saying that women have broken old shackles and are now free and celebrating their womanhood.

15. Freedom

A rainbow always mesmerizes with the display of all seven colors and symbolizes happiness, dreams, and ambitions. Above all, it is a symbol of freedom and expression.

women's day t-shirt

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This custom t-shirt illustrates a rainbow and the word Freedom in elegantly styled letters. Red and green are dominant colors to represent passion and positivity as women’s strengths.

16. Oh My Stars

We generally exclaim – Oh My God – our reaction to something undesirable, shocking, thrilling, or astonishing. But this message twists it and instead says, “Oh My Stars”, symbolizing the ambitious targets women want to set and achieve in life.

Women T-Shirts

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The illustrator highlighted this message using stars, multiple celebration elements, and multiple colors.

17. Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Wearing a cape is traditionally associated with men. Taking the cue, the message is that you can identify and recognize women as your role models, though they generally do not wear capes.

Unique Women T-Shirt

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It is about breaking the old and conventional thinking and bringing women to the center stage of life and events around us. The illustrator used a handwritten lettering style to express a woman’s elegance.

18. Never Apologize For Who You Are

Women have emerged up as strong personalities who ooze confidence and are seldom apologetic in what they aspire for in their field of work. This tee underlines that message firmly using big and bold typography in white, grey, and red colors.

Special T-Shirts

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19. Never Doubt Your Worth

In this t-shirt design, the designer used big and bold white letters to focus on the message – Never Doubt Your Worth, which speaks about today’s self-assertive women. Letters N, R, and W are designed with a flourish to drive our attention to the message.

International Women’s Day T-shirt

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Undoubtedly, women are stars in today’s ever-advancing world as they contribute to its progress in so many ways. The artist emphasized it by creating letters in multiple colors to symbolize hope and diversity.

Women’s Day T-shirts

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A constellation in the background conveys that women are the world’s future. So, instead of knowing your horoscope, know the woman in your life.

So, these are the t-shirts and tank tops that you can wear confidently to celebrate International Women’s Day. Besides these tees, you can search, compare, and shop for many more t-shirts at PrintShop by Designhill.

Hundreds of artists have displayed their artworks on t-shirts, hoodies, and other fashionable clothes. Or, as an artist, you can add an artwork of your choice and put your tees on this platform to sell at your price and profit.

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Wrapping Up

International Women’s Day is the occasion to celebrate women’s aspirations, achievements, freedom, their immense contribution to making this world a better place. These t-shirts illustrations highlight womenhood and their significance in our lives. The excellent typography and colors make these fashionable tees impressive clothing items.

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