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How To Make That Perfect Designer Profile?

by eshley jackson Tweet - in Graphic Designers

Perfect Designer Profile

Last updated on September 15th, 2021

Graphic designers usually work on a freelance basis so that they can enjoy freedom of creativity. They want to work as per their own set of rules. But they must conduct their career in a professional manner. A perfect graphic designer profile is their asset that helps in gaining new clients. The profile must be build to please the potential clients and it should speak about the designer’s skills.

The demand for graphic designs is always there. As a graphic designer, all you need to do is to grab plenty of design opportunities with both the hands. A talented graphic designer is hardly ever out of work.

However, if you are working from home and have your own studio, your success will depend on your ability to attract clients. There are around 25% designers who are self-employed. What is more worrying is that traditional employers such as newspapers and periodicals have reduced hiring graphic designers. Therefore, many designers are now compelled to work from home.

Merely having the skill is not enough for the growth of your design career. You should conduct and deliver your graphic design services as a business. So, you should not hesitate to market your design skills amongst your potential clients.

They may be on social media, physical markets, online and you may find them on the sidelines of some event. You should take your expertise to them and ask them for work and new design projects.

But before you start marketing your design studio or freelance services, one of the first and foremost conditions is to have a nice designer profile in place. Put the profile online and create a physical profile as well comprising of your best graphic design works.

A design profile is a must. The profile lets your clients have a glimpse of your past works. They can have an indication of your skills and the type of design projects you can do.

Your profile page speaks a ton of you and your artistic abilities. As they say, first impression matters. Profile page of a designer gives them an opportunity to showcase their talent and attract clients for one-to-one projects or other freelance opportunities.

Stop for a minute and think who you are, what your abilities are, how far have you succeeded in the design industry and what makes you the best fit for a design job. Including all these points in your profile will help you attract more clients and grow your business.

Here Are Some Points To Make That Perfect Designer Profile

01. Create An Interesting Profile Cover

Your profile cover includes your cover image which further includes your cover photo, username your avatar and a few buttons. Your cover image is the first thing that clients see when they land on your profile page. Therefore, it is essential to make good use of this space.

Designer Profile

Choose a background image that is stylish and goes well with the personality of your business. It should reflect professionalism as well as trustworthiness. Also, ensure colors that are pleasing to the eyes.

In the avatar, you can display your image or your logo design. Don’t forget to have a CTA type button, something like “Invite to Work” at a prominent place and an appropriate size so that clients don’t think twice before signing a project with you.

02. Include Enough Design Pieces

Your designer profile should have enough design pieces. But do not overstuff the profile with too many designs. It would be good to have at least 10 design pieces and not more than 20 designs in the profile.

Design Pieces

The viewer will be clicking on a few designs or projects only. So, select only a handful of the successful designs that you think can draw the attention of the potential clients to your graphic design jobs and skills.

Looking For Graphic Design Projects?

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03. Make A Physical Portfolio Also

Most graphic designers make the mistake of depending solely on their online portfolio to attract clients. Instead, build a physical portfolio as well to present it when a client wants to interview you personally.

Graphic Designer Portfolio

04. High Resolution

Make sure that your digital graphic design portfolio has the features that allow the viewers to take a closure look at your works. The portfolio should allow the users to zoom in the portfolio for a close-up of the design.

So, features like Plus and clear close ups should be there for a better viewing. But these features should be consistent with your portfolio. Photography of your works should be of high quality.

High Resolution

Your website design for the portfolio should be impressive and easily loadable. The site should have a clever mix of design images and text. You will also be creating other pages such as About Us, Contact, Testimonials, Pricing, Terms & Conditions etc. So, your website should be appropriately designed by a professional.

05. Select The Designs Carefully

Do not be too ambitious by including all of your design works in your portfolio. Instead, take photos of your select works and give them attractive titles. Do not include the designs that you do not find good enough.

Check Designs Carefully

People have a short attention span. So, do not force them to dig through many undesirable designs or projects. Moreover, any inferior quality of design may discourage your potential clients from hiring you for a project.

06. Make Best Use Of Your About Page

Though this is the second page of your profile, however, it makes sense to utilize this page carefully as you can give a lot of information about you, your work and achievements. Another benefit of having this page is that your portfolio will be less cluttered and overloaded with your work.

designer profile page

In the bio section, you can write about your hobbies, who are you, what are your interests, and everything about yourself. Make sure that you write about your specialty and expertise in a particular design field.

For example, if packaging design is your core field of interest, write more about it. Also, write about the languages you know. We suggest you choose keywords that are searchable so that the chances of your profile ranking higher in search engines become more.

07. Client Testimonials Work Wonders

There is nothing better than having a testimonials section in your profile if you don’t have yet. People love to know and do what other people are doing. And when a client says something good about you, there is no chance that a potential client can ignore it.

Client Testimonials

Don’t give a second thought to displaying all the praise showered on you by your former client. It builds trust in your current clients as well as reflects the value of your work.

08.Use Crowdsourcing Platforms

One of the most useful resources for graphic designers is crowdsourcing platforms. There are many crowdsourcing online sites where a designer can get work.

graphic designers

Designhill is one such leading platform which works as a marketplace and meeting ground of designers and business owners. At this site, hundreds of business owners come with their design contest to get their logo, business cards etc designs done nicely.

As a graphic designer, you can join Designhill and benefit from the work opportunities available on daily basis. This marketplace is also an excellent platform to build and place your graphic designer profile.

You can display your best design works on this site’s profile page. This will help you draw the attention of hundreds of potential clients to your design abilities and specific skills.

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A professionally build graphic designer portfolio can help you get work regularly. The potential clients must get a glimpse of your design skills from the portfolio. Display your best works in the portfolio and include just sufficient numbers of designs. Make sure that there is a variety of designs to attract clients who require work on different projects. Explore crowdsourcing platform also to build your design portfolio.

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