5 Essential Design Tips for Creating Mobile Apps

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Last updated on April 13th, 2018

In this time of ever expanding digital world, everyone is trying to keep abreast with latest technological advancements, so that they are not left behind in the rat race. Internet and smartphones have undoubtedly added to the overall ease and comfort level. And with its ever increasing popularity, how can one not talk about mobile apps that have redefined the standard of many online businesses worldwide. So if you are a designer and looking for some expert advice on creating mobile apps, here are 5 essential design tips to help you get started.

Invisible Grids Define Your Design Base

Though you may not be able to catch the realistic view of grids, the fact remains that grids are very much existent on every mobile’s interface. No wonder, these grids are considered to be the elementary design path from where you can kick-start your mobile apps design task.

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Each Component Is Responsible For Defining The Space Requirements

Simply put, the moment you place anything on your design canvas, you are defining space requirements for other things that have to be accommodated in that design frame. So, whenever you are placing a dot, a line, a word, a hyphen or a margin, you have to define them in context of your cell padding and margins.

The next step is to remain consistent with heights and widths of your mobile design component.

Colors Define Your Brand

Brand is essentially considered to be the signature element or the identification of a business organization or establishment. It is your brand that helps organizations to connect with their potential customers. Colors are subtle medium of defining that relationship and therefore are very critical towards the success of any company’s mobile app popularity. Quite expectedly, as a mobile app designer, you must remain very careful when choosing colors for your client’s mobile app design. You have to persistently follow your brand’s color scheme and amalgamate your mobile app design accordingly so that it truly reflects their brand value.

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The Screen Title Is Equally Important

Undoubtedly, screen titles are excellent ways of saving users or surfers from getting lost, but if you as a designer think that this space can be used for some other meaningful purpose, then go ahead! If you have the creativity and idea to transform this space to an effective search tool, then proceed by all means. However, don’t try to compromise the title functionality only for the sake of saving some extra designing work.

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Follow The Trends

Today the design trend is more focused towards flat and responsive design, so you can seriously consider this while designing your mobile app. Don’t worry; even if your app design is flat yet innovative, your customer will like it. In fact, if your app offers brilliant functionality and innovative appeal, it is sure to string the right chords with your customer.

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With these 5 essential yet effective design tips, you can start designing your mobile app frame.

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