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Top 20 Popular iPhone And Samsung Phone Cases On PrintShop

by Henny Kel Tweet - in Phone Cases

Phone Cases

Last updated on December 29th, 2021

Today, the smartphone has become an adult’s transitional objects, replacing the toddler’s teddy bear for comfort and a sense of belonging. No wonder, it has made our life easier. But these are expensive devices that everyone wishes to keep safe from any potential damage. This prompts them to cover the devices with protective phone cases. Besides keeping the smartphone safe, modern phone covers showcase amazing artworks as well. In this article, we’ve shared 20 popular phone cases that are destined to give sassy look to your lovely devices.

Samsung and iPhone are two popular brands whose products are available in various price ranges that adored by users all around the world. People buy phone cases to protect these costly devices from any outside damage including scratches and dust for a long time.

However, the increasing demand for phone covers has resulted in the market flooded with an amazing variety of phone cases.

Creators are coming up with an exciting range of illustrations on phone covers of Samsung and iPhone smartphones to make them more fashionable as well as user-friendly.

Why Phone Cases Demand Is Growing Fast?

The trend of using protective cases for smartphones has been picking up fast. In the US, a survey has revealed that an overwhelming number of smartphone owners use phone cases to give a protective cover to the expensive devices.

First, protective covers ensure that the devices are safe from any accidental fall as well as from scratches and dust. Nobody would like to see the costly devices damaged so easily for the fear of their investment going waste.

Besides the protection, another reason for the demand of custom phone cases rising is that young people find these covers as a way to express their feelings.

They have access to an exciting range of illustrations on the covers. This gives them a wide range of uniquely designed protection covers and many of these come with unique and useful social messages.

PrintShop – A Place To Buy Unique Phone Cases

If you are searching for some outstanding illustration works on phone cases, then PrintShop is your one online store to access these covers.

Hundreds of artists have showcased their phone case illustration works on their shop on PrintShop by Designhill, the leading creative marketplace.

These phone cases are not only impressive artworks but these are affordable as well. The artists have kept their phone cover prices within the small budget of most buyers.

However, since there are hundreds of outstanding phone cases illustration works accessible to buyers, choosing a few of them is not easy. But we can help by providing you a select list of the amazing phone covers that you can think of buying.

Here Is Our Collection Of The Best iPhone and Samsung Phone Cases From PrintShop Artists

01. More Beer Please Liquid Glitter iPhone Case

This is one of the most amusing iPhone phone case ideas that depicts a lethargic cat asking for more beer. This symbol represents most beer lovers’ aspirations to be served more of the liquor as part of their way to live their life fully.

More Beer Please Phone Case

Buy Now

This phone case is an ideal choice for it being 100% thermoplastic polyurethane, shockproof back case cover, precisely aligned port openings and easy to take on and off.

02. Lost In The Woods iPhone Case

This is one of the phone cases that you like for its sleek appearance. The case is fully capable of protecting the device from scratches, oil, dust, and dirt. The phone case has a solid back and flexible sides.

Lost In The Woods Case

Buy Now

You can buy it for its enticing features including Hybrid Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) and Polycarbonate (PC) material, solid polycarbonate back, flexible, see-through polyurethane sides and .5 mm raised bezel.

03. Watercolor Spring Florals – Pressed Flowers-045 iPhone Case

Watercolors have their charm as they remind of nature in its purity. This iPhone case is should be your choice if you love those classic paintings that had great use of watercolors.

Watercolor Spring Florals

Buy Now

The phone case is durable and flexible with a lot of modern features. You can confidently keep this phone case on your buying list.

04. Wild Samsung Case

This Samsung phone case is an abstract design depicting wilderness in black and white. The case is made of Hybrid Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) and Polycarbonate (PC) material and has solid polycarbonate back.

Abstract Design Case

Buy Now

05. Chaos Samsung Case

The Samsung phone case you see here has a design repeated all over the case space. But the repetition has no pattern and they are arranged randomly, making it stand out from other cases. You can buy this case for its attractive color scheme.

Chaos Phone Case

Buy Now

06. Funny Cat And Summer Flowers iPhone Case

If you are searching for some exciting iPhone phone cases, then this one is a perfect choice. Buy this case design for its beautiful depiction of an adorable cute kitty cat and flowers. Careful use of blue color and its hues makes it even more enticing.

Cat And Summer Flowers

Buy Now

07. Almond In Blossom iPhone Case

One of the best phone cases for those who love to have a look at the beauty of nature. Set in green background, this case design has almond flowers beautifully shown in a random pattern of the flowers. The case is made of durable Hybrid Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) and Polycarbonate (PC) material

Almond In Blossom

Buy Now

08. Zig-Zag iPhone Case

This phone case is a Memphis inspired design, which is a haphazard arrangement of geometric forms. It is one of the most recognizable design styles for its zig-zag lines and different angles. Shining yellow background with black patterns makes this phone cash stand out.

Zig-Zag Case

Buy Now

09. Leaves Pattern Samsung Case

Do you like phone cases with patterns? If so, then this is one for Samsung phone case ideas that will surely attract you. This durable and phone case has a big hand-drawn leaves pattern designs arbitrarily scattered over the design space, making it an enticing buy.

Leaves Pattern Case

Buy Now

10. Living On Island Time Palm Trees And Sunset Samsung Case

Those who like to always be one with nature and travel around, this is amongst the brilliantly designed phone cases to buy. The design shows an island that symbolizes peace and tranquility that humans long for.

Living On Island Phone Cases

Buy Now

11. Nata Heads Collections – Thoughts Aren’t Facts iPhone Case

If you are looking for some phone cases with a slogan, then this one for the iPhone is your perfect buy. A simple design with the slogan – “My Thoughts Aren’t Facts”, saying something to ponder on, is something you can buy for the novelty factor. This cover illustration can surely be in your buying list in case you are looking for something simple and unique.

Thoughts Aren't Facts Phone Case

Buy Now

12. Beard Lover Liquid Glitter iPhone Case

Do you love to sport a beard as you are a big fan of it? Well, then you can show your love for beard through this iPhone case design. It has a dominating but smart bearded face in black and white. Certainly, a design that stands out.

Beard Lover

Buy Now

13. Coffee Not War iPhone Case

The message in this iPhone case design is loud and clear – make peace and not war and let coffee be the medium of bringing people together. This beautiful cover design has a coffee jar and hand-written fonts use to create an environment of friendliness.

Coffee Not War

Buy Now

14. Retro SLR Camera Samsung Case

Are you interested in the old world of things? If so, then this retro SLR camera phone case will surely catch your eye. It reminds us of the bygone era of those cameras, which have no become extinct. Just refresh your memories with this beautifully created case.

Retro SLR Camera Phone Cases

Buy Now

15. Electric Guitar Samsung Case

This is one of the phone cases that music lovers will like to own. It shows an electric guitar with a yellow background and the use of blue and dark green colors to present the contrasting effect.

Electric Guitar Samsung Case

Buy Now

16. Smoke Skull iPhone Case

This is amongst the phone cases that convey a message boldly. Here, the designer used the photo of a man holding a cigarette and its smoke making the skull, the symbol of extreme bad health.

Smoke Skull Phone Case

Buy Now

If you want to spread a word against smoking, then this phone cash should be your choice. Everyone who looks at this picture will be reminded of quitting the habit.

17. African American Girl iPhone Case

African American community is a huge integral part of the US with a contribution to every aspect of the life of the nation. This iPhone case illustration shows an African American girl with a college shirt.

African American Girl Case

Buy Now

18. You Had Me At Ho Ho Ho Liquid Glitter iPhone Case

This is one of the phone cases that celebrates the spirit of Christmas. The funny illustration for the Christmas holidays is an exciting depiction of a bear personified as a Santa.

Christmas Phone Case

Buy Now

19. Happy Valentine Day Samsung Case

Celebrate Valentine Day with this amazing Samsung phone case design in heart shape. The curvy strips look beautiful in black and white. This durable and attractive case will surely attract your attention and will also keep your phone safe from scratches and other damages.

Happy Valentine Day

Buy Now

20. Geometric Wood Pattern Samsung Case

This is one of the simplest phone cases that you will like to have in your collection. The cover design depicts geometric wood patterns.

Geometric Wood Pattern Phone Case

Buy Now

So, these are the amazing Samsung and iPhone phone cases that you will love to have in your collection of the covers to keep your phone free from scratches.

You can search for many more exciting phone cases at PrintShop, where talented artists from across the world have showcased their unique artworks including the phone accessories.

Wrapping Up

Samsung and iPhone phones are expensive devices that you want to keep safe from scratches, dust, and other damages. For that, you need phone cases. So, these attractive and uniquely created phone cases for these two brands are your best buy. This select collection of the phone covers is surely enticing to most buyers.

Create Your Own Phone Case

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